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 Pinch Harmonics

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PostSubject: Pinch Harmonics   Pinch Harmonics I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 02, 2013 11:56 am

Pinch 'Pinch' Harmonic
Pinch Harmonics VbIMV3K
Gender: Male
Species: Unicorn
Mane: Dark murky blueish with some dark blue
Tail: Same as mane
Eyes: Pale blue
Body: Slightly muscular build but fairly normal overall. Murky blue coat.
Cutie Mark: Guitar pick
Age (Baby,adult): Adult (22 human years.)
Personality: Pinch Harmonic, despite his rough appearance, is a friendly, gregarious, and genuinely caring individual. Pinch has never met a stranger in his life and ofter times speaks random ponies on the street like he has known then for his whole life. Whenever a friend (or anypony, really) is in need of somepony to listen or advice Pinch is always happy to oblige the best he can.

Though, despite these traits Pinch finds it incredibly difficult to make 'close' friends that he feels like he can really open up to. And, as such, he bottles up and suppresses his negative emotions deep inside.

Pinch also has a healthy sense of humor and often enjoys teasing his friends. However, sometimes, he can get carried away with his jesting and accidentally hurt a ponies feelings. He is also very protective of his friends and even though he is a peaceful pony he willing to get into a scrap to defend them.

Also, even though Pinch has had very little formal schooling (He pretty much stopped going at the 6h grade) he is quite intelligent. Pinch is well versed in history and classical literature. However, he is almost completely incompetent when it comes to math, hardly able to even do the basics. This is something that he is highly ashamed and embarrassed of and does his best to keep 'covered up' so to speak.

Pinch also hates being alone for long periods of time, almost seemingly afraid of it.

Likes: Rock 'n' Roll, Good company, Smoking, Playing guitar, History, Literature, Charity
Dislikes:The quiet, Alcohol, Stuck up/boring/rude ponies, Math, Greed, Abusive ponies, Being alone
Pinch Harmonic was born the only child of an overworked and underpaid factory worker and an alcoholic mother in the slums or Marehattan. Pinch had a rough time growing up. While his parents weren’t abusive, per say, they hardly ever gave him any mind and would often leave him alone in the house at night leaving him to fend for himself.

On his 10th birthday his father surprised him by buying him a cheap, used acoustic guitar and beginners guide book. At first he wasn't interested but, after fiddling around with it, Pinch soon found that it just felt 'right' in his hooves for some reason. Also, along with his new taste for rock music he found that playing around with his guitar was a great release for his pent up frustration and confusion. Pinch got his cutie mark after me managed to play along to one of his songs.

However, around this time Pinch began to get involved with the wrong crowd and started skipping school, and before long quit going altogether. Pinch spend most of his adolescence running around of the streets, causing trouble and generally making a mess of things. Around the time Pinch was 19 he was arrested for destruction of public property and spent a night in jail. This event made Pinch clean up his act and start becoming a productive member of society.

Recently, Pinch decided that Manehattan had to many bad memories for him and that moving to a smaller town, namely Ponyville, would be a good option for him.

Example RP segment [Option 2]:

Pinch was sitting on a bench in the park with guitar in hoof and a coffee can with the word 'donations' written on the front. Pinch had found that, while not reliable to live off of, street preforming was a good way to earn some extra bits. Though, he never made a lot Pinch often managed to pull in at least ten bits on a slow day.

“Hey Pinch!” A soft voice called towards his right. Pinch turned and noticed a familiar mare “Hey!” Pinch replied, motioning for the mare to come and set next to him. The mare smiled and quickly made her way toward the bench, taking her seat next to him. The mare always seemed to show up whenever he played guitar in public. Not the Pinch minded, of course, the mare was fun to talk with and, as far as he was concerned, his best friend in the whole town.

“Hey, uh, Pinch can I ask you a question?” The mare ask, looking towards Pinch. “Yeah, sure, what is it?” Pinch relied whilst strumming a few cords on his guitar. “Um, its, uh...kinda important.” The mare says, muttering slightly. Pinch stops playing his guitar and turns towards the mare. He had never known her to say something was important unless it was, in fact, important. “Important huh?” Pinch say, setting his guitar down “Well, go ahead and talk. I’m all ears.” he adds.

The mare looks down and kicks her legs back in forth nervously “Yes, well, you see I...” the mare mutters “I, uh...” she adds, seemingly trying to find the rights words to say. “Yes, I’m listening...” Pinch says, curious to see what had his friend so nervous. The mare was silent for a few seconds before responding “Pinch, I, uh, well you see...” the mare looks up towards the sky and gives a nervous sigh “Pinch, I lov-erm, I like you.” she says, blushing a bright pink after saying the words “I mean I like you a lot.” she adds.

“Wow, uh, well thank you...” Pinch says, taken aback by his friends words. Pinch, himself, had thought that he might have had feelings for this particular mare for quite sometime. She was, after all, a very fine mare in both personality and looks. After a few moments of awkward silence the mare finally speaks “I'm sorry, I must of made things terribly awkward.” she says before getting up from the bench “I'll leave now. Bye Pinch.” she says starting to walk away “Hey, wait up!” Pinch shouts. The mare's ear's perk up and she turns around towards Pinch “Listen, uh, I like you too.” Pinch says, starting to blush slightly himself now “So, uh, how about we have dinner tonight?” Pinch offers. The mare's eyes light up and a wide smile forms across her face “I would like that. I would like it a lot.” she says, trotting over to Pinch and giving him a small hug “Meet me at my house at about seven.” the mare says. “Yeah, that sounds good.” Pinch says, blushing brighter now from the hug. The mare happily trots off, leaving Pinch alone again “Well, looks like I have plans tonight.” he says to himself, picking his guitar back up and smiling slightly.

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Pinch Harmonics

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PostSubject: Re: Pinch Harmonics   Pinch Harmonics I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 02, 2013 11:57 am

Wow, I sure am making myself look good...
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PostSubject: Re: Pinch Harmonics   Pinch Harmonics I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 02, 2013 12:04 pm

If you put me and my main OC together, this is what you would get
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Pinch Harmonics
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