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 Starcatcher's home.

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PostSubject: Starcatcher's home.   Thu Feb 14, 2013 5:21 am

NOTE: My profile says she lives in a small house. After she learnt to fly, she made a home in the clouds.
Cloud Cover
Destination of house: Cloudsdale.
Area: I guess you could say it's near the edge.
Address you want: Altostratus Avenue, 357.
No. of rooms: 5
How many stories: 1 cloud, I guess.
Which rooms:
There's a front door. It's kind of more an archway, with a small gate. Entering via the front door, you'll find a hallway, and on your left is the landing platform, no door concealing it or anything. After all, a pegasus has gotta have somewhere to land, right? It's not much, just a couple of lights for those night flights. It doesn't have any walls or a roof, it's just a platform. Further down the hallway, it reveals a round and relatively large living room. All the furniture there is fashioned out of clouds, some dyed different colours. There's a hallway branching off from there, but we'll get to that later. Connected to the living room [all open plan mind you] is the kitchen. There's one island in the middle and a handful of cupboards and a small tub in the corner for those dirty plates. There's a small spot for a fire, but generally it's unlit. This whole area has an area in the roof which is glass, letting in light. Now back to that hallway. Down there is Star's bedroom. It's all blue and white, matching both the sea and the sky. The walls have some picture, but are mostly stacked with books. Two of the walls are bookshelves actually, and the other is a floor to ceiling window, which can be opened fully on sunny days, revealing a small balcony with one or two chairs for those sunny naps. Branching off from the bedroom is the bathroom, all white and gray. Nothing special. That's basically it.
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Starcatcher's home.
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