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 Heavyweight Fluxuation

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PostSubject: Heavyweight Fluxuation   Sun Apr 21, 2013 10:55 am

Heavyweight Fluxuation

Gender: Male
Species: Pegasus
Mane: Black, Similar to Time Turner's
Tail: Matches Mane.
Eyes: Emerald Green
Body: Buffed up to lift heavy loads, but still light enough to fly at a decent pace.
Cutie Mark: A wooden crate.
Age (Baby,adult): Teenager
Personality: Easy going, friendly, becomes extremely focused when dared or given something to do. (Occasionally becomes TOO focused, shown when he left before being told he had to deliver some parts in a specific order)
Likes: Vanilla Milkshakes. Why? Even he cannot say. He simply does. He also likes the challenge of a heavy delivery, and has begun to take an interest in clockworks.
Dislikes: Rope. THE CHAFING IS HORRIBLE. Oh and snails. They're just TOO slow.
History: Heavyweight Fluxuation lived pretty much like most Pegasus, up in Cloudsdale. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't find out what his cutie mark was. It wasn't until one day, when he visited Ponyville, did he find his cutie mark. He found out that someone needed some parts urgently, and that if those parts weren't delivered quickly, they would be left homeless for months on end. Rising to the challenge, he quickly wrapped the ropes of the crate around himself, and flew as quickly as he could to the destination, successfully arriving in time for the house to be repaired. Once successful, he collapsed, but when he awoke found his cutie mark. Ever since, he has been working on his strength and speed to carry heavier cargo at higher speeds.

Example RP segment: A foal has lost its mother and is sobbing inconsolably in the street.
"I want my mummy!" wailed the foal, sitting in the middle of the street. Despite the many ponies trotting past, nobody seemed to notice, or really care about the foal in distress. Heavyweight had successfully delivered yet another large package, and was casually walking around, looking at the sites, when he heard the foal. He immediately raced over to address the situation, knocking over some ponies in the process. He simply rolled his eyes when they shouted back at him; If they had of been helping the foal, he wouldn't have knocked them over. "Are you all right? Are you hurt?" he asked the foal, checking for any injuries. He found none, but the foal continued moaning over how it had lost its mother. "Shh, shh, don't worry. I'll help you find her. What does she look like?" He asked the foal, motioning for her to hop on his back. "Sh-sh-she's got a g-green mane and a p-p-purple c-coat..." the foal sobbed, speaking in a young, innocent voice. Heavyweight memorised the description as best he could, then once the foal was on his back, took to the air. "We'll get a better view from up here... Can you see her anywhere?" he asked, slowly flying along the street. It took a second past, but the foal eventually noticed a worried mare that looked strikingly similar to her mother. "There! There's mummy!" shouted the foal, pointing to the mare. Seeing the mare as well, Heavyweight gave a loud shout to the mother, then landed carefully, letting the foal off his back. "Try not to get lost again mate, I might not be there next time." he winked to the foal. After being practically drowned in "Thank you!" and "Celestia Bless you!"'s, Heavyweight Fluxuation took off, heading back towards his home town. He'd had plenty of excitement and work today, it was time he went home to rest.

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PostSubject: Re: Heavyweight Fluxuation   Sun Apr 21, 2013 5:23 pm

Remember to use spacing and paragraphing in your RP segments to make your roleplaying understandable and easy to read.

Other than that, no problems.

Your character has been approved.

Click links for character information:

~ Smith Wesson ~

~ Aero Dynamic ~
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Heavyweight Fluxuation
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