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 The Introduction of Crystal Ponies

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The Introduction of Crystal Ponies Empty
PostSubject: The Introduction of Crystal Ponies   The Introduction of Crystal Ponies I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 21, 2013 10:35 pm

Crystal ponies will now be allowed as a usable OC race.

They will be categorized as part of the Nonstandard races. Accordingly, all approved crystal pony applications will be sorted to that subforum.

Before creating a crystal pony, the prospective applicant must first discuss his or her idea with a moderator or administrator. The moderator or administrator must be convinced that the choice of race is integral to the characterization of the OC. If the idea is approved, the owner of the crystal pony should then write the name of the moderator or administrator with whom he or she has discussed in the application.

Currently, we do not have plans to create a Crystal Empire subforum.

All right, thanks! Happy writing.
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The Introduction of Crystal Ponies
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