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 Sunny Days taking a vacation

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Rosey Bubbles


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PostSubject: Sunny Days taking a vacation   Thu Feb 28, 2013 12:26 am

Sunny Days had yearned to visit Canterlot for a very long while but never found the time to do so. She decided to take a walk on main street and see if anypony would want to be interviewed. Notepad and quill at hand, she was determined to interview at least one person before she returned to Ponyville.
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Vinyl Dash


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PostSubject: Re: Sunny Days taking a vacation   Thu Feb 28, 2013 2:13 am

~~~OC: Onyx~~~

"Dear Onyx,
I thought it prudent to inform you of a recent advancement in the research of time-altering magic that I have been performing upon your given suggestion. I have spent the past two weeks or so researching the subject and experimenting with various techniques regarding the casting of such a unique spell, and now, only a few days ago, I was able to finally achieve the goal that I have been attempting to reach: I have been able to successfully use magic in order to manipulate time within a limited area."

Onyx stopped in his tracks once he read this last sentence, but within moments he recovered from his slight shock and continued moving onward, a faint smile slowly appearing on his face. I must say, I was initially quite doubtful of such a spell even being possible, but if anyone had the potential to do so, it would have been you... One day, you will end up surpassing even me, Logik. The dark blue-coated Unicorn resumed reading the rest of the letter that he was levitating in front of him, continuously walking forward and using his peripheral vision in order to make sure that he did not unintentionally walk into another pony. Quite an amazing achievement...

"...The spell itself I have only been able to perform a small handful of times, though I believe that with enough further research into the subject, it should be possible to further increase the potency of the spell in order to allow it to affect larger and more actively moving objects..."
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Sunny Days taking a vacation
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