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PostSubject: Zuberi   Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:22 am

(spoke with Dylgo about applying to be a zebra :3 )


Gender: Male
Species: Zebra
Mane: Gray/white striped
Tail: Gray/white striped
Eyes: Green
Body: Gray/light gray striped
Cutie Mark: Symbol meaning "Strength"
Age: Adult

Personality: Zuberi is kind hearted in nature, and polite as his parents; both zebra and pony, had taught him to be. He loves to travel, and is easily pulled into adventures. He is easy to inspire, and impossible to discourage. His name and glyph mark both mean 'strength', but not in his physical strength. In the strength of his will, and in his heart. He is blessed with a natural sense of wonder, and curiosity. Though curiosity can be dangerous, wonder allows Zuberi to enjoy all things he sees just a bit more than others. Most ponies see a rock; Zuberi sees an old stone, sad and lonely up on the top of a mountain by himself. Perhaps he'll even go to the effort of giving the rock a friend. He has a vivid imagination such as that.

Zuberi is, above all other things, adventurous! He always leaps at the chance to go somewhere new, and usually enjoys every step into un-discovered locations. As he goes, he usually keeps track of a map he draws himself each time he stops. Documents his journey in a journal, sketches things he finds, and saves valuable supplies, and interesting trinkets. Or, as he calls them, 'souvenirs'. He tries his best to repair broken items, and usually does alright selling or trading them. Or just collecting them, which he also enjoys doing. He is a fast learner, and takes advantage of every edge given to him. Every lesson locked away in a mental vault, safe for another day when it may prove useful.

Zuberi is also very energetic. He is always happy, and usually travels with a bounce in his step despite having a few buried issues. And no matter what, he cannot, cannot, cannot stand traveling in silence. He must sing, or whistle as he wanders. No exceptions. Even if it is a little unwise to make his presence known. He'll also be ready for a fight, should it present itself. He is always willing to walk away. Pride can be hurt, because pride doesn't stop your heart from beating. But arrows because of stupid decisions do.

Likes: Music, traveling, exploring, friends, having fun
Dislikes: Seeing orphans

History: Zuberi knows very little about his past, such as who his parents were and where his family was from. Or if he even had family. He does not know where he was born, as it was most likely somewhere on the road with his genetic birth-parents, two Zebras named Ebele and Tanga; Ebele being his beautiful mother, and Tanga being his strong father. Zuberi was born with his mother's small size, but his father's face and stripes and eye color. The three roamed Equestria in search of... Well, nothing in particular. They met new ponies every day, went on adventures, made maps, and saw every corner of the great pony nation.

Life was good for the young Zuberi, that is... Until that fateful day, and the accident. While exploring, Zuberi ran excitedly into a cave more-so to explore it rather than hide from the pouring rain, which was the reason his parents followed in after him. He was small and light, only a few years old, a young foal colt full of wonder and excitement. As he charged deeper, his parents pursued. The deeper they went, the more forks they passed, the farther they got from each other. Zuberi laughed, called out to them, but didn't look back to notice them falling behind. However, he stopped when he heard a sudden crash.

He whipped around and rushed back to find a hole had opened up to a cavern below, and his parents were nowhere to be seen. He called to them, but received no reply. As the tears welled in his eyes, he heard crumbling, and felt a mighty rumble in the floor. He managed to dive out of the way, just in time to avoid a section of the wall and ceiling of the cave crumble down between him and the hole. He dug until his hooves bled, but couldn't get through to his parents. He didn't even know if they were alive, so he balled up and cried until he fell asleep. After he awoke, he wandered the caves for days in the pitch blackness. Hungry, sad, and sick with a fever, he pushed on until he found a small exit to the surface.

The air smelled sweet, and felt soothing as he uprooted himself from the dirt and rock. After climbing out, he had no clue where he was. He continued to wander until he found a road. However, he passed out before he could start down it. When he awoke, he was with two earth ponies who were traveling merchants. They had found him, cared for him, and brought him back home to recover. Then as he awoke, he also realized he had acquired his glyph mark which represented his strength of will. It took a long time for Zuberi to recover, but eventually they wished to adopt him, and he came to call these two earth ponies his mom and dad; but always remembered his own mom and dad. They raised him on the road, just as his birth parents would have. He learned all he needed to about surviving on his own, exploring, and making money from his adopting parents.

So now he wanders Equestria, exploring, mapping, collecting, and searching for his long, lost parents. He hops from town to town, sometimes for months on end or even a few years, helping wherever he can and asking around. He's in no hurry, they could be anywhere.

Example RP segment: A secret admirer confesses his/her love to your OC. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Zuberi trotted along the street humming a merry tune to himself, and enjoying the serine sensations of the ambiance surrounding him. The birds singing, ponies conversing, water trickling from a nearby fountain, foals laughing as they play on the playground, the blissful wind gently passing through the branches of trees, and his hooves clopping along the cobblestone way. The sun was bright and shining, warming his fur and feeding the beautiful flowers wafting their brilliant scent through the air, mixing with the even more-so pleasing scent of fresh apple pie, cooling on a nearby window sill.

Zuberi approached his home, a small shack he had constructed himself at the end of the lane. He didn't expect any visitors or mail to arrive, yet every day as he returned home he checked his mailbox just in case. Today, he had a letter. He was bewildered by it, as it had no name on the front, nor an address. It was a blank envelope. Zuberi shrugged and opened the letter. As he pulled it out he noticed the scent of a rather potent cologne rise from the paper enclosure. He stopped for a moment to wonder what it could be, and why it would be sprayed with cologne. Still didn't stop him from being charmed by the smell.

He unfolded the letter which was encased and began to read it, continuing to smell the pleasantness of some studly stallion trying to get his attention. "Dear, the most beautiful pony I've ever seen," the first line referred to him with. Zuberi fluttered his eyes some, and continued to read. It was a love letter from an unknown sender. Zuberi felt himself rising in the air as he read the stallion's charming words, aloft above the world as though he had wings! Then, he lost his balance and fell over, the letter landing on his face.

Undeterred, he took it back in his hooves and continued to read. He read it to the end, and held it to his chest, letting out a delighted sigh and looking straight up hopefully to watch the imaginary hearts rise off of his head and pop like bubbles. He looked back to the letter one last time, and noticed a P.S. at the end. He got to reading it quickly, and noticed something dreadful. There was a name included, but it was not his. The name included was Merry Weather, the weather pony mare who lived next door to him. Zuberi let out a long, crushed sigh, then returned the letter to its envelope. He stood up, and trotted over to Merry Weather's mailbox to place it in there. He did not have a secret admirer, he didn't have any sappy love letters... But life would go on.

However, as he trotted up to his front door, he noticed another letter wedged in between the door and the frame. He pulled it out quickly, and noticed it too was blank. When he opened it, another, more pleasant scent of a stallion's cologne spilled out. Zuberi breathed it in, and smiled widely as he began to read it.


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PostSubject: Re: Zuberi   Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:42 am

Welcome to the Forum Zuberi!


Have fun! :D


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PostSubject: Re: Zuberi   Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:13 am

This may be my favourite character app ever.
Just saying...

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PostSubject: Re: Zuberi   

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