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PostSubject: AutumnDay   Sun Mar 03, 2013 2:40 pm

Autumn Day

Gender: Female

Species: Pegasus

Mane: Autumn Day has a long, thin, somewhat stringy mane, that does whatever it pleases. Of course this does not mean it lives. Her mane flips to her right side, your left I would imagine, and wraps around her neck to the right side of her body until falling loosely downwards to the ground. Autumn Day's mane is a sort of dullish orange with an even duller red-orange series of highlights throughout the hair.

Tail: Like her mane, Autumn's tail is thin, long, and stringy. Due to it's legnth, it drags on the ground just slightly and always seems to curl in an odd way at the bottem. Her tail speaks like her mane, with a dull orange base color and duller red-orange strings of color streaming down.

Eyes: Autumn Day's eyes are a slight narrower than the average pony's eyes, possibly due to her being more serious at heart, even if she doesn't act like it, or the fact that she can't help but to squint in the sun. She has two medium thickness eyelashes on each eye, and her eye color is a bright orange.

Body: Autumn is a light yellow color with horseshoes on her hind legs. Her hind legs also seem to be much taller than her front ones. Perhaps this is just because she wears horseshoes on only them and not the front legs. Autumn also seems to use her wings to help express herself.

Cutie Mark: Autumn Day's cutie mark is nothing but a bronze horseshoe, directed upwards, the way that one might say attracts luck.

Age: Autumn is but only a younger teen, but troublesome, none the less.

Personality: Autumn, a very sarcastic pegasus, could never really keep out of trouble, and though she wants friends, she cannot seem to keep them as friends. She's a very serious pony, when seriousness calls for her attention, her mind also set on bettering herself in traits such as her flying and sneaking around. She has good morals, in an odd way, but does not always live up to expectations. She's often found eavesdropper on former friends, sabotaging baked goods, and pulling pranks just because she has not a way to better herself and keep her happy. Boredom is probably the biggest player in her book, and so it's dangerous to see that if she gets bored, things start to happen.

Likes: Keeping busy, running errands, reading, playing horseshoes

Dislikes: Boredom, loneliness, bad luck

History: When Autumn was a filly, her mother seemed to just dissapear in a crowd one day when they were at a fair that came to town. Not knowing what to do, she paniced and ran to the nearest food stand, staying with the owner unil her mother showed. Unfortunetely, her mother did not show, and so her mother was marked missing and Autumn Day went to live with the food stand owner, whom had adopted her after that. After her mother's strange dissapearance, Autumn spoke no longer. This lasted for until her new parent, already growing old when she was adopted, grew to the end of her lifespan and passed. After the second loss, AutumnDay began to live on her own, and not long after that, she started to speak again. But she's made sure she'd not hint at her past and relive the sad memories. It's ironic, in a way. She is that of a horseshoe cutie mark, but she does not have the best of luck at times.

Example RP segment: 1. A foal has lost its mother and is sobbing inconsolably in the street . Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Autumn Day had just pulled another prank, and running for her freedom was just what she was doing. She had planted a stink bomb in one of the many salons in her town, and the owners were quite put up with her. Hooves high in the air, they flew to the young running mare, screaming to her things like 'We have you now villan!' A smile wrapped around her face, and as they closed in, she spread her wings and took off in flight. Laughing all the way, she zoomed past high reaching buildings and into a quiet corner of the town where the salon owners could not find her. This place was rarely visited so she supp- "What was that?"

She spoke quickly and quietly only to herself. She'd heard something. Like a whisper, or quite possibly, a whimper. Did someone actually find her? She crouched to the ground, crossing corners and sneaking around, following the sound of the now steady noise. She poked her head out from behind one last corner, and saw what looked to be a little colt, curled up in the middle of the still street, crying. Upon closer examination, she realised that it was the little colt who took much after her, including easy boredom, and playing pranks. But he did not look like he was playing much at the moment. Scared of blowing her cover to any salon members still searching for her, she remained in the dark, beckoning to the pony.

"Hey, hey foal. It is me." She spoke in hoarse whispers. The little boy stopped any sounds he was making long enough to answer.

"Who's me?" He barked at her. Autumn had about screamed at him for speaking so loudly, but she kept quiet.

"Shush, guy. It is Autumn Day. Come over here or else we will both get in trouble. " She spoke. She thought about telling him why, but she just shook her head and wait as he traveled to the shadows. Once they were both hidden from plain view, she ask him why he was sobbing the way he was. He explained to her how he had lost track of his mother in a crowd at the fair, quite a ways down the street, and nobody would help him. AutumnDay felt extremly nasty inside. How terrible of anyone to not help a little foal who's lost his mother! She absoulutely must help him. She absolutely MUST.

"I will help you find her. No, wait, I won't help you!" She smacked a hoof up against her forehead. "I will find her for sure!" She spoke hastely. The foal's eyes became hopeful, and as she beckoned him to climb on her back for a ride, they both took off into the sky, no fear in Autumn Day's mind about the salon members. She soared over the fair, tilting slightly before transitioning to a gentle glide, allowing the foal upon her back to search the crowd for his mother. About five minutes into the search, her began to scream for his mother, and pushed AutumnDay's head down. There she was! Yelling back at the now estatic colt, she waved her hooves in the air. Autumn fluttered down towards the mother before making a smooth landing next to her.

She bent down and allowed the foal to climb off her back, before they both were enbraced in the mother's hug. The mother repeated Thank Yous to Autumn Day more times than anyone could count, before the foal reached into a bag the mother was carrying and took out a water balloon. The mother, and Autumn Day, both paused in fear as the colt began to launch an endless amount of water balloons at Autumn. She smiled, grabbed some water balloons for herself, and joined in.


Please forgive me if I get something wrong! I am rather new to the fandom, but signed up for the love of roleplaying!

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PostSubject: Re: AutumnDay   Sun Mar 03, 2013 3:21 pm

Oh, the detail. I love it so :)

Only thing I would point out is that shouldn't her name be spelt Autumn Day?

Anyway, your character has been approved.

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PostSubject: Re: AutumnDay   Sun Mar 03, 2013 3:27 pm

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PostSubject: Re: AutumnDay   

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