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 Digital NPC(s)

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PostSubject: Digital NPC(s)   Thu Feb 14, 2013 3:57 am

Lightning Breaker

Gender: Male
Species: Pegasus
Appearance: Lightning is a young adult, a little taller than the average height for ponies his age, with a white coat and bright red eyes. His mane and tail are both blue and yellow. His cutie mark is a shield with an embedded red lightning bolt.
Personality: Lightning is as fun-loving, courageous and reckless as his older brother, but has a tad bit more sense than Dare Devil. He aims to be stuntcolt like his brother, who he looks up to, and often accompanies him when he does a show to learn the tricks of the trade. Of course being in the presence of anypony for an extended amount of time, a lot of Dare's traits were taken in by the colt, mainly his inability to resist a challenge.

History: Lightning's colthood was an eventful one. He often followed his older brother around and often gets dragged into races and whatnot. Ever since Dare Devil's career started, Lightning was always there to watch and he never let his eyes stray away, even in the most devastating of accidents. When he asked his brother why he would put himself in constant danger, he was answered with "For the fun of it... For the rush." He thought about it and found it strange why any sane pony would try to kill themselves for fun, and he was fairly sure his brother was completely sane.

He figured it was something he had to experience himself to understand. Lightning actively pursued the life of a stunt colt, under the guidance of his brother of course, other wise he'd be given a lecture about it. As he spent more time as a stuntpony, he learned what kept Dare doing what he did and now his older brother's addiction had became his as well. Though he wasn't qualified to be a real stuntpony yet, he was always accompanying his brother during practice and he did quite well himself.

The only time he questioned the logic of putting one's life in danger for the thrill of it was when Dare Devil had that near fatal accident which led to his braced wing. But he learned that things like that were a part of life and shouldn't stop you from doing what you love. While Dare was out of commission, he continued practicing his own stunts. While he was doing his own form of training, he also took an interest in fencing and was relatively good at the sport, which helped out a lot when he ran into shady characters roaming the streets of Manehattan.

A few years later he joined his brother in the spotlight, flying as his wingman. So far he hasn't suffered any crashes, but a colt can hope, can't he?
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Digital NPC(s)
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