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 Pencil Point

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PostSubject: Pencil Point   Fri Feb 22, 2013 1:20 pm

PENCIL POINT a.k.a ‘Nocive’

Gender: Female

Species: Unicorn

Mane: Colored black with a hint of brown. Her mane is straight and plainly styled, though it often sticks out at a few points and a strand or two usually end up in front of her face. It’s a bit of a mess, but could still be considered well-groomed.

Tail: Same with her mane.

Eyes: A very dark brown, enough that you could mistake it for black.

Body: She is of an average height for her age, a bit too skinny, and has a plain, wheat-colored body.

Cutie Mark: A pencil leaving a cursive N-shaped trail.

Filly, possibly around 15-16 in Human years.

Personality: Pencil Point is a friendly pony, enjoying the company of nearly everyone. What she loves the most is learning about others. Learning about their interests, the places they’ve been, the ponies and creatures they’ve met- she’d be more than willing to sit down and listen for hours. Although, she tends to be a bit awkward and shy during first encounters.

However, her curiosity comes to bite her back in terms of her health and more often her attitude. She pours hours to days to even weeks when she wants to learn a specific skill or is finishing a task. She puts tons of effort in her works, often staying up for days and forgetting to eat in order to finish. She almost always looks restless; the dark rings around her eyes making her look exhausted even when she isn’t. She’s more prone to being cranky and easily frustrated because of her lack of sleep.

She attempts to counter this by gorging on sweets and sugar (Not too keen on caffeine, though) which usually leads her to yet another visit to the doctor. If ever you encounter her bouncing about, being happy and cheery instead of her usual tired-looking mellow self, it’s the sugar. Lots and lots of sugar. Better scram before she tries to drag you to some odd adventure across the country. However, if you’re lucky, she’ll probably just chatter your ear off.

Even with her positive demeanor, Pencil tends to be self-conscious and self-deprecating. She doesn't show this often, although it causes her to pass up opportunities that could've benefited her. She feels that she and her works aren't good enough, which drives her to improve and learn more.

Likes: Drawing, Reading, Writing, Sweets, Stories, and Going to new places.

Dislikes: Vegetables (Surprisingly not much of a vegetarian for a pony. She dislikes the taste), Being interrupted while she is working, Darkness, and Heights.

History: Pencil Point was born and raised in Ponyville. Her family was neither rich nor poor, just making enough bits to help them get by with a few extra things to bring some pizazz to their home. Her father was in charge of a small business while her mother assisted in managing it. With her parents both being busy, she was left alone. Pencil was never a social foal, always being left behind by the other foals and having to play by herself.

With nothing to entertain her, she decided to start looking for her Cutie Mark. There had been only a few foals in her class who had gotten their Cutie Marks that year; she figured that if she could find hers, she’d finally get the attention of her peers. She tried many methods, usually just the average day ones such as dancing, singing and so on. No luck.

Her search led her to the Everfree Forest, where she became lost for a few days. With nothing more than a school book and a few pencils, she decided to leave a trail. She doodled on the pages, leaving obvious signs that it was her who was scattering the papers in order to alert anypony who was looking for her. When she was found, she had a new mark on her flank.

After being found, Pencil got into a lot of trouble. She was not allowed to leave the house except for school. This, however, only made her want to explore even more. When she reached an acceptable age, she was allowed to go out on her own. Since then, she’s been working on enhancing her skills and plans to earn enough bits to go visit other places in Equestria.

Example RP segment: (Refer to post below)

3. It is pouring rain outside. Your OC spots the light of a tavern up ahead. The tavern is filled with ponies that your OC doesn't know. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Clip clop clip clop clip clop. A lone filly galloped through the dark streets of Ponyville, attempting to find shelter from the rain. Her mane clung to her face and neck, increasing her frustration as she frantically navigated past the dark houses. The rain grew worse and worse, threatening to become a full-on storm.

“Of all the times it had to rain, it had to be when I’m at the other side of town!” Pencil complained, seeing no light in any of the nearby houses. She continued to gallop, finally spotting a small tavern. It seemed to have a few ponies inside.

The filly hesitated, deciding whether or not to take shelter there. Her parents wouldn’t like her staying with strangers, but their home was far from where she was and galloping in the rain wouldn't be good for her health. She took a deep breath and entered.

The tavern was surprisingly silent, with a few ponies chattering amongst themselves as they ate and drank. A mare seemed to notice the filly, standing up from her seat and trotting over.

“Hello little filly, what brings you here at such a time?” She asked, a warm smile on her face.

Pencil’s ears flattened, staring up at the mare. “Uh… Rain. I’m here to take shelter from the rain…”

The mare seemed concerned. “Shouldn’t you head home instead? Your parents would surely be worried.”

“They’re at the other side of town…” The filly mumbled, “Mom says running in the rain is dangerous…”

The mare returned to her warm smile, “Well, if that’s the case, then do come join me and my peers. Come sit with us. Oh! But maybe I should get you a towel first. You’re drenched!” She laughed.

Pencil smiled back. “A towel would definitely be nice. Thank you!” She said, following the mare to a small group of ponies.

They chattered through the rain, sharing laughter and entertaining stories with one another. It was late by the time the rain stopped, and Pencil decided to bid the nice folks a farewell before heading out of the tavern. Her parents would surely scold her for being out for so long, but it was worth it.

This night, she had an extra dose of acceptance.

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PostSubject: Re: Pencil Point   Fri Feb 22, 2013 1:40 pm

Hello. Again, welcome to the forum. ^^

I like her round characterization. Dynamic ponies like Pencil Point offer a great deal of opportunities. Additionally, your artwork is wonderful.

Your OC is approved for RP. Happy writing, and we look forward to roleplaying with you!

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PostSubject: Re: Pencil Point   Sat Feb 23, 2013 8:21 am

Much appreciated! :D
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PostSubject: Re: Pencil Point   

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Pencil Point
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