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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 Daikon Supu

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Crimson Inferno

Crimson Inferno

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Daikon Supu
Daikon Supu File
Gender: Stallion
Species: Unicorn
Mane: Very unkept, black.
Tail: Also unkept, black.
Eyes: Blue.
Body: Dark Teal Coat.
Cutie Mark: Although hidden, an explosion, symbolizing his offensive magic.
Age (adult): 29
Personality: Daikon used to be one of the angriest, grouchiest ponies around. He hardly ever smiled, unless sheer laughter at pain and misery is coming out. He normally yells rather than talks, and his voice is usually quite angry and agitated. Daikon has very little tolerance, meaning he gets annoyed quite easily. While he's incredibly insane, and quite naive, he's extremely intelligent. He's usually very impatient, and looks down on those who disrespect either him or his allies. Despite how he's almost never level-headed, he tends to think clearly, and is easily never distracted, always focusing on the task at hand.

But that was back then. Thanks to Crimson and his friends, they managed to show him his true self, thus Daikon became a passive being. Ever since he's changed, he's become more outgoing, gentle, wiser, and calmer around his friends. While he still sounds loud and threatening, he is really nice and gentle. Ironically, he recently developed a hate for fighting and instead prefers peace, but even more ironic is his sense of humor. His hate for fighting has caused his to hate his cutie mark, which is why he still wheres his uniform. Daikon has a sadistic sense of humor, despite his new found hate for fighting. He is still easily ticked off and is rather grumpy to ponies he doesn't know. If befriended however, he can be very friendly. Daikon is also VERY protective of those he cares about. He has a severe case of Hypnophobia, however this seems to be remedied if he sleeps with anypony he feels comfortable with.
Likes: Peace, his friends, the safety of his friends.
Dislikes: Fighting, Sleeping (Unless he's sleeping with those he feels comfortable around), manipulators, misunderstandings.
History: Daikon Supu is one of the siblings of Crimson Inferno. Daikon Supu is was a unicorn with unimaginable strength, and although he was not born with it, he is currently stronger than Frozen Shard, the sister of Crimson Inferno. Daikon was an ordinary colt, but once Frozen Shard ran away from home, she took Daikon with him. She then used a spell that completely erased his memory. Frozen told Daikon a totally different story about who he was right before his kidnapping. Daikon believes that he was abused and whipped by his parents, and that Crimson Inferno, his brother, was part of the cause. He also believes Frozen Shard, his sister, rescued him. He soon practiced on becoming an excellent swordscolt. He is now close to being a master of the sword.

Recently however, through the help of Crimson and his friends, Daikon has received a change of heart. He has become more docile and friendly, being shown his original memory, thanks to Crimson and his pals.

Example RP segment: Daikon's only response to the bullying colt was silence, for only a few moments. That's when he spoke. "Life is too important for violence," said Daikon. "But I will say this, you should shut up and head home now!" Daikon transferred magic into one hoof, intending to threaten the colt. "I suggest you leave, fool! I did not want violence, but if I have to defend this filly, I will," shouted Daikon.

Daikon REALLY didn't want to fire at this colt, hoping that he would just leave, frightened from the threat. If the situation called for it, he still wasn't going to kill him.

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Blind Side

Blind Side

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Daikon Supu Y6z6Bk9

"Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend."
 ~ Albert Camus

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Daikon Supu
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