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 Sylvia 'Mirage' Lining

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PostSubject: Sylvia 'Mirage' Lining   Sylvia 'Mirage' Lining I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2013 2:50 am

Sylvia 'Mirage' Lining

Sylvia 'Mirage' Lining SylviaLining_zpsc9ce215c

Gender: Female

Species: Earth Pony

Mane: Her mane is white, or for some ponies, silver. It's long and expertly groomed, having styled to suit her career as a model. Her long bangs cover half of her face, while its other half separated and cut shorter to curl on her cheek.

Tail: Similar to her mane, it's long and well-groomed. A layer of it being cut short and styled on top of the first layer.

Eyes: Her eyes are a dull yellow.

Body: Tall for her age, slightly reminiscent of Fleur De Lis' body type. It's as white as her mane and tail. She has a terrible burn on the right side of her face, usually covered by her mane.

Cutie Mark: Blank Flank

Age: Mare, around the age of 22 in human years.

Personality: In contrast to her looks, Mirage tends to be an awkward, clumsy mare. She has a terrible sense of direction and makes assumptions too quickly. She's also pretty mischievous when the right moment comes. However, you can only witness this if you actually talk or accompany her. She's reserved and a tad bit mysterious, preferring to watch events unfold instead of causing them. Although, her clumsiness and her tendency to cause mischief are clear contradictions to this, causing her to end up in more mishaps than she expects.

With oddness aside, this silver-maned mare is kind and motherly when times call. She has a fondness for mystery and adventure, particularly the paranormal. She loves going out to different places and investigating the myths and rumors that shroud their origins. She enjoys doing this whenever her career isn't in the way. It also helps that she's fond of wearing silly disguises and costumes.

Although her career as a model prevents her from showing her true colors in public, she's actually fond of it. Mainly for the fact it means she can wear all sorts of costumes and meet all kinds of famous ponies. She still has difficulty in tolerating their pompous, arrogant behavior though. But her dislike for them would never be able to level with her hatred for those who pick on the weak.

She dislikes talking about her lack of Cutie Mark, for it reminds her of the incident that transpired during her foalhood. She's been trying her best to find out her true talent, seeing how being a model doesn't seem to work. At current, she's focusing on paranormal investigation. She really wants that ghost Cutie Mark.

Likes: Wearing disguises, Mystery, Paranormal/Scary stories, Traveling, Cold temperatures.

Dislikes: Pompous and arrogant ponies, talking about her lack of Cutie Mark, Bullies, Fires.

History: Sylvia grew up in Canterlot under a wealthy family. Her parents complied with her every beck and call, ultimately spoiling her as a young foal. When it was time to allow her to a school, it was safe to say it didn't start well.

Sylvia's parents received a call from her principal after only a week. The white foal had been caught bullying some of her classmates after they refused to play with her. Being a Private School, the teachers didn't think twice before reporting her to the principal. It didn't help that the foals she had bullied were the children of extremely high-ranking ponies of Celestia, causing Sylvia to be expelled without a second thought.

Sylvia was disciplined and home schooled until she was in her mid-filly years. They were successful into preventing her from lashing out again, but there was still a problem. Sylvia was a Blank Flank. She never found her special talent during her home school years. And so, the roles were reversed. The reformed filly was bullied and teased, yet her parents couldn't pull her out of this school. A co-worker of her father had a filly there- one of her most frequent bullies- that claimed she didn't want Sylvia to transfer. The following years were painful and lonely.

After a few years enduring her torment, Sylvia finally found a friend. Dime Dozen was her name, and she was as headstrong as an angered bull. She stood up to the bullies, befriending Sylvia and helping her through the years. Dime was the one who introduced the Sylvia to the world of the paranormal. They would stay in the library every day after school, laughing and sharing their scary stories. They had a wonderful friendship, woven together by ghouls and giggles.

It wasn't until the last day of school that disaster struck. Sylvia received a note from one of her bullies, challenging her to a duel and threatening to put her father out of business if she declined. She showed her best friend the note, successfully triggering some colorful words from the other filly. Dime told her that she would assist her in the battle, dragging her to the location of the supposed fight even when Sylvia protested.

The battle was fast and furious, an experienced unicorn doing most of the work for the bullies. The unicorn was exceptional with the use of fire, attacking Sylvia and Dime with blasts of it. By the time authorities had arrived, it was too late. The bullies had fled, and both the fillies were unconscious and burnt.

Sylvia was lucky enough to only retain a few bruises and a harsh burn on the right side of her face. Dime, on the other hoof, was not as fortunate. She was badly burned and knocked into a coma. Sylvia came to visit her everyday, waiting patiently for the day her best friend would awaken.

Dime Dozen finally opened her eyes, being greeted by the overjoyed face of a silver-colored filly. Sylvia was beyond cloud nine, happily rambling to her now-conscious friend about how worried she was. She stopped rambling when she noticed Dime wasn't responding.

She didn't remember her.

When Dime's parents found out about their daughter's amnesia, they immediately filed an order against Sylvia, blaming her for the tragedy that had befallen their filly. Sylvia was never allowed near Dime again.

It took her years before she finally let go, continuing on without her only friend. Sylvia decided to pursue modeling, as it was what her parents wanted her to take as her career. But the silver mare knew that she was actually doing it for her friend, remembering how Dime wanted her to prove to the bullies that she was capable of 'shining' even without a Cutie Mark.

Until this day, she still holds this to heart. She uses 'Mirage' as a pseudonym to protect her identity as Sylvia Lining, still roaming Equestria to pursue her love for paranormal and maybe, just maybe, to reunite with her friend one day.

Example RP segment: (Refer to post below)
5. A colt is bullying a filly in the Manehattan street. When your OC looks to him, he turns to your OC and snaps, "What're you looking at?" Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Mirage towered over the colt menacingly. She wore a dark cloak and a terrifying mask, a mischievous smirk hidden behind the mask. The mask was a bit uncomfortable, due to the fact she had forgotten to tie up her bangs. They were hidden under the mask as well, but they didn't hinder her eyes. Her yellow eyes stood out with her dark attire, looking as if it was glowing. The darkness of the night assisted her, creating a bone-chilling atmosphere even with the street lights that dotted the stone pavement. Luckily, there weren't that many ponies wandering that night, lessening the risk of her little trick.

"Hellooo... Little oone..." She drawled, voice dry and raspy.

The colt's breath hitched, eyes widening as the masked pony began walking ever so slowly towards them. He was frozen in his tracks, the pony now a mere hoof away. Mirage managed to stop herself from laughing at the colt's terrified face, leaning down to the colt's eye level.

"Run." She whispered, her eyes staring into the young's. Almost immediately, the colt began screaming, turning around and running. He nearly pushed the filly he was bullying over, not giving a second thought as he fled with a tail between his legs.

The filly looked up at the cloaked figure, looking as if she was ready to start crying and running as well. "P-p-please don't hurt me..." She whimpered, taking a step back from the cloaked pony.

Mirage only smiled, raising a white hoof to her mask. She removed it, causing the filly to gape. The mare laughed, "Wasn't that fun? He ran with his tail between his legs! Not so tough, huh? Hahahaha!"

The filly calmed, laughing along. "Thank you for saving me, miss Sy-" Before she could finish, Mirage put a hoof to her mouth.

"Shhh. You're welcome, little filly. But I was never here, okay?" She said, offering the filly a smile.

The filly seemed to understand, nodding her head. Mirage took her hoof, giving the filly a wink before she put her mask back on. She gave a little wave in farewell before running back into the night, going off to continue her antics.

~Acceptance, because I have lost the will to write something interesting in its place.

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PostSubject: Re: Sylvia 'Mirage' Lining   Sylvia 'Mirage' Lining I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2013 2:25 pm

Your character is very much approved

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Sylvia 'Mirage' Lining
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