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PostSubject: Dear...   Thu Dec 01, 2011 9:35 am

Dear Elegance,

How are you? I know mum and dad told me not to contact them until they said so, but they never said anything about you, so here I am, writing you a letter. Yes, I know I'm choosing to communicate instead of working. Shocking.

Actually I'm in hospital at the moment, don't worry, I'm fine. I just need a day's rest, and then I'm out. Yes, that is what the doctor said. No, I am not going to try breaking out. I'm here because I have been drinking more in these last two days than possibly my entire life before. This experience has definitely been a very sobering one. I probably won't be drinking any time soon.

I am actually in Ponyville, which is technically out of Canterlot, right? So, really I'm not very far away. Don't try to visit me though. I'm not sure how mum and dad would take it, if their favoured daughter chased after their wayward son. I'll be fine. I have a house on the town square, and was even lucky enough to get a job with the local mechanic! Don't laugh. Icarus is a very bright pony, and very polite as well. I think our parents would like him. Maybe not you though, he is a bit introverted. By the way, if you come across a 'Geasy Wrench' in Canterlot, tell him he taught an Icarus Gear well.

What else...? Oh, were you the one who put the dampener in my bag? Yeah, I gave it to a curious unicorn who, get this, is the student of the student of Princess Celestia! I never knew this was the place where Sparkle disappeared to! She owns the library here, which I have to say, not surprising at all. She also tried to experiment on a certain pony named Pinkie Pie, and made me swear not to do so myself or else I would be crippled FOREVER! With a disturbing amount of emphasis. Why, what did she think I was going to do?

I suppose I also must write about what happened when I was drinking. I was with two frie acquaintances as well as Icarus in the bar. One of them, Shala, has an amazing ability where she can recount times exactly. Unfortunately, this ability has somehow led to a serious drinking problem, and when I tried to stop her drinking this one time, I kind of provoked her to attack me. Now we were both drunk, And I don't really remember what happened, but I think it was my fault.

So I guess the lesson here is this: Provoking a fight is one of the worst ways to stop a friend from drinking herself to death.

Please reply soon.

Your older brother,

Intelligent Design.
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Iccy Gear

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PostSubject: Re: Dear...   Thu Dec 01, 2011 5:50 pm

Dear Greasy...

I made it! Ponyville's Resident Mechanic. It's not too big, But It's big enough... In any case, We even had a couple jobs lined up! Not Glamorous in the least, But they bring in the bits...

Anyway, How are you? Doing alright without me? Hear from Mom and Dad? Remember to take your Blood-Pressure Medication?

Can't wait to hear from you!

-Your own Gearhead.
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Team Coordinator

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PostSubject: Re: Dear...   Thu Dec 01, 2011 6:21 pm

Dear Grampy,

I have been in Ponyville for a week now. You were right about it being easier to keep my head out of the bustle of things. Its a lot quieter here. And everypony is so nice, its like something is wrong with them almost. Your the only pony i knew in Manehattan that would treat me like these ponies do. Like i have something worthwhile. I know you hate it when i say that, but i had an accident.

I know you hate it, but i haven't been doing so well with my drinking. I was at first, but one night i was reminded of what happen before you adopted me and i ended up hurting a pony. He is in the hospital but i made sure he was okay before i went home. He is a funny pony but rocks are more socially aware than him sometimes.

Anyway, I cant get over the fact i hurt someone again. It wasn't as bad as last time but its scary all the same. I just wish it would all go away. I hope this place helps me get over that. I need to apologise to that pony i hurt. You know what that means. Ill try to be nice and not avoid him for too long, but it hurts to look at him and be reminded.

Thank you for sending me here Grampy. I am sorry i doubted you. Your the parent i never had.

With love,
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PostSubject: Re: Dear...   Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:51 am

Dear Intelligent,

You can be such a foalish idiot, I swear. Hardly a week has passed, and you ended up in hospital already? There are no words. And the information that you ended up as a mechanic is not a laughing matter. It is rather shameful to see you in that position. The Design family are nobles; we delegate tasks to such workponies, for goddess' sake! Nevermind. I am certain this is just a phase that will pass in due time.

I will begrudgingly do your request of keeping my proximity to Canterlot, despite the fact that it is Hearth's Warming season and it would be better if you spent it with at least one member of your family. But I suppose it can't be helped if you refuse help. But if you need any assistance at all, older brother, put away your foalish pride and ask. I swear on our family's honour that you shall receive.

Plans for the Midnight Palace are going smoothly, with construction planned to start right after winter wrap up. At the moment, I am trying to commission some artists for the creation of the statues of our glorious goddesses. Finding artists up for the task is proving to be quite difficult, but I am certain that we will pull through.

Oh, and Intel? Thanks for writing. I know you are not the most open of ponies, but I have been worried sick about you. Your letter, even with its unfortunate news has put my mind somewhat at ease.

Write again soon.

Your little sister,

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PostSubject: Re: Dear...   

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