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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 Music Chaser

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PostSubject: Music Chaser   Sat Apr 13, 2013 4:59 am

Music Chaser



Mane:black w/red highlights

Tail:same as Mane, black w/ red highlights

Eyes: brown


Cutie Mark:treble cleft with a blue wing next to it, because of his singing voice.

Age (Baby,adult):Adult

Personality: Music Chaser is very open and is not afraid to show how silly he can really be. He seems to trust ponies way too easily and sometimes, they aren't really the ponies that should be trusted. He tends to flinch, or tear up a little when ponies ask him about his parents but overall he is a very light hearted pony that rarely gets upset, really outgoing, and sometimes can be stubborn due to his pride.

Likes: being in the sky just flying freely, keeping a positive, silly attitude wherever he goes, and singing in his free time, regardless of who watches him.

Dislikes: feeling left out, or being ditched for something or someone else, backstabbers, and Ponies bullying other Ponies

History:Music Chaser was born and raised in cloudsdale. Ever since he was able to talk, he dreamt, and often told his parents about his dream to travel around Equestria to perfect his singing voice and make many, many friends outside of Cloudsdale. His parents often discouraged him though, so when he was old enough he packed his bags and left without even saying goodbye, and never looked back. During his travels he met many ponies around the world, and made many friends. To this day he resides in ponyville, sitting on the clouds or under a nice tree daydreaming and sometimes, singing.

Example RP segment: 1. A foal has lost its mother and is sobbing inconsolably in the street . Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Music Chaser lays in his usual spot under the tree, watching all the ponies walk by while he hums a nice tune to himself. In the midst of his tune, he suddenly hears a light sobbing and stops, listening intently, and stands up slowly looking around. To Music's surprise, he sees a tiny foal, all alone, crying profusely. He walks up very slowly and kneels down to look at her, "Hey little filly, what's wrong?" he says so sweetly, with a smile on his face.

"my mommy, i can't find her" she says through the tears.

Music looks at her with sorry eyes and smiles widely, "hey, don't be upset, my names Music Chaser, i'm sure we can find your mother" he says wiping some of her tears away.

The little foal gave Music a small smile, "okay." she says looking like him.

They looked everywhere, walking through corners, stores, and many other buildings, and sooner or later, they found her, running around asking ponies if she'd seen her little foal. Music Chaser smiles widely and walks up to her, foal right behind him, and smile.

"oh, sir excuse me, but, but have you seen my ba- MY BABY!" she exclaims hugging the filly when she sees her next to Music, smiling.

"mommy!" she yells softly as she hugs back, tears in her eyes.

"Well, looks like my job here is done" Music says looking at both of them with joyful eyes.

"Thank you Music" the little foal said, giving the colt a big hug.

"Don't mention it" Music says hugging back.

"Thank you so much" her mother exclaims brightly, suddenly hugging Music as well.

"yeah, no problem, anyways, i gotta go, hope i see you guys around" he says slowly flapping his wings, ready to fly.

"bye mister, i hope we meet again!" she says as Music finally starts flying through the sky with ease, smiling widely.
(sorry if the segment is too long)

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PostSubject: Re: Music Chaser   Sat Apr 13, 2013 9:32 am

Your character has been approved.

Feel free to use the chat box at the bottom of the homepage to say hi to others who are online.

Click links for character information:

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Music Chaser
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