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 OC: OzyManedias

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PostSubject: OC: OzyManedias   Mon Mar 04, 2013 8:22 pm

No idea how to put up an image or what to put up. See profile pic for his face but thats all I got.


Mane: Lustrously black, mostly slicked back except for one pesky lock that keeps getting in his eye

Tail: Same color as mane, very thin and feline.

Eyes: Bright yellow, almond shaped

Body:OzyManedias' coat is a sandy brown. Ozy is a little too skinny and not very strong. He has bags under his eyes. His wings look smaller than the average Pegasi, because he can't fly.

Cutie Mark:The Eye of Horus

Age (Baby,adult):Adult, closest Human equivalent is around 32

Personality:At first impression, Ozy can come off as polite yet curt and sometimes downright rude besides his benign actions. He can switch very quickly from polite yet nervous to rude and threatening. After getting to know somepony for a considerable amount of time, Ozy tends to come out of his shell. With his “Friends” (of which he claims to not have any) He is very well-mannered and kind, but very to the point. He reacts very poorly to physical contact, but will allow friends to hug. Ozy has a very poor sense of self-esteem. He will act cowardly in a fight, but will try to help his friends in any way he can. When asked about himself or his past, he clams up and tries his best to avoid the subject. Ozy also cannot fly, and is very sensitive about the subject.

Likes: Ponies who respect his privacy, anything chocolate covered, quiet and rainy days, when business is good, nighttime, babies, He also tends to munch on a particular blue flower he finds near his house. Having leadership and power of ponies (Ironically he hates ponies who do the same.)

Dislikes: Nosy ponies, over energetic ponies, clear and sunny days, dogs and cats (he is allergic to dogs), He hates bullies and ponies who take advantage of others. But most of all, he hates himself. He also has a deep seated hatred for alfalfa.

Once upon a time, in a far off empire of sand and sun, there was a foal. That foal was going to be king, and he was going to be the greatest king in the entire world, so everpony would be happy, and nothing would hurt. He told his father, who ruled the land as a tyrant, his dream, his father laughed and said it was stupid and impossible. The young foal was so mad that at night, he crept into his father's room and... (The hieroglyphs were almost indecipherable, but I did make out the words for “Knife,” “Falling,” and one that seemed to be a combination of the equestrian words for “Sleep” and “Forever.” Note to self, I really must take more care with this translation, the original source is very delicate.)... The next day the foal sat on the throne and was crowned king. Many years had passed, and the Foal was a Stallion, and his name was OzyManedias. The King's empire was thriving, its citizens smiled, and nothing hurt. But the king was sad and empty. From his highest tower, he looked to the North, and saw the kingdom of the Griffons, full of pain and sadness. So he rose a large army and conquered the Griffins. He looked to the South, and saw the Tribes of the Zebra, full of pain and sadness, and so he made his army bigger and conquered the Zebra.
Everywhere the King OzyManedias looked, he saw pain and sadness, and where he saw pain and sadness, he conquered them and made them all happy. Finally, King OzyManedias and his immense army came upon the land of Equestria. The citizens of Equestria were not happy, but they were not sad. They suffered, yet they smiled. This did not please King OzyManedias, for he wanted everypony to be happy, and nothing to hurt. But the ponies of Equestria did not want to be conquered, and the two princesses of the land fought with all of their might against OzyManedias' massive armies. OzyManedias' armies were defeated, and his empire fell to Equestria.
(I wish I could translate the last bit, but I've encountered lettering and words that either can't be translated into Equestrian or are just nonsense. I can make out OzyManedias' name connected to the word for Exile. Another two words are for “very many reeds” which could be a forest, (as OzyManedias' empire was in an arid enviroment, they would not have a word for tree much less a forest) and “No chains.” A logical inference would be after his defeat the King was banished to this “Forest of No Chains.” Must look into this. There is still something I am missing.)

The Historian's name didn't matter.

The Historian's history didn't matter.

Who he was didn't matter.

The only important thing that mattered was he was in the precisely right place, at the right time, under the right circumstances.

The fool had wandered into the Everfree Forest in the middle of the night to visit the castle of the Royal Pony Sisters. He found a book, a journal, detailing the life of a pony called OzyManedias. The old stones of the castle started to fall and the Historian fell with them. Although the stallion was a pegasus, He couldn't fly.

After some very specific blunt-force trauma to the head, and a cushion of some very humorous blue flowers, The stallion who's name didn't matter left this world.

And so another stallion, who very much did matter, did enter the land of Equestria.

Poison joke has a very interesting property when the oils enter open wounds, the effects are apparently permanent. In this case, the plant thought of a funny little joke.
“Knock, Knock!”
“Who's there?”
“A thousand year old king stuck in the modern times!”

Well the plant has a very strange sense of humor. Never the less, the pony was no longer who he was when he came to, but was OzyManedias. He looked like OzyManedias, he had the same cutie mark as OzyManedias, and a journal detailing the life of OzyManedias. Who wouldn't make a rational decision like that?
OzyManedias wandered to Ponyville to attempt to create his kingdom anew. As most would suspect, that didn't exactly go as planned. With no money and no knowledge of how the new Equestria worked, Ozy was very quickly confused and disoriented. Luckily, he was able to scrounge money by doing some odd jobs for anypony willing to pay. At first he detested the idea of royalty doing odd jobs, but the experience eventually showed him just how obsolete he has become.

After a good year of ego-crushing manual labor, Ozy had finally scrounged together enough money to buy a cheap townhouse on the edge of Ponyville.

Ozy took the townhouse and renovated it, making the 2nd floor his home and turning the 1st floor into a makeshift cafe and bistro. He creates artisan hot and cold beverages for anypony willing to put up with his stick-in-the-mud personality.

And everyday, without fail, he documents his life in his journal.

Example RP segment: (Robbery set up.)

OzyManedias sighed as he finally started to close up shop after another day of minimum business. The last customer was too rambunctious and couldn't stop glancing at the door, like he expected guards to storm in and take him away. Ozy hated those ridiculous customers who did strange things. Ozy was a pony of routines and status-quo, and outliers tended to upset his calm. He absently picked up a package that the pony had left as he wiped down the tables. His thoughts wandered back to a much more exciting time, when his goals were much grander than simply making a profit.

“A monarchy is hardly a well paying job.” Ozy muttered to himself to shake himself from these thoughts as he locked the front door and started to walk up the stairs to his tiny little bedroom.

Suddenly, there was a knock upon the door.

“Shops closed. Come back in the morning.” Ozy called down.

“Open the door sir.”

Ozy paused, before slowly making his way to the front door. He set the package aside and unlocked the door. He was greeted by the sight of two royal guards in gold armor who stared down at him imposingly.

Ozy stared up at the pair awkwardly for a good second too long before clearing his throat.
“May I help you, officers?” Ozy meekly grinned in what he thought was a friendly smile.

“May we step inside?” One guard's harsh authoritative tone commanded Ozy.

Like the good little citizen that he was, Ozy led the two into his home.

“Sir,” One of the officers calmly picked up the package and examined it closely. “You do know Grand Larceny and Assault with a deadly weapon are both crimes punishable by life imprisonment?”

OzyManedias stared at both of the white identical white pegasi. Had he robbed and attacked anyone recently?
The officers unwrapped the package to reveal a .44 snubnose revolver.
“Oh hell.” the synapses in Ozy's brain fired and connected the dots. He hated ponies so much.
“You are under arrest for Attempted murder and robbery.” one of the guards slowly walked towards Ozy with a pair of hoof-cuffs.

A thousand possible scenarios played out in Ozy's imagination. If he fought back he would just end up with resisting arrest on top of whatever charges were against him. He couldn't prove he was here all day because the only pony that ever came in was the one who set him up. Maybe...

“OH MY GOD!” Ozy screamed at the top of his lungs before pointing at the front door. The two guards spun around to face absolutely nothing.

Meanwhile, Ozy grabbed a pot of water that he had constantly on the boil and threw it at the two guards. As they dodged out of the way of the scalding water, Ozy kicked a table at them and dashed as fast as he could for the back door. He didn't look back, but from a pained grunt and a startled yelp he deduced he probably hit one of the two.

Ozy made it through the door and slammed the door shut behind it. He held it shut as hard as he could.
There was a thump, and the door flew open to reveal a very mad pegasus. Ozy was thrown back, well so much for running away...

“Resisting arrest.” The guard growled threateningly.

After a lengthy, but futile, struggle Ozy was hoofcuffed and thrown onto the back of the strong pegasi. “My goodness, have you been working out?” Ozy wrapped his tail around the guards flank. “You know, I can think of so many things to do with a muscular specimen like yourself and these hoof cuffs.” The guard's stoic face did not move in the slightest. “I think my wife would disapprove.” The guard said. Ozy cursed under his breath. So seduction wouldn't work either.


Ozy sat in the middle of his cell at the Ponyville Police Department and sighed. He'd given in and told the police everything he knew and told the truth about his evening. Although he was promised to be let out on bail he couldn't help but shake the feeling that he'd been played like that criminal was going free because Ozy did exactly what he wanted of him.

“Looks like I will have to pay that one a visit.” Ozy smiled. He would have felt sorry for what he was going to do, but he was a little too mad about all the paperwork the doomed criminal was going to make him go through. And then there was increased insurance costs, and the difficulties of hiding a body...

The list just goes on and on.

Has Ozy ever said he hates customers.

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PostSubject: Re: OC: OzyManedias   Tue Mar 05, 2013 2:57 pm

Welcome to the site.

Your character's physical details, personalty, likes/dislikes an RP segment are all very good and detailed.

The main concern here is the history surrounding OzyManedias.
You have created a large and detailed non-canon history about Equestria and the world around it. While creativity is encouraged, certain elements of the history involving Equestria and the Princesses is problematic.

Just be aware that if canon in the show contradicts that of OzyManedias' history, you will need to change it.

With that out of the way, your character has been approved.

Click links for character information:

~ Smith Wesson ~

~ Aero Dynamic ~
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OC: OzyManedias
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