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 Crystal Clear

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PostSubject: Crystal Clear   Crystal Clear I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 9:50 pm

Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear Crysta10

Gender: Female

Species: Unicorn

Mane: Not too long and wavy, sky blue with soft yellow streaks

Tail: Long in gentle waves, the same colors as the mane.

Eyes: A bright blue.

Body: A bright blue, a shade lighter than her eyes. She stands about normal height for a filly her age.

Cutie Mark: A mirror encrusted with silver crystals on its outer rim.

Age (Baby,adult): Teen

Personality: Crystal Clear, or CC as some refer to her though she isn't fond of the name, is very much an introvert. She relishes her alone times and enjoys cool, shady and quite places. She is not shy, and is in fact a loyal friend, but being around too many ponies tends to drain her after prolonged exposure. She likes to keep her circle of friends small and intimate, preferring quality or quantity. Loyalt is a strenght, but it is also a vice for Crystal Clear. She despises disloyal ponies, finding it to be a fatal and unforgivable flaw.

Likes: Reading, Symphonies, Maze Gardens, Secluded Groves, Clear Water Ponds

Dislikes: Loud music, large crowds, whiners/complainers, disloyalty, tardiness.

History: Crystal Clear was born in Canterlot, to a family of minor nobles. Not high enough to have any real rank or power within the court, but not low enough to be snubbed at any of the Royal parties. Crystal's parents, and her two older brothers and sister are all more interested in the court and in it's inner workings that she is. This has always been a point of contention with Crystal and her family, causing a rift to divide her from her blood. As a young filly, Crystal Clear would often leave her family's home, to be alone and contemplate many things. She enjoyed visiting the libraries in Canterlot, and it's many gardens. Many times she would lose herself for days, just enjoying the scenerary of a maze garden. until her parents began sending her with an escort during her outings, afraid that their daughter was associating with the wrong type of ponies. Her escorts, normally her elder siblings, never let her stay long, and also interrupted her contemplations with their questions and comments, so eventually Crystal Clear just remained at home, longing for some peace and quiet.

Eventually her parents began to wonder about about their daughters cutie mark, and what her destiny and magic would be. They wanted it to be something grand, something that would raise the status of the family in the court, and so they began to parade different ponies, with what the considered acceptable destinies and magics, in and out of the house. Music ponies, artists, knights with defensive and attack magics, all came to speak with the young Crystal Clear. Everyone one of them failed to raise more than the slightest bit of interest, that which a host must show to a guest, in her. As more failed, more came, and the more that came, the more angry Crystal Clear became. One day, finally fed up with the whole ordeal, Crystal Clear stood infront of the grand mirror at the top of the stair case and wished as hard as she could that she would jump into the mirror and leave this place behind, like she had read in one of the books at the library. There was a flash of bright blue light, and when Crystal looked into the mirror, she saw herself, a little older, sitting in a maze garden with a couple of friends, smiling. On her flank was a mirror, designed exactly like the grand mirror in the house. The mirror pony looked at Crystal and winked, and then the image in the glass faded. True sat down heavily, unnerved and confused by what had happened, she didn't even notice the cutie mark that had appeared until her siblings noticed it, happy for their little sister. Her parents however, though not truly understand what her destiny or magic really was, were already attempting to calculate ways in which this could be used to raise the family.

As time went on and Crystal grew into her ability, she found that almost any reflected surface would work, though mirrors work best. She also found that her magic was getting very much out of hand, almost every time she was near anything that had a reflective surface, her magic would flare up. Images of the past, present, or future would spring to life, of ponies she knew and ponies she didn't know. Some ponies thought it fascinating, and would want her to do it on command, others thought it was an invasion of privacy. Her parents tried to send her to different tutors and mentors, ponies whos' destinies wass about magic, but none seem to help. It was her siblings who eventually convinced their parents to send Crystal to Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, where she would have access to the best teachers and greatest help. Crystal has lived their ever since, and couldn't be happier.

Example RP:

Crystal walked slowly towards the school, her mind drifting here and there. It was late, incredibly close to curfew, but she was not too worried. She had always made it in just in the nick of time in the past, and besides, the guards knew her well enough to know she wasn't up to anything she shouldn't be. Just another day walking through one of the cities many gardens, enjoying the sights and smells, and the relative tranquility. She was also reflecting on the lessons she had been receiving, learning to control her magic and expand it. She was so happy that now, she was at least able to call upon the magic when she felt, instead of having it manifest at the most awkward times.

As she continued to walk down the street, happy and peaceful, her reverie was broken by crying. So lost in her thoughts was she that Crystal Clear continued walking for a few seconds before her brain registered what the sound was. She stopped dead in her tracks and looked around for the source, finally pinpointing it to a young foal, hiding in some rose bushes. He was a dark green in color, which almost made him hard to make out from the leaves of the bushes, but the luminescent golden streaks in his mane gave him away.

"Hello. Are you ok?" She said, head down walking slowly toward him.

He immediately clamped his hooves over his mouth and tried to scoot further back into the bushes.

Well at least he knows not to talk to strangers. Crystal Clear though to her self with a tiny laugh.

"It's ok. I'm here to help you. Where are your parents?" she asked, keeping her voice soft, like she had heard some mothers use when soothing their children.

The little foal looked around, confused. He didn't know where he was, and Crystal Clear had no idea who he was.

"You poor baby. You must be really scared. Would you like to come out from under the bush, and then maybe we can find where you belong?" Crystal asked, looking around for anyone on the street. She saw no pony, and they were not in the residential district of the city.

The little foar scooted a little further from the bush, but made no real attempt to leave his inadequate shelter. It was getting dark out, and though Crystal was scared, she was worried. The longer this foal was gone, the more hysterical his family must be getting.

"Listen, why don't you come with me to the school? There are guards there, Knights of Equestria who I am sure will help you get home" she said, hopeful as she some he scoot even further out. "I'm Crystal Clear, why don't you come out of there and be my own Knight and escort me home?"

This was all the enticing the little foal needed. He shot out of the pushes and stood beside Crystal Clear, trying to look the part of the brave Knight. He almost had it too, except for the puffy cheeks and red eyes from crying.

"What is your name Sir Knight?" Crystal asked as she walked down the street towards the school.

"Radiant Grove" he said, his voice somewhat sore from all the wailing before.

Crystal Clear smiled down at him, and he up at her as the rounded the last corner toward the school. At the top of the stairs to the main entrance a group of ponies was standing, talking to the guards at the gate. Crystal Clear and her escort slowed down, until little Radiant Grove spotted one particular mare and took of running, screaming "Mama!"

The mare in question, a beautiful silver univorn with flowing bright white and gold main and tail turned and ran towards her returned child, both crying when the met. The mother nuzzled her son everywhere, as if she needed to make sure he was real. He began telling her all the had happened, while she demanded to know how he got lost. They were both talking over each other, and Crystal Clear could barely understand, but apparently the foal and his mother could. He trotted back to her, rubbing against her legs affectionately, as his mother stood in front of her, grateful tears streaming down her face.

"Thank you Crystal Clear" she said, barely able to say more she was so filled with relief.

"You are welcome" Crystal replied before looking down to the little foal. "Sir Radiant Grove it is time for you to escort your mother home" she told him.

He looked up to her and smiled, gave her one last nuzzle and then trotted to his mother's side, every bit the brave Knight.

Crystal Clear watched them go and then trotted up the stairs to the school, blushing slightly at the guards and the gates who bowed reverntly to her.


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Welcome to the site.

Your character has been approved.

Feel free to come down to the chat box at the bottom of the homepage to say hello!

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Crystal Clear
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