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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 Amber Flash

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Amber Flash


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PostSubject: Amber Flash   Mon Feb 25, 2013 2:36 am

Amber Flash

Species:Crystal Pony
Mane:Short and well looked after, also sometimes she gets helmet hair. When not jousting, she likes to have it hang in front of her left eye. It is a crystalline ruby red
Tail:Short and cropped so it does not get in her way. It is a crystalline ruby red
Eyes:A gradient emerald green.
Body:Slightly bigger than average size. It is a crystalline amber colour.
Cutie Mark:Two crossed lances
Age (Baby,adult):Adult
Personality:Amber Flash has a very can-do attitude. She is never afraid to try new things, meet new ponies, or go new places. She never gives up, even when all the odds are against her, often stating that "The hardest ponies to beat are the ones who don't give up!" She can be very competitive, turning even the simplest thing into a competition. Despite this, she is a very good winner and loser, never gloating when she wins because she knows what it is like to be a loser, and never whines when she loses, knowing that she can still improve. Because of this, however, she can be off putting to certain ponies. She also has no concept of personal space, often getting too close for comfort. Amber is usually the first to laugh at her own jokes. She sometimes pushes some of the more reserved ponies into a competition, which makes them a bit angry at her. Despite this, she is a fierce, loyal, and very protective friend, and can be quick to anger if her friends are harmed.
Likes: Jousting, competitions, fruit salad, spending time with her friends, traveling, trying new things.
Dislikes: Boasting ponies, spiders, being cooped up, being told that she can't do something, ketchup.
History:Amber Flash was born in the Crystal Empire. Her father was a musician and her mother was a seamstress. Both would work at the Crystal Fair when it happened, and greatly encouraged her to participate and have fun, knowing its importance to the Empire. Amber's favourite part of the Fair was watching all the brave ponies joust. She often dreamed of one day joining the jousters, and so started to train with them as soon as she became old enough. Her parents often encouraged her, saying that she could do whatever she put her mind to. She got her cutie mark during her first competitive joust when she beat her opponent during a Crystal Fair.She jousted for many years after that, quickly becoming a fan favourite and winning the adoration of many. Right at the height of her career and popularity, the Crystal Empire was attacked and disappeared for 1000 years.During this time, Amber regressed to the same state all other crystal ponies did. When the Crystal Empire returned and King Sombra defeated, Amber decided to travel Equestria. She realized that there is 1000 years of experiences and places to try and discover. Also, she wants to find jousting challengers from across the land in order to train for the Equstrian Games and hopefully win for the Crystal Empire.

Example RP segment: It is pouring rain outside. Your OC spots the light of a tavern up ahead. The tavern is filled with ponies that your OC doesn't know. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Amber Flash walked down the road, her hooves sinking into the mud. She carried several bags on her back, holding her lance and her jousting armour. The rain poured down on her, soaking her from head to hoof. Her wet mane hung in front of her eyes, the sparkling, red hair obscuring her vision. Amber moved her hoof up to push her mane out of her face. When she did this, she saw a faint glow in the distance. A light. "Finally!" She exclaimed, "Time to get out of this rain, and a drink." She said, and picked up her pace. She soon arrived at the building and pushed the door open. She awkwardly stumbled in, her large bags making it hard to manoeuvre in such tight areas. She blinked her eyes to see a large group of ponies, all with eyes on her. "Obviously haven't seen a crystal pony before." She muttered, the dim light of the tavern making her sparkle. "Hey there lass!" A stallion called, while some others chuckled. She ignored them and ordered a drink, wanting to dry off and then move on once the rain had stopped.

"Hey lass!" The stallion called again, "I see you like to drink. How bout you try drinking with me?" He said, and the whole tavern began to laugh. Amber Flash grabbed her drink and sat at the table across from the loudmouth stallion. "So, you think you're hot stuff? I'll drink with you, right here, right now. We'll see who is left standing." She said, and the whole tavern cheered.


It's not just about the cards. It's about putting a little bit of your heart into something that you care about.

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PostSubject: Re: Amber Flash   Mon Feb 25, 2013 2:46 am

Approved :D
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Amber Flash
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