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 2nd OC: Vassago

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PostSubject: 2nd OC: Vassago   2nd OC: Vassago I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 22, 2013 4:54 am

“Vas” Vassago

Gender: Male

Species: Unicorn

Mane: Short, cropped, and pointy. Looks vaguely arrow shaped. Sickly greenish color.

Tail: Pointy and arrow-shaped. Same sickly greenish color of mane.

Eyes: Dark Green. His pupils are as white as the rest of his eyes.

Body: light yellow. Can only be described as too average and proportional.

Cutie Mark: The Seal of Vassago

Age: Equivalent of 15 human years

Personality: Vassago thinks he is better than all the little “Technicolor Horses” He hangs around with. He is always incredibly condescending, and seems to take joy from making fun of others. But when somepony comes to him to discuss a potential contract, he takes every request, no matter how silly or impossible, quite seriously. Despite his harsh attitude, he does like seeing his information help ponies. He also hates meddlers and ponies who can't mind their own business, even though its his job to know everyponies business. He has grown particularly attached to his “Servant” OzyManedias, and although he enjoys giving him orders, he does genuinely care about his well being. Despite Vassago's abilities, responsibilities, and maturity, he does ever so often enjoy a little childlike fun.

Likes: Making contracts, playing board games (Chess in particular), seeing his contracts help ponies, pointing out stupidity, getting compliments, hyperactive ponies, “Interesting Characters.”

Dislikes: Ponies who try to get out of contracts, ponies with the “moral high ground,” He has a deep seated hatred for “cheaters” or anypony who he thinks gets out of situations too easily.

History: Vassago was born of a family renown for their study of the Occult. When he was born, he was a very quiet child, only listening intently and observing everything. He learned to talk and read at a very young age and continued to learn through school. He was terrific at finding things, he would never lose anything and could find almost everything without even trying. Most everything changed when he made his first Contract.

One day after school, a filly was distraught because of a lost doll that some bullies took from her. Vassago felt sorry for the classmate, and asked her:

“What would you give for me to get your doll back?”

The filly didn't have any money, she didn't have anything of value other than her doll, so she decided to give Vas a favor. Vas accepted, and found his talent. He found a book of scrying magic, and easily found the hidden doll. True to her word, the girl returned the favor when he called upon it.

Suddenly, his parents disappeared. Some ponies say that Vas made another deal with something not from this world, because he changed. He became incredibly talented at complex and not-totally legal spells, Teleportation, Geas, Premonitions, and some rumor he could even read minds. Vas relished the idea that his fellow ponies viewed him as something more than a mere unicorn, and started to cultivate his reputation as a ethereal being, even spawning a urban legend concerning him. He never spoke or heard from his parents. He doesn't really think of them.

Inadvertently he became an Information Broker, using his unique talents of Clairvoyance to find out what ponies want to know in exchange for a IOU for one favor.

At the tender age of fifteen, Vassago has become an urban legend. Inscribe the Seal of Vassago and spill a drop of pure, fresh raspberry juice on the center, and wait. A demon who looks like a colt will appear, and will grant you a wish in exchange for something. Vassago cultivated the rumor by using parlor tricks and his unnatural magicks to make the rumor seem true. What he really does is hear from the “Grape Vine” that somepony is preforming his little “ritual.” Vassago makes an appearance and preforms some fancy shmancy magic tricks, and makes a deal with the customer. You would be surprised how many ponies mistake a creepy teen with a creature from another world.

“What are you looking at?”
Vassago was watching the exchange from a distance, but the bully caught his glance. He was now involved in whatever foolishness this was.

His smile stretched wide. “Nothing.”

The bully left the poor filly alone and marched over to Vas “Thats right! You aint seen nothing! You hear me?” although he was probably a few years younger than Vassago, the bully still was slightly taller than him. Vas' smile grew wider.

“You misunderstand.” The bully tilted head, confused. “I did not see nothing. I am looking at nothing. For the pony in front of me is not a pony, but it is nothing.”

The bully grunted. “What did you call me?”

Vas leaned very close. “I called your mother fat.” He grinned.

The bully reared up to smash Vassago's head “NOPONY CALLS MY MOTHER FAT!”

Vas saw the punch from a mile away, as he did everything around him. He easily teleported behind the bully, and watched, amused, as he slammed himself face first into the ground. The bully turned around, furious and was prepared to charge. Vas slowly floated up, his horn glowed and he started to chant, slowly and quietly.

“Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.”

The bully hesitated. “What are you doing?” He growled.

“Hafh'drn Tsathoggua n'gha syha'h sgn'wahl mnahn' nnns'uhn ebunma nghrii, nnnphlegeth phlegeth Azathoth.”

“Stop it! What are you doing? Are you cursing me?” The bully hyperventilated, and started to go into a panic.

“N'ghft tharanak fhtagn uh'e y-hrii ee R'lyeh ph'nilgh'ri Shub-Niggurath.” Vassago's eyes started to glow with arcane power. The bully let out a terrified scream, and tripped over himself as he ran away.

The victim of the bully's abuse sat silently, horrified at the awesome display of power that Vassago had presented. The light dulled from his hollowed eyes, and he stopped chanting. He slowly walked to the small child and crouched down to face her.
“Hello.” He said. The filly stared up at him, frightened.
“H-How did...”
“Do you know how easy it is to chant nonsense and make your eyes light up?” Vas smiled.
“Did... did you do something?”
Vas looked in the direction the fleeing bully ran,
“No. If anything he might have a couple nightmares. You technicolor horses are so gullible! I say one phrase, one little display of pretty lights and noise, and you think I am some demon!”
The filly relaxed and got to her hooves. She winced at the mean bruise she was started to develop on her knee.
She whimpered pitifully.
“Now. To discuss payment.” Vas smiled.
“Are you going to take my soul?”
“Rosemary, that's disgusting.” Vas stuck his tongue out.
“How did...” Rosemary gasped.

“I know many things. But I digress, I have done something for you, ergo you must repay me. I do think this is a rather small thing in comparison though...” Vassago pursed his lips together in thought. “I would say a small favor would be sufficient repayment.” He kissed her tenderly on the cheek. There was a small spark, and the contract was sealed. Vassago was being very productive today.
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2nd OC: Vassago Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2nd OC: Vassago   2nd OC: Vassago I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 25, 2013 1:46 pm

Your character has been approved.

Just be careful not to god mod/power play with Vas' dark magic, understood?

Click links for character information:

~ Smith Wesson ~

~ Aero Dynamic ~
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2nd OC: Vassago
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