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 Rosette 'Rose' Allure

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PostSubject: Rosette 'Rose' Allure   Thu Feb 28, 2013 9:49 am


Rosette 'Rose' Allure
(formerly Rosy Cheeks)

Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Mane: Dark Red
Tail: Dark Red
Eyes: Violet
Body: Pale Pink
Cutie Mark: Sparkly Rose - Symbolises her natural beauty, grace and charisma.
Age: Young Mare

Personality: To say Rose Allure has a big ego is something of an understatement; she considers herself to be the most important pony in the case of any decision and will do whatever she can to ensure she comes out on top. She can be insensitive, occasionally violent and even down right manipulative if it suits her needs. This matter is not helped by the fact that her talent is her charismatic, persuasive ways, which she can seemingly turn on and off at any time.

Despite her flaws, Rose can be easy to get along with at times and revels in the chance to have a good time with friends. She does enjoy being with other ponies who show her care and friendship, and especially those that show her affection, where she enjoys being very flirtatious.

However, she wouldn't think twice about turning against somepony who has betrayed her in her eyes, so long as it works to her advantage. But she will only show her more sinister side if you upset her, which is a side of her that many ponies carefully avoid.

Overall, ponies normally see Rose in one of three ways; the beautiful and flirtatious mare, a cheeky friend that enjoys a good time, or the sly one ready to pounce on you to benefit her own needs.

Likes: Making plans and succeeding in them, looking her best, being with friends, company of other ponies, flirting, reading, roses (obviously).

Dislikes: Failure, ponies turning against her, country folk, invasion of privacy, unattractive ponies, her parents, ponies that think they can control her.

History: Rose Allure was born to a wealthy family among the social elite. As a young filly, she spent much of her time with her parents between the cities of Canterlot and Manehatten, among the rich and powerful. Her father was a high ranking officer in the Royal Guard and her mother was at the head of a modelling business. At the time, Rose was absorbed in the high life of wealth and, despite what many ponies would assume, her parents truly cared for her.

They wanted the best of their only daughter, and when Rose was old enough, they sent her to a private school. She performed well in classes but she soon realised she was catching the eye of many ponies. Colts would constantly try to court her and mares gave her jealous looks, or occasionally stealing glances at her themselves. At first, Rose was unsure about the attention but soon learnt she could use it to her advantage, quickly joining the 'popular ponies' clique in the school social ladder.

It was also was during these years that she earned her cutie mark. A heated argument broke out between two groups of older colts among the hoof ball team that was sure to turn sour. She stepped into the middle of them and diffused the situation with such grace and charm that she even ended up walking away with several colts chasing after her with their tails between their legs.

Despite her success in school, Rose's life at home was turning sour. Her father was to busy with his military duties and it had become clear that her mother wanted her to be a socialite and something of another trophy of success, rather than treat her like a daughter. Rose eventually snapped and confronted her mother, reducing her to tears with her accusations. Her father was appalled at this when he found out and used his connections to sign Rose up to the Royal Guard in hopes to discipline her. It didn't take long for Rose to find a way to get out of it all; being accused of "inappropriate conduct" in the barracks with another pony was more than enough.

It was at this point, Rose decided her parents were not in her best interests. Using her talent, connections and inner knowledge of the business world, she soon built the foundations of her very own entrepreneurial empire, all without her parents knowing. One day, she simply left home, leaving behind her old life, parents, and her old name.

Rose has been successfully running her empire for a couple of years now, although her actual workload is very little and most of her businesses run themselves. She travels fairly frequently around Equestria as her work demands it, setting up sales and making deals, to which she is by far the best suited, considering her special talent.

RP Segment: Scenario 4

As she trotted down the street on route to a meeting, Rose Allure held several papers in front of her, levitating in her magical grip. Listed on them was contact details and her notes summarising her meetings agenda. Rose allowed herself a little smile, magically tucking away a few of the papers into her satchel. If all went well, she'd have another pocket of income to add to her empire.

Her elated mood did not last however, as a pony suddenly ran up from behind her, barging into Rose and knocking her off balance. Papers fell onto the ground as she recovered enough to watch the pony speed off around a corner.

"Hey! Watch where your going!" she cried out, the anger clear in her voice. Muttering to herself, Rose started picking up her papers when she spotted something else held in her purple glow; a small knife. Before she knew it, two burly guards approached her, towering over her in size. Rose quickly put two and two together.

"Ma'am, you're-"

"Where were you? Do you not see that?" Rose Allure interrupted in a rage. "I could have been attacked or even killed by that mad pony, who just ran off down the street, and what were you two doing?" Rose gestured in the direction that the criminal had ran. After a few tense moments, she venomously added, "And what are you two doing still standing here?"

The guard ponies shared a look of embarrassed uncertainty before galloping in the direction of the pony. Rose Allure tutted to herself at their incompetence but couldn't help but grin at how she handled the problem. No pony ever threatened her like that...


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PostSubject: Re: Rosette 'Rose' Allure   Thu Feb 28, 2013 9:50 am

By Celestia, did it take me a while to make this...

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PostSubject: Re: Rosette 'Rose' Allure   Thu Feb 28, 2013 7:07 pm

we can approve ourselves, right? :P

in all seriousness, you're approved! :)


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PostSubject: Re: Rosette 'Rose' Allure   

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Rosette 'Rose' Allure
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