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 Amaryllis Cerise's home

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PostSubject: Amaryllis Cerise's home   Fri Mar 15, 2013 7:36 am

Dew Dwelling
Destination of house: Canterlot
Area: Somewhere big. She needs a large area.
Address you want: 37 Blossom Boulevard
No. of rooms: 5, and one massive garden.
How many stories: 1
Which rooms: Ok, definitive feature of Amy's house? The two cherry blossom trees right at the front door, surrounded by a carpet of luscious grass and various flowers. There's a really interesting shaped door. It's a door, but some of the very top of the door is roughly a quarter of a circle made of windows, the rest of it joining on. It's pinkish. You enter, and it's very neat, with a mat for your feet, and an umbrella stand and coat hook. Then you kind of walk inwards to find a hallway with the living room at the end, and the bathroom off to the right with another room on the left. Let's start with the bathroom. It's mainly white with some red and pink mixed in. The living room has the basics with a little bit of luxury. There's a hell of a lot of flowers, and a bunch of furniture with a plush carpet. Then the kitchen leads off from the living room, and is the usual - cupboards, plates, dishwashing stuff, and a bench top. Leading off from the KITCHEN is a pantry, and there is a lot of food in there. A LOT. Back track to the hallway. That room on the left? Yep, that's Amy's bedroom. One wall is glass sliding doors. That's the whole thing. Seriously. The rest are a light pink with a white carpet and some purple and pink stuff. There's a chest in the corner which is for all the planting stuff, and all of Amy's clothes are stored in a wardrobe off to the side. Her bed is in the corner, and it has a bookshelf surrounding all sides. vertically - if you lie down on it, around your head are the shelves. The massive glass doors lead out to a gargantuan garden which is practically a rainforest.
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Amaryllis Cerise's home
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