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 Honey Spice

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PostSubject: Honey Spice   Fri Apr 05, 2013 10:03 pm

Honey Spice

Gender: Female
Species: Pegasus
Mane: Wavy autumn brown and fall yellow hair tied up in pigtails with a yellow bow at each end.
Tail: Wavy autumn brown and fall yellow
Eyes: Honey yellow
Body: Deep caramel
Cutie Mark: none
Age (Baby,adult): Young teenager
Personality: Honey likes to stay in the background and not draw attention to herself. She's not shy; she's just reserved. She'd rather not talk unless it's needed, and dislikes to participate in discussions. She prefers to curl up on a cloud miles above Ponyville and enjoy the sites by herself. To her, it's not the destination but the journey that's important. She has a little bit of an adventurer's heart, and would spend all day searching through new forests, caverns, etc., just to catch a glimpse of wildlife untouched by pony kind.
Likes: Exploring nature, daydreaming on clouds, taking pictures of forest creatures, sight-seeing grand cities, and drinking coffee.
Dislikes: Being the center of attention, parties, loud crowds, bullies, working in her parent's coffee shop


Honey Spice was born to the ponies Ginger Swirl and Macchiato. Her mother Ginger is a Pegasus while her father Macchiato is an Earth pony, and together they owned the modestly popular coffee shop Cafè Spice.

Being partly named after the coffee shop her parents owned, Honey believed her special talent would have something to do with coffee. Maybe she'd create a brand new type of coffee like her father did, or be business-savvy and passionate enough about her love of coffee like her mother was, and run her own shop one day.

Neither of that came to fruition, as far as Honey could tell. Honey knew how to create beverages, but only when she had a recipe to look at. Whenever she tried creating something off the cookbook, her drinks would come out tasting like burnt chocolate and mud.

And although she loves to drink coffee, she isn't as passionate about it as her mother was, who left her Cloudsdale home just to open up a shop down in Ponyville. She dreads working in Cafè Spice. She doesn't like talking to others all that much, and hates dealing with orders. She's always afraid of making mistakes, and irate customers just makes everything worse.

It wasn't until everypony else in her class found their cutie mark did Honey realize that her special talent had nothing to do with making drinks or owning a shop. But her parents don't believe that; they've both come from a long line of drink-makers. They say that perhaps it won't be in coffee-making, but it'll be something of that sort.

But Honey's tried everything she could think of. She's made milkshakes, smoothies, and has even tried her own recipe's! But nothing's worked.

Being the only teenage filly without a cutie mark, she's been picked on by other ponies at her school. She just lets them call her names--part of her agrees with them when they call her "worthless" and a "disgrace" to her family line. She's heard the whispers of strangers in her town, gossiping to each other and wondering why a filly as old as she still hasn't found her special talent yet.

Because of this, she prefers to get away from other ponies in her free time. She'll glide up and into the clouds, far away enough from all the villagers so they wouldn't catch glimpse of her. Or perhaps she'll walk through a forest by herself, surrounded by animals who won't judge her for her blank flank. Her quiet nature makes it so the animals are less wary around her.

She's recently purchased a camera using her earnings, and has found an interest in taking photos of animals in their natural habitats. She doesn't expect a cutie mark in this, she's long given up on searching, but she finds it fun.

Example RP segment: (Note from secret admirer)

Hearts and Hooves day. For adult ponies, it was a day they spent with their special somepony, thinking about the day they first fell in love with one another. For little foals, Hearts and Hooves day was nothing more than another candy holiday. Although there were schoolyard crushes, most little ponies didn't look past the candy hearts and chocolates aspect of the day.

As for the teenage colts and fillies, it was an awkward time for them. They were around the age where having a schoolyard crush meant something more than thinking a certain somepony was cute or fun to be around. They had a deeper connection with their special someponies, but yet still were fully enamored by the candy hearts aspect of the day as well.

Honey Spice's classmates spent all of today passing notes to each other during class. From the professionally-made Hallmare's Greeting card to a simple hoofmade note, the class was abuzz with fillies and colts asking each other to be their special somepony.

For the caramel-colored mare, however, she spent class time doodling on her notes' page. She knew that no one wanted to be her special somepony, and she's accepted that.

Besides, who'd want to date a blank flank teenager?

Honey sighed, trying to focus on the subject her teacher was talking about. The lesson were about Changelings, which was a cool enough subject to learn, but her classmates kept distracting her with their excited murmurs and whispers about their Hearts and Hooves day plans. Her teacher didn't seem to hear them, though.

The young mare rolled her eyes to the ceiling, surveying the empty space. She couldn't concentrate with all of this noise.

Honey blinked. She felt something whiz by her. She looked down, and to her surprise, there was a folded note on her desk. Carefully picking it up with her hooves, she looked around the small classroom. She was expecting a filly or a colt to wave to her, telling her to pass the note to them, but everypony else was ignoring her, too engrossed with their own notes or friends to look at the confused filly.

She looked back down at the foreign piece of paper on her desk, not trusting it. It couldn't be for her, could it? She flipped the folded note around, and to her surprise, it had her name on it. In scrawny, hard-to-read hoofwriting, it had her name on it.

She was...shocked. Nopony has ever given her a note before! She opened it up, and...her jaw dropped.

Inside was a picture. A drawing, actually, of her. The sketch was wonderfully detailed; it featured her gliding in the air with her camera around her neck. Her mane flowing through the wind, and her honey-colored eyes looking at the trio of birds flying with her. She had a hoof on her camera, as if she was planning on taking their pictures.

The bottom of the drawing, written in the same scrawny hoofwriting as before, had the question "Will you be my special somepony?", along with the initials of the colt that drew this. Honey blushed; she recognized who those initials belonged to. She had wondered why that suddenly colt moved to the back of the class a few weeks ago, and into the empty desk that was next to her.

What was she going to do? She and the colt have spoken before, but he was always the one who initiated it. She never realized that he...

But, who would have a crush on her? She was probably the only teen in all of Equestria without a cutie mark. She was most likely destined to work for her parents her whole entire life due to it.

She studied the drawing. Could he have been playing a prank on her? This picture of her was of such fine art; it must've taken hours for him to complete. He was also a nice colt, as well.

This couldn't be a cruel prank, then, she surmised. Judging by their past interactions, it would seem pretty out of character for the colt who drew this to do it out of jest.

Honey Leaf looked towards the desk where the pony sat. He looked at her and gave a tentative smile. She smiled back. Although they were close enough to speak to each other, she felt too awkward to do so. Instead, she used her hooves to show him his drawing. She pointed to the question on the bottom of the page, and nodded.

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PostSubject: Re: Honey Spice   Fri Apr 05, 2013 11:39 pm

Nice OC.


Have Fun!


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Honey Spice
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