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 Peppermint Winter's Tree house

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PostSubject: Peppermint Winter's Tree house   Fri Mar 15, 2013 7:12 am

Tree Top Tumble
Destination of house: Ponyville!
Area: No idea.
Address you want: 25 Pine Passage
No. of rooms: 1 tree...?
How many stories: 2
Which rooms: The front door is kind of an opening between the roots of the massive tree. It's kind of more an archway, and is generally unobstructed. There's a green door for night time though, because... well... STRANGER DANGER! Through the front door, you'll find a living room, which has a whole bunch of furniture in it. There a couple of place for lamps, with two windows, and a table with some stumps for chairs. There are a couple of shelves attached to the wall, with books and various knick-knacks as well as a couple of pictures of Peppermint's parents. Off the side is a bathroom, with some red and green decorations, but most of it is white.There's a flight of stairs leading up to a kitchen, where there are some benches and a fireplace that has a chimney leading out the side of the tree. Normal kitchen stuff, with benches, plates and cupboards. More stairs from there that lead to the very top of the tree where there's a platform, on which is Pepper's room. The leaves up top provide perfect cover, meaning she's kept free from rain. She has a bed, a table, and 2 chests - one full of all her prank stuff and the other holding her clothes. The one at the foot of her bed is the clothing one, just to have some differentiation. Practically everything is red and green... And that's about it I think.
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Peppermint Winter's Tree house
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