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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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PostSubject: Blindsight   Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:59 am


Gender: Male
Species: Zebra
Mane: Grey and blue
Tail: Grey and blue
Eyes: Golden
Body: Grey with dark bluish marks
Cutie Mark: (Still a mark :P) tribal bow and arrow
Age (Baby,adult): Young adult
Personality: Blindsight is generally easy to get along with, given he's mostly calm and neutral on most subjects. He's kind to everyone he meets, or at least tries to be. He gets easily annoyed when anyone constantly probes him about his past when he keeps saying that he doesn't want to talk about too much of his past. Though there are some things he likes sharing about his life like his family and home, but doesn't really want to get into details about those. Being raised in a hard environment, Blindsight has come to know how to appreciate the little things in life that are abundant in most places.

Wonder why he's called Blindsight? As a colt (baby zebras are still colts right?) he was born without sight, although one may find it hard to notice at first. He can only see blurs of colors and the general shape of an object. But despite this fact, he can still walk like he has no problems at all. Not only that, but he can always hit his target with his bow. Through years of mental practice and herbal medicine, his vision had improved considerably, but he still cannot define finer details. He looks forward to the day he can finally see clearly.

He is somewhat in tune with the spirit world, allowing him to manipulate the very matter that surrounds him, but it takes a lot of concentration to do even the easiest of tasks and this type of magic is not match for unicorn magic, but it makes for a great party trick. This bond is also why his vision was starting to improve.

Likes: Soft breezes, aimless wandering, trees, riddles, friendly competition.
Dislikes: Being treated differently, being alone for too long, breaking his bow string, losing his bow.
History: Born in the badlands, life wasn't always easy for the archer. Where they settled down, food was scarce and so was water. The hungry beasts made it necessary for his family to fight for life. Yes, it was a hard life and each passing day was like a day in purgatory. It was either kill or be killed out there, and his blindness was of no help at all.

So many were lost as they made their way out of the badlands to find a more suitable home. Nothing is gained without hardship, and during this travel, Blindsight earned his mark. They found their way to Appleloosa, where they were welcomed by the ponies and buffalo alike. They made their new settlement where the two races weren't occupying, to avoid conflict. Deciding to look for a cure for his blindness, Blindsight left to search for anyone willing to help him. He met with others who tried to help, and only a few managed to make an impact. With a bit of good fortune, he met with another zebra who helped him connect to the mystical energies of the world. The bond, as the other zebra explained to him, was naturally connected to every living being, but somehow his bond was severed which was a possible cause to his inability to see. Neither of the two knew why.

What started out as a quest to find a cure for blindness, turned out to be a journey to reconnect to the spirits. To accomplish this task, Blindsight must travel to learn everything there is to learn about the world and it's inhabitants, to the best of his ability. Fairly optimistic about it, he started to socialized. Not very successful at first, he tried to do what he did best and that was archery. He joined contests, refusing any advantages offered and merely relied on skill. There were many skilled with the bow, but he had a unique advantage. His blindness. He wasn't affected by disorientation from crowds, or intimidated by the sight of an easy target. Without sight, his other senses were sharper and because of that, he could "read" the winds and make the necessary adjustments. With everything running smoothly now, he started to have second thoughts about gaining the sense of sight. What would happen to him if he did get to see like everyone else?

Example RP segment: Your OC is framed by a robber who plants his weapon on him/her. A Guardpony threatens to take your OC into custody. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Just walking down the street, Blindsight was surprised to have been pulled from behind by his cloak. A stallion spoke, saying that he was to come with them. With his blurred vision, the zebra could make out that the one who tugged him was wearing something metallic, armor perhaps. A guard? But why on Equestria would he be talking to somepony like him? He just arrived in town and was merely wandering, looking for a herbal shop. "Where are you taking me, with force of such a degree?" The officer told him not to play dumb and just go with him. Blindsight wondered why, but since he would rather avoid trouble with the authorities, he just trotted along to where they lead him.

He asked again why he was being taken away, and the stallion sighed and said he was being taken into custody for a robbery. "A robbery you say, could I defend myself if I may? I have only entered the town, not to sell you off as a clown, but to this I must frown. What evidence can you present, to prove this horrible event?" The guard was visibly annoyed at his play of words and probably thought Blindsight was just treating the whole thing as a game. He pulled out a crowbar and showed it to the zebra. It was hard to make out the shape but was able to identify the tool.

"That crowbar is not mine, and I hope you'd incline." But the guard didn't buy it, saying that the weapon was found in his bag. Strange, how could he not feel the thing drop into his bag? Seeing no point in further argument since the guard obviously wouldn't listen anymore, the zebra just trotted along to his jail cell. He took the opportunity to meditate but was immediately interrupted by the opening of his jail to let him out. They found the real robber and apologized for the mistake. Blindsight just nodded and went to collect his things before leaving.


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PostSubject: Re: Blindsight   Mon Feb 25, 2013 1:00 am

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