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 Shut Eye

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PostSubject: Shut Eye   Shut Eye I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 7:25 pm

Shut Eye
Shut Eye Shuteye
Gender: Male
Species: Unicorn
Mane: Green and rather bed-headed looking at times
Tail: Green, short, and spiked, but that's just how it groes
Eyes: Kind eyes that are great for putting ponies at-ease with a deep purple hue.
Body: Tan coat over a pudgy body due to a rather sedentary lifestyle.
Cutie Mark: Three Z's: He likes to sleep but is also rather adept at spells that involve sleep and dreams
Age: Adult
Personality: Shut Eye is the definition of mild mannered and passive. He's extremely nonconfrontational when it comes to his peers though for younger ponies he's very

good at asserting his authority. His shyness around female ponies is almost debilitating until he gets to know them better, but he has yet to be truly outgoing to

mares. He's quiet and reserved but always willing to lend a helping hoof to anypony at almost any time, whether he knows them or not.
Likes: Kindness, friendship, foals, good behavior, sleep, a good book
Dislikes: Misbehavior, foul language, nightmares, meanness
Shut Eye was born and raised an only child in Ponyville. His father left his mother when he was still very young- running off with some Pegasus to Cloudsdale- and

leaving her alone to care for their child. Shut Eye was raised well though; he learned proper manners and how to be a kind and forgiving unicorn.

Not being a very active pony, Shut Eye was always a little pudgy. He got picked on during school for it but always countered rudeness with kindness or indifference.

He grew less tolerant when observing such behavior amongst other ponies, however, and used much of his foalhood as a 'lightening rod' for bullies to keep other foals

safe. As time went on and as ponies matured, they grew less interested in bein gbullies and a now older and bigger SHut Eye could focus on detering the next

generation of bullies.

His skills with handling children became known and soon he became one of Ponyville's top foalsitters. He practiced with magic to help make the energetic foals sleep

easily at night, and soon learned some advanced spells to assist the ones prone to nightmares and bad dreams. News of that got out and he inheritied the job of an

unofficial dream therapist.

Example RP segment:

Shut Eye stopped walking as he heard a small sniffle. He was familiar with the sounds of sad children and so could pick out the faint sound even amid the regular hustle and bustle of Ponyville's market. He turned his head and scanned the scnery and saw a small filly sitting next to a large potted plant. Her eyes were large and wet and there were tearstains on her cheeks. Shut Eye glanced about but saw no pony seeming to be attending to the child so he approached her.

"Shut Eye!" she said when she saw him. She was one of the foals he regularly sat for. Lil Bit was her name.

"Hi Lilk" Shut Eye said, giving her a warm smile and lifting a hoof up in invitation. She ran up to him and he gave her a hug and a pat on the back. "Whats wrong?" he asked.

"I...I lost my mommy," Lil said, sniffling again. Shut Eye looked around for Lil Bit's mom but couldn't see her at the moment. He patted the filly on the back and made a 'shh' sound.

"Don't worry Lil, we'll find her." he said, "Lets go check at Sugarcube Corner first." This had the desired effect of calming the pony down and even cheering her up a little. At Sugarcube Corner Shut Eye got the filly a few cookies and a cupcake while asking the bakers if they'd seen her mother. They hadn't but now the filly was happy so when they left they had more of a giddyup in their step. It took about ten minutes of asking around before they were eventually pointed to the post office where Lil Bit's mother was filling out a flyer for the post to spread around regarding her missing daughter.



The two ponies reunited with hugs and apologies. Shut Eye was thanked by both profusely and he assured them both that it was no trouble at all.

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PostSubject: Re: Shut Eye   Shut Eye I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 11:15 pm

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Shut Eye
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