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 Luted's home

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PostSubject: Luted's home   Thu Apr 04, 2013 11:31 pm

Destination of house: Ponyville
Area: by the outskirts of the town
Address you want: 71 N Faire Ave.
No. of rooms: Four rooms
How many stories: Two
Which rooms: On the first floor: Livingroom and kitchen
Second floor: Bedroom and bathroom
List the rooms and their size and appearance: The house is enclosed by a black gate with swirled designs on it. The house itself, on the outside, appears to be made of bricks that are a whitish- grey color, with small windows framed by engraved patterns into black iron. A cobblestone path leads up to the front porch, which are made of blue-dyed bricks. The door is made of dark ebony with a small, elegantly curled bronze doorknob.
Inside, the doorway leads to the livingroom. It has a pale white marble floor, with a large, circular light blue rug covering the center of the room. The rug has white snowflake designs sprinkled across it. The room is furnished with a black round coffee table, along with a matching couch with periwinkle pillows trimmed with lace. Various glass vases perch atop a second table against the wall, containing delicate roses made of unmelting ice that she crafted herself.
The next room is the kitchen, a small room with white- and -black checkered marble tiles. The countertops and cabinets are made of ebony wood. The kitchen contains the average stovetop/oven/sink. There is a backsplash of ice-colored snowflakes against the light rose painted walls. There are three chairs made of ebony wood as well, but with soft blue cushions on them.
Going up the marble stairs in the livingroom, it leads to the second floor hallway. Luted's bedroom is carpeted with soft, ice blue wool. The walls are plain white, but is accented with large rose-colored swirl designs. A large black desk sits in the corner, often with miniature ice sculptures sitting on one side. There is also usually a mess of parchment and ink vials on the other side of the desk. A single window is directly next to the desk, with blue lacy curtains. A vanity with an elegant mirror is on the opposite side of the room, with patterns of snowflakes carved onto the black frame. A closet door is directly next to it. Finally there is a twin bed, with a soft blue mattress. White silk sheets covered it, trimmed with pink lace and matching pillows.
The bathroom has plain white linoleum tiles with a blue crotchet carpet. It has a silver sink and mirror, with ebony wood cabinets. The shower certain is light blue with lace trimmings, and matching towels. And there is a toilet, of course.
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Luted's home
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