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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 Guiding Light

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PostSubject: Guiding Light   Guiding Light I_icon_minitimeMon May 13, 2013 5:15 pm

Guiding Light
Guiding Light 33tgec6
Gender: Mare
Species: Unicorn
Mane: Curly and always tousled, her bangs almost always cover one eye, though she keeps the rest tied back. It is a shade of light blue.
Tail: Her tail is always kept short to keep from catching on things.
Eyes: There is a noticeable milky film over her eyes, which she was born with. She is almost completely blind, only able to see in indiscernible blotches of color. The only thing she can see clearly is her magic.
Body: Guiding Light has a rather muscular build and a thick coat due to her long years traversing the Northern mountains. She's still smaller than a stallion like Big Macintosh, but she stands above a normal mare. Her coat is white.
Cutie Mark: A candle lantern with the wick lit.
Age: Young adult
Personality: Guiding Light, in spite of her strong body, is a very soft-spoken, gentle soul, always willing to lend an ear even if she doesn't have the answers. She's not especially intelligent, but she does have a sort of learned wisdom about her, from the years she's spent listening to the stories of travelers and in living so close to nature. Being the eldest of a rather large family, she was forced to mature far too quickly, and she tends to want to take on a maternal role in a group setting. She will come to the defense of someone, even if they're in the wrong, when it seems like they're being ganged up on or bullied, and her overwhelming sense of compassion often blinds her to when she is being manipulated or lied to.
Likes: Snow, hot cocoa, children, storytelling, snuggling (either platonic or romantically, she's just a very physically affectionate mare), alternative medicine
Dislikes: Hot weather, cider, doctors, combat, deep water (she can't swim)
History: Guiding Light raised alongside five other siblings on the outskirts of Vanhoover, the long stretch of snowy forests and looming mountain paths being all she knew for the longest time. When her father passed away due to illness, she took on the role as head of the family as well as the main provider of finances even though she herself was still a teenager, as her mother had toiled long as a snow plower to keep the roads clear and was then too weak to continue working.

Guiding Light's repertoire of magical knowledge is limited due to her very basic education and the fact her father did not live long enough to teach her all of the magical secrets of the family before his death. The very first spell she mastered, and the field of magic she came to excel at, was a pathfinding spell for lost travelers, which leads the lost in the direction they need to go in order to reach their destination. She also has a basic shielding spell (which is most resilient to wind and cold; a physical blow could break through after a few tries), and the ability to create a small fire.

Given her knowledge of pathfinding magic, Guiding Light took up the task of both plowing the roads and guiding travelers through the mountains where it's simply too tumult to lay down railroad tracks. Over the years she's also taken to leading travelers across Equestria on backpacking trips, and helping with Wrap-Up.

Example RP segment: 3. It is pouring rain outside. Your OC spots the light of a tavern up ahead. The tavern is filled with ponies that your OC doesn't know. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

The stench of bodies and drink was nauseatingly powerful, especially to a sensitive nose like hers, and she nearly gagged on her own breath. Guiding Light thought briefly about trying her luck with the trail, but with the risk of flooding and the storm growing worse, it would be stupid to try her luck so late at night. So here she would remain.

Perhaps the most oppressive aspect of her surroundings was just how restricted they were. Her senses were almost overpowered by the many things around her: the heat of the bodies, every drop of sweat, and, every drying patch of clumped earth on their hooves. She'd been in cities before and walked crowded roads. But there had been movement, and a sense of comfort in the idea of a destination ahead. This was a dead end. She disliked dead ends. Unlike resting spots, there was no idea where one might go from a place like this, or how long they might be stuck there.

The snort of an old stallion near her left ear made her jump.

"Oi. Yer in my way," his voice was the low, scratchy rumble of a throat aged both by time and battle, and she could almost feel the flex of his muscular limbs. This was the kind of power she had a fearful respect for, though she knew well enough to keep her intimidation hidden.

"My apologies, sir," she conceded, stepping out of his way. He must have caught sight of her face, though, because he leaned in closer, breath blowing over her muzzle.

"Wha's wrong with yer eyes, girly?"

"Nothing," she responded to the ugly blur nearing her face. "I've walked the trails for a long time and always found my way to where I was going. I might not be able to see the same way you do. But it doesn't mean my eyes are wrong."

He made a low sound, perhaps of approval, and he edged away.

"Have you been traveling long, sir?"

"...yeah. Since I was little."

"Then you must have a good story to tell. How about I buy you a drink, and you share a story with me? I have nowhere to go for a few hours, so it'd be a mighty nice way to pass the time."

There was no response for a moment, the odd request possibly confusing the old stallion. Then he laughed, a harsh, weathered laugh that still managed to sound entertained in spite of its roughness.

"Y' want a story, girly? Awright. Take a seat, an' open yer ears. Also, nonea this 'sir' nonsense, yeah? Name's Broadside."

There was a genuine smile on her face as she took a place at the bar beside him.

"It's good to meet you, Broadside. I'm Guiding Light."

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Welcome to the site! Visit the chatbox at the bottom of the homepage if you have any questions or just fancy a laugh. There's a newbie starting area if you want but you can just go post anywhere if you want.
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Guiding Light
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