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PostSubject: Morningstar   Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:11 am


Gender: Male (albeit a very feminine one)

Species: Pegasus

Mane:Blue and Gold

Tail: Blue and Gold streaks

Eyes: Blue to light blue

Body: Average

Cutie Mark: White wings

Age (Baby,adult): Young adult

Deep down, Morningstar loves everypony, especially fillies and foals. He’s not afraid to stand up for things and ponies he believes in, often putting the needs of others before his own. There’s nothing he loves more than flying, and the feeling of freedom it brings. While he usually thinks things through, his pride sometimes gets in the way, causing him to take on more than he can handle. Being a strong flier, he prefers speed and mobility over raw power, making him extremely dependent on his wings. Sometimes it would seem that he cares too much for other ponies, assuming that something is wrong when there really isn't. Nevertheless, Morningstar’s stubborn perseverance and steadfast determination make him a remarkably able pony, ready to defend those who need defending and assist those who need assistance.

Morningstar can’t remember his parents. He remembers his early childhood: those cold nights spent on the streets of Cloudsdale scavenging for whatever he could. After sneaking into flight school, it was soon discovered that he was one of the best fliers Cloudsdale had seen in years. After flight school, it was revealed that he didn't have a home. They offered to train him in weather control, giving him food, purpose, and a place to stay. Morningstar quickly excelled at his job, and was promoted to Flight Leader at a young age. After a while on weather control, he enlisted in the Equestrian Army but was deemed unfit for combat due to his unwillingness to harm other ponies. Following this, he returned to Cloudsdale where he lives today, maintaining weather and occasionally helping out the understaffed post office.

Example RP segment: A foal has lost its mother and is sobbing inconsolably in the street. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

The sun was high and bright as Morningstar walked through town. School had let out, and everypony was out enjoying their day. Throughout the market ponies trotted to and fro while the vendors announced their businesses for all to hear. He looked up into the clear blue sky; thanks to him, there wasn’t a cloud in sight. Finding a bench, he plopped himself down and closed his eyes. This was his favorite part of the day, the time when he could just sit back and feel the city. He felt the liveliness, the pulse of it all, and it relaxed him. Morningstar took a deep breath and let the sweet fragrance of apple pies fill his lungs, let the smell of fresh candies tickle his nose. Every breath felt like a piece of the city itself… and Morningstar loved it.

He heard all the sounds of life, and slowly, all the tumult of the hustle and bustle seemed to melt away, as if a far off echo. He singled out different sounds from the commotion; an irritated pony haggling over the price of apples… an overloaded cart bumping along the uneven street… and almost inaudibly, the painful sobbing of an abandoned foal. At this sound, Morningstar shook himself out if his trance-like state.

He looked around; through all the activity there sat a small, blue and cream colored foal, quietly sobbing. The foal had a hopeless look on his face, as if he’d been searching for somepony for some time. Something else caught Morningstar’s attention: the crowd. Nopony was doing anything to help the poor thing; there were a few sympathetic looks, a concerned glance here and there, but most ponies didn’t even notice the miserable filly. Irritated, Morningstar hopped up and headed straight for the weeping foal, firmly pushing the other ignorant ponies out of his way.

Morningstar stopped right over the little filly. Extending one wing to shade it from the sun, he lowered his head to filly level.
“Are you alright?” he asked in a gentle voice.
“My mummy…” the foal began, “I can’t find her anywhere.”
“And you never will like this,” Morningstar said. With that, he shot himself below the foal and hopped up, throwing it over his back. “You gotta get a Pegasus-eye-view if you want that to happen.”

Morningstar spread his wings wide and leapt into to air, being careful to balance the little earth pony on his back. He flew up high over the city, the earth foal clutching its arms around his neck as the wind whipped their hair back and forth. The foal had since stopped crying, and squealed in delight as Morningstar rolled and looped through the sky. Finally he stopped flying and hovered above the market.
“Alright kid, see your mom?”
The filly took a second to catch its breath from the excitement. After observing the crowd below, he hurriedly shouted, “There she is!”
Morningstar looked down to see a panicked mare looking frantically for her foal. She weaved through the crowd, checking everywhere for her lost filly. Finally she entered a café at the edge of the market. Morningstar swooped down and landed at the front door.

“Thanks, mister.” The foal said as it climbed off Morningstar’s back. He returned a warm smile as it made its way inside. When it came out with its mom, neither could find him; only a blue and gold streak making its way across the sky.

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PostSubject: Re: Morningstar   Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:39 am

*checks records*

Well, despite the abundance of pegasi, nopony really hangs out in Cloudsdale...

Descriptive sample, realistic flaws, decent history. I think you've covered the bases that you needed to.


Enjoy yourself.

The maiden, the mother, and the other one.


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I do my best now and am preparing. Please wait warmly until it is finished.
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