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 Rosselin Prosperity

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PostSubject: Rosselin Prosperity   Wed Mar 27, 2013 3:48 am

Rosselin Prosperity

Gender: Colt

Species: Crystal Pony

Mane: Light blue and green
Tail:Light blue and green
Eyes:Emerald blue
Body: Very light blueish gray

Cutie Mark: A stock chart

Age : Young adult.

Personality: Rosselin, or Ross, tends to come off differently depending on where you catch him. At work or when he is on business, he is simple and to the point, hardly interesting but very brilliantly efficient at what he does. Those that attempt to be social with him usually run into a wall.

Catch him when he is on his free time you will find a very different pony, if you can recognize him. When he is off work to himself, he dons mares clothes, puts on make up, does his mane, and is nearly unrecognizable in both appearance and personality. He trots with a bounce in his step, jumping into any conversation he overhears in the slightest interest to him, and is not afraid to invade anyponys personal space. His attitude is playful and even flirtatious, not afraid to break the ice at all. His very voice and actions reflect that of a flamboyant mare that may look to be just a bit on the butch side in terms of appearance.

He loves to get in on gossip and dive into just about any conversation that could be relevant to him. Speaking quickly and energetically, he can sometimes tire himself out if those around him don't tire out first.

Likes: Bright colors, clothes, fruits, drinks with little umbrellas on them, gossip, attention, compliments, complimenting others, sugar, small vases of water with a single flower in them.

Dislikes: Being found out, masculine compliments, being called ugly, being fat, messy mane, poor fasion sense, talking about his parents.

History: Durring the rule of King Sombra, Rosselin and his parents were among the more wealthy ponies that were sought for for Sombra's own benefit. It was in the final days of his rule that he was parted from his parents, never to see them again. His greatest regret is never having the chance to talk to his parents about how he felt before they and the Empire dissapeared.

After the Empire reappeared, Rosselin was able to freely express himself and moved to Canterlot to do what he did best. Dress fabu- I mean, make lots of money! Being a pony of stocks and investing, he makes a fair amount of money. As an institutional trader, Rosselin became responsible for moving a whole lot of money. While his family name was not established in Canterlot, he quickly became noticed for his knack with stocks. He has not been able to find his parents and silently wishes they would show up one day.

Soon enough, he was among the Canterlot Elite, as both Ross and Rose. Those that ask enough he subtly suggests that the two are siblings, but never gives a straight answer when it really matters when reputation is at stake. He is vary careful to make sure that each persona has their own space from one another. He keeps both sides of his life separate from each other, not trying to let anypony be the wiser. He goes as far as to use the nickname Roselin or just Rose and manages to pass with a convincing voice. It also helps that he is not the most masculine looking of ponies around. Still, a keen investigating eye may catch it.

Example RP segment: 5.

The child whimpered as the larger, older stallion frowned down on him. He had been bullying the little one considerably. All just for some sweet release.

"I don't want just lunch money kiddo, I want your whole day's worth." He adjusted his newsie hat with an evil grin. "And I might just have to-"

"Hey!" Popped out Rosselin suddenly from around his shoulder, right up next to his head. The pony reacted by leaping backward onto his back as if a bomb went off next to him.

Rosselin immediatly grabbed the projected hat out of the air. "You dropped your hat!" He handed it out to him but just as quickly pulled it away to inspect it. "Oooh. I love this cloth. This hat has some character! Where did you get it?"

The stallion on the ground got up carefully, rather confused. He blinked at Rosselin and opened his mouth to speak but was cut off immediatly. "It goes great with your jawline!" He plopped on top of his head.

"....Uh...Ma'am, I think you should-"

"Aww, you poor thing." He immediatly hovered over to the little colt, noting his worn down attire. "You must be terribly cold and feel barbaric with that on."

"Ma'am. I think-"

He zipped back over to the older stallion. "Yes handsome with the nice hat? Your kid could really use something better than hoof-me-downs. Just look at his face."

"He isn't my kid. I...."

"Yes?" He leaned in attentively, batting his lashed eyes.

"Umm...Uh...I think I should just be going." He backed away.

"Aww, but we just met! I could give some advice." He gave his best duckface.

The other stallion looked to the small colt before laughing nervously. "Maybe...another time. Bye!" And just as quick as Rosselin showed up, he left.

"Huh. There wasn't anything wrong was there? Is it my eyeliner?" He pulled out a mirror from his makeup kit to inspect himself, ignoring the younger colt who shrugged and left.

Acceptance please.


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PostSubject: Re: Rosselin Prosperity   

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Rosselin Prosperity
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