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 Odin Tru'kal

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PostSubject: Odin Tru'kal   Sun Apr 21, 2013 5:31 pm

Odin Tru'kal
Gender: Male
Species: Ehsian Earth Pony
Appearance: Odin can be seen to be in great physical shape, and he keeps himself as presentable as possible most of the time. His coat is brown and his mane and tail are both pitch black, while his eyes are a dark red/maroon color. His cutie mark is a shield with the Ehsian royal insignia on it. He can usually also be seen wearing a cloak or similar clothing article, mostly to be able to hide weapons on himself.
Personality: Odin can be a pretty cool guy if he decides to "open up" to a pony, but that personality is only ever seen by Covin. To just about every other pony, Odin is seen to be very serious about his job as a servant and bodyguard, and he almost never shows any emotion. In fact, most of the time, the only person he ever speaks to is Covin in order to give advice or acknowledge an order, and usually the only reason he acknowledges a pony's existence is to make sure that they are not a threat to Covin or to simply observe them for future reference.
In the nation of Ehsia, royalty, along with the parts of government that fairly closely relate to it, is considered one of the most important things to exist to the ponies that live there. So, as can be expected, those who are of royal status or hold titles important to the nation's stability and prosperity are greatly respected, and also must be well protected and looked after by certain qualified individuals. These individuals are difficult to find, but with long, intense training, those that are worthy of fulfilling such a role can be discerned from those that aren't. In order to do this, Ehsian citizens still in their youth are volunteered to be trained to fulfill this role. The training itself can last many years, and is intense enough to ensure that those who would not be able to undertake this responsibility fall away from the original group, one at time. Near the end of this training, those who are left are given a great test, one which ultimately determines whether they will carry out the responsibility of protecting and serving another significant person, or if they will simply return home with only the benefit of increased education and opportunities at certain aspects of life.
Odin Tru'kal was one of the few ponies that survived this ruthless training, and was one of the best of the remaining few ponies, a feat not easily achieved but nonetheless not too much of a surprise to the heads of the program considering the cutie mark that he had gained during training. And so, in accordance to the Ehsian King's request, Odin was assigned to be the bodyguard and servant of Covin Si'hal. He began looking after the growing colt when the pony was nearly at his early teenage years, and the two quickly formed a special type of bond between eachother, as was to be expected. Odin made sure to do the best he possibly could to serve his new master, and later on, when Covin had finished his basic and advanced lessons, the servant took over his education and taught him the things that were still missing from his knowledge, along with teaching him how to fight and defend himself. Odin now follows Covin wherever he may go and assists him in anything that he might need to do, and is now with his master in Equestria, on his first assignment that requires him to protect the developing ambassador when he is on his own.
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Odin Tru'kal
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