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 General Forum RP etiquette

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PostSubject: General Forum RP etiquette    Sat Dec 03, 2011 7:33 pm

Hello I'm Mriia! and I would Love to start out by saying I just love this Forum. It has Ponies of all different RP levels, from people just starting out to real veterans. So I thought I would make a little list, to Help the Beginners and the Veterans get along.

Its really simple, its just politeness really! And it makes an RP flow so much better!

1. Joining an RP

It can be intimidating, for people just starting out and people who are already established in an RP community. But when joining an RP you have to remember to read at least a few post ahead of yours, if not the whole thing. This gives you an idea of the mood of the rp. It can be serious or silly, but ether way this will effect how you post.

It also gives you an idea of timing. It makes it easier for everyone if you join at a lul in the rp, or at the end of the RP roster.

The last part I will talk about is the RP roster, its called many things, but what it is is the posting order. Its very important in group RPs.

When you enter an RP there is an established roster, and when you join it changes and thats the new roster. The best way I can explain it is threw an example.

Mriia Post
Indigo Joins/post
Mriia post
Indigo Post
Mriia post
Indigo Post
Iccy Joins/posts
Mriia Posts
Indigo posts
Iccy posts

and so on.

but there are exceptions. For example, perhaps Indigo and my character go off and have a private conversation. then they don't follow the regular posting order, because it only involves them. but If Iccy Joins there conversation then It would revert back to a normal posting order.

The important thing to realize is that if you post whenever you feel like it other characters get left behind. and that is unfair to the other RPers.

2. working in an established setting

When you Enter an RP there is often already an established setting. Its a good idea to pay attention to this, else it makes it very confusing for everyone.

For Example if you go in and start a conversation with a pony that is no longer in the rp. Sometimes we work hard to set up big plot points. Those can be ruined unless you pay attention to what is going on.

Also in a general form sense its you have to be careful what kind of technology a pony has and how they talk.

For example, Ponies have a tec level equal to our industrial ere. There is a bit of technology, but there are no ponies jamming out to there Ipods.

This is an RP about a different world set in a different time From our own lovely earth. That means you have much more freedom. But it comes at a price. They won't under stand things that we do. because they don't have them. A pony doesn't know who Steve Jobs is. I pony doesn't know what an Ipod is.

3. Avoid being personally offended

This can be a hard one. You have to remember that this is a roleplay, this isn't real. The things in it shouldn't affect how you act to the people behind the characters.

This can be hard to Avoid. I must confess I did get a little miffed a few days over something that happened between mine and another character. They almost got into a fight, but decided to not come to blows. Afterwards In the chat box I and that characters owner got into a fight about who would have won the fight, had it taken place. It very nearly got personal.

over something that didn't even happen between our characters.

A good way to avoid this is to not make a pony version of yourself. make a character.
If it is not you, but one of your creations its harder to be offended as they are not you.

And that is the most important thing to remember. YOUR CHARACTERS ARE NOT YOU!

4. Godmoding

This is very simple, You don't take over a character that is not your own. unless agreed on ahead of time. you do not punch knock over or kill another persons character.

You can throw a punch. but its up to them if you make contact.
you can push them, but its up to them if they fall.

Its very simple. For drawn out fights its better to plan it out ahead of times. else it can get a bit drawn out and boring, waiting to see if your punch landed or not.

5. OOC/Chatbox

This is a great tool. if you are feeling unsure of how to do something. or get your rp partners ok about doing something to there character. Ask. In the Chat box there are a lot of great people that can help you. Its a great way to find out if someone has a plan for there RP before you join in. and to get an idea about the general setting.
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PostSubject: Re: General Forum RP etiquette    Sun Dec 04, 2011 12:51 am

^^^ Upvote.

This is an excellent starting guide. I encourage everyone who joins to read this.

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General Forum RP etiquette
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