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 Cerulean Mist

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Cerulean Mist


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PostSubject: Cerulean Mist   Fri May 03, 2013 7:37 pm

Gender: Mare
Species: Pegasi
Mane: Fairly long and unkempt. Has an almost windblown look to it. Always stays in (^that^) position unless wet. White with tips that go from light/faded cerulean to a slightly darker cerulean. (The colours in the picture aren't perfect, sorry.)
Tail: Refer to mane.
Eyes: Violet/lilac, although they appear to change to a slightly darker shade of violet when she is sad or theres dim lighting.
Body:Tall and slender, although her muscles are toned. She has a naturally slender build. Her coat is a faded shade of violet-blue. The fur around her hooves is long, and usually curly when wet, but she likes to brush it straight. Her coat will form the tinyest of random curls all over when she's damp.
Cutie Mark: A heart resembling the ying&yang sign, showing how she has a naturally calm attitude and is usually referred to as a 'peacekeeper'.
Age: Young adult.
Personality: Mist likes to keep to herself unless she sees a pony that looks down or lonely. She's very passionate about things so once she has set herself a goal she won't back down or give up. Generally, she puts other ponies before herself and enjoys making other ponies smile. Every once in a while she will get rather insecure and shy, especially around stallions. Despite her generally calm attitude, she has some slight trust issues, so she mostly travels alone. Most ponies think she must be weak because of her slim build and quietness, but she's actually quite strong for her build, although this doesn't really matter too much to her as she's naturally more speedy and agile than most ponies, so she feels she doesn't need strength. She also hates being bossed around, so this usually conflicts with her natural intentions to make everypony happy. Mist is quite antisocial unless its required that she acts social. Her general trust issues mean she's not too great in big groups, as she tends to think they're all going to turn on her or something along those lines. She also doesn't really enjoy PDA and gets nervous when ponies make sudden physical interaction with her (hugs, etc). She will generally be joyful and try not to let her worries bring her down. She's usually gets hyperactive after consuming food or drink that is high in sugar or caffeine.
Likes: Flying, sleeping/sitting on the highest clouds she can find, helping others, making ponies smile, making cloud courses for herself with lots of different obstacles to fly into/around, food products that are high in sugar/caffeine, cookies, roses.
Dislikes: Arrogant ponies, things that take unrequired effort, ponies bossing her around, staying on the ground for too long, being in large groups.

History: Mist was originally born in Cloudsdale and her mother died during birth. Her father raised her well until he too passed when Mist was around 16 (Human years). Mist matured quite quickly so she was always the most logical one in her classes at school. For some reason, most of the foals seemed to dislike her, so she never really had many friends. Mist grew rather untrusting because the friends she had would just leave her if somepony better came along.

She was one of the last in her class to get her cutie mark, she gained it when she was around 12. Her cutie mark had shown up after she had seen a rather lost looking colt being chased by a stallion twice his size. She had quickly darted in between them, causing the stallion to stop in shock. After giving him a stern talk, which gained her a kick in the side, the stallion finally calmed down and simply threatened that he'd get the colt next time, before briskly trotting away. She then went after the colt, who she found lying on the floor in a near by street. She had managed to calm the colt down and asked him what he was doing out in the streets alone, he told her about how he had just lost both of his parents and was now on the run because he had attempted to steal some food from the angry stallion's stall. Mist felt sorry for the colt, who was only around a year younger than herself, so she took him reluctantly back to her house. Her father simply offered the colt a room in their large house for the night, as he got in touch with the colt's relatives and told them what had happened. That day, Mist went to her bed and noticed her cutie mark, imprinted on her flank and she finally understood why she felt the need to make other ponies happy.

After her father passed she decided to pack up her things and sell their house, as it had been left in her name. After traveling around the cloud cities for a little while, she took her first trip down to the ground below. Currently, she lives in a cloud home floating just inside the boarder of the Everfree Forest, but she never really sleeps in her home, as she enjoys taking long journeys else where and usually just ends up sleeping on random clouds. She likes to be alone mostly but also occasionally takes trips into Ponyville to cheer up anypony who looks like they need it.

Example RP segment: #3.It is pouring rain outside. Your OC spots the light of a tavern up ahead. The tavern is filled with ponies that your OC doesn't know. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Looking up at the deep grey clouds above her, Mist immediately knew she should have stayed home today. The raindrops pelt off her coat as she lowers her gaze to look around for some sign of a shelter. Off in the distance, she spots a glowing light. She hastily trots towards the light and as it comes into sight she realises its a tavern, a rather small one at that. Opening the door with her damp wing, she steps inside. Her damp coat immediately begins to get slight hints of curls as the heat wraps around her body.

Looking around, she sighs as she notices the tavern is almost filled to the brim with ponies. She walks to the nearest seat, which happens to be occupied by a calm looking stallion of around her age. He looks up as she walks towards him. Politely, she gestures towards the seat across from him.
"Do you mind if I sit here? Until the rain stops..." She asks, keeping her gaze on the stallion. He simply nods, before looking down at the table, suddenly finding it much more interesting. Mist shrugs it off and sits down slowly. Looking down at her now drying coat Mist sighs as she notices the curls that have formed in the longer fur around her hooves. She quickly wraps her wings around her and stares down at the table. She couldn't help but notice that the stallion across the table was now looking up at her, and so hid herself slightly under her wings. She wasn't really in the mood for social interaction, not during this storm, and the stallion was grinning widely in a way that creeped her out. She couldn't wait to get out of here.

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PostSubject: Re: Cerulean Mist   Sat May 04, 2013 6:15 pm

Hello Cerulean Mist! Welcome to the Forum!

I gotta say, I am in love with your app! The amount of detail in this is the stuff of dreams lol

There are two things I want to mention, though. you say her home is a cloud home floating just inside the borders of the everfree. normally we don't allow ponies to live inside the everfree, but since you say it's floating just inside the borders, I'm going to give a little wiggle room.

The other thing is your RP segment. all together, it's beautiful. but, It has no conclusion. it goes from Cerulean Mist sitting across the table from this really creepy Stallion to just randomly ending. I'm not going to ask you to change it because it's still a beautiful app.


Have Fun!

(as a side note: you should definitely RP with my OC "Dylgo". it sounds like those two would really get along!)


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Cerulean Mist
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