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 The High Spirits

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PostSubject: The High Spirits   Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:50 am

The High Spirits

Destination of house: Large Glade near to the cottage of some strange yellow pegasi

Area: The entire area of floor and deck space on The High Spirits is 45,000 Sq. feet.

Adress you want: No address, but the Mooring masts are located at 0731 Windy Glade

No. of rooms: 23

How many stories: 4

Which rooms: 1 Capt. Quarters, 6 Dual-Crew Quarters, 1 Engine Room, 1 Joint Kitchen/Pantry, 1 Library, 1 Large Dining Room, 1 Rec Room, 1 Municipal Room, 1
Workshop, 1 Studio, 1 Supply Storage, 1 Hidden Room, 2 Lavatories, 1 Equipment and Navigation Room, 2 Quest Quarters.

List the rooms and their size and appearance:

The High Spirits - The Airship, built by Vastile, throughout his Manehatten days. This glorious vessel was built very slowly and meticulously by Vastile, it took a total of 12 Equestrian years to complete to a flyable state, but even to this day, Vastile is still re-designing and improving The High Spirits. The ship has 2 hulls which are connected in 2nd level, 3 tall rudders, which allow for control in air or water, and 2 rotating rigid gas bags, which are surrounded by a ribbon of solid copper, allowing the bags, when rotating, to power The High Spirits movement. Each of the two rotating gas bags has a large, interwoven, tail, made up of two spiraling stabilizer fins. The Ship is beautiful, due to the amount of care and love Vastile puts into keeping it in working order. She is set-up to travel short distances with only 1 operator, but to travel any far distance needs at least a crew of 6.

The Captain's Quarters - One of the larger Non-Utility rooms, this is were Vastile sleeps, spends some free time, and enjoys his privacy. This is the large room at the aft of the Hull and takes up the part of the 3rd and 4th levels of the ship. The large glass window at the back off the ship is used to display the outside for the Captain's Quarters and goes from the 3rd to 4th floors, allowed by the 4th floor of the quarters being a half-balcony. This room contains, a Master Bed, Upright Piano, set of chests and drawers, small collection of illusion spell books, and ect. The room is of an Empirical Style, with an Earth-y color palette.

Dual-Crew Quarters - The ship has a set of Dual-Crew quarters, which is separated by the two hauled design. These rooms are located in the middle on the 2nd floor of the ship, each hull contain 3 of the individual rooms. These rooms are a decent size, but are built for housing two ponies. Each comes equipped with, 2 twin-beds, a shared up-right dresser, shared bookshelf, 2 foot-chests, and any feature brought in by crew. The style is similar to the Capt. Quarters' Style.

Engine Room - The Engine for the "The High Spirits" is a large magically charged machine, which runs off of gems, but can be run off of raw magical energy, when needed. The room is almost entirely filled with the engine itself. There is a large engine shaft, which rises vertically, up and out of the ships deck and straight in-between the two, rotating, rigid gas-bladders, where it meets with the mechanisms to rotate the rigid bladders.

Joint Kitchen/Pantry - This is were the food is made for the entire ship, it is not overly large, but the style is built for major potential in confined space. Found in the 3rd level, near the Dining Room. The equipment is well maintained, due in no small part to... Vastile not touching them himself, he tends to be no good at cooking and actually... set the kitchen on fire, twice. The style is reminiscent of the Manehatten Pizzerias.

The Library - The library is found within the 3rd level and contains many book from fiction to "How to Books". The library has a count of 1,632 books and a fireplace, surrounded by a set of matching leather furniture. The room is build around much the same style as the Captains Quarters.

The Dining Room - This is where the Captain, his Crew, and his guests come to eat their daily meals. The long table gives ample room for everyone to sit and enjoy the company of their companions, the Captain sits at the end, towards the aft, and the for end of the table is left open, for esteemed guests. The single largest non-utility room, it and it's host have been known to make any meal a delight. The style is a kin to the old merchant ships, with wooden walls and floors, hanging ropes, and plenty of open light.

The Recreation Room - Mostly an after thought, Vastile renovated a storage area after receiving complaints from a rather muscle-y pegasi. The rec room is a small room with a mirrored wall, treadmill, and weight set, certainly not the captain's favorite.

The Municipal Room - A small, multi-purpose room. This room is designed to be changed easily and quickly. It can go from an extra kitchen, to a Crystal Empire style bedroom in a matter of an hour. This room has been used many times for many different reasons.

The Workshop - This is were Vastile, and certain others he trusts, come to tinker and design, or to fix broken pieces of The High Spirits. It is a well fitted workshop.

The Studio - A small room, found in the lowest level of the ship's right hull, The Studio is where Vastile practices and designs his shows, music, and entertainment. Vastile stores his instruments and music books in here. It is sound proof and offers solitude for creative expression.

Supply Storage - Taking up most of the lowest levels of each of the two hulls, the storage is balanced in order to keep the ship from listing to either side. The Storage is used to store Vastile's and the crew's items, as well as being used to transport goods.

Hidden Room - Shh... It's a secret.

Two Lavatories - On the second level of each hull, near the aft, the are two lavatories, for crew and quests. Each has, 2 showers, 1 bath, and 1 sink. The style is the typical Sea Style.

Equipment and Navigation Room - Situated in the 3rd level, near the open controls on the top of the 4th level, this room contains all of the navigation equipment and other system controlling systems. The communication pipes are met here and move throughout The High Spirits, allowing for messages to be received and sent via this room. One of Vastile's most treasured possessions is located in here, his large reflecting telescope, which was the first machine he built and placed inside of The High Spirits.

2 Guest Quarters - Located in the second level of each hull, the Guest Quarters is where the guests of the captain, and on occasion, guest's of crew and employers, stay while The High Spirits is grounded or in-flight. These rooms contain a queen-bed, dresser, desk, foot-chest, and a small separated living area, which contains a set of furniture and bay window. The style is the same as the Capt. Quarters.

"I do hope you have enjoyed your guided tour of The High Spirits, though she is mostly grounded and moored, I expect to have her up and flying soon, you're welcome to come fly with me!" ~ Vastile
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The High Spirits
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