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 Soulful Remedy

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Soulful Remedy

Soulful Remedy

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Soulful Remedy
Soulful Remedy Picture
Gender: Male
Species: Unicorn
Mane: Black
Tail: White with black stripes
Eyes: Green
Body: Medium sized and skinny
Cutie Mark: A clipboard
Age (Baby,adult): Adult

Personality: Soulful, or Soul for short, is an everyday, fun loving stallion. He loves to meet ponies and explore. He has been told his best trait was his acceptance. No matter what a pony has gone through he refused to treat them any differently because of what they've been through. He believes that everypony acts the way they do for a reason. He gets to know them before passing judgement. Also, he's known as a listener. He wont give advice unless you ask for it.

Likes: Anything with strawberry in it , Making new friends. music (classical mainly), Helping other ponies with problems. Traveling, being a hopeless romantic.

Dislikes: Tea. Closed minded people. Bullies. Extremely hot weather. Yelling and anger.

History: Soul grew up in the town of Ponyville. He lived in a small house with his father, mother, and sister. Even as a colt, he was a social butterfly. He talked and helped everypony when he could, and whenever he could. His world soon came crashing down with the death of both his parents. He tried to stay strong for his sister, but failed. About two and a half years later, his sister gave up on life and ended it completely. completely crushed he though of doing the same. He planned out the last day of his life, and decided to do all the things he loved one more time. He went to Ponyville Park one last time. He saw a small pegasus mare crying on the ground during his last walk. Though he didn't want to he approached the filly. Turns out, she was in a similar situation. Her parents were gone, and she had nothing left. They talked all day. They went through last words their parents said. The last word Souls mother said to him was "Hope" and "never give up" which a wave of realization hit him at this point. His mother knew she was dying. She knew he wouldn't see her in the morning alive. Her words repeated in his head. He bent his life around hope. He started his own self help clinic. He dedicated his life to helping ponies who were in times of depression or self-doubt. He realized that's what he was meant to do. Help other ponies. He gets great joy from putting a smile on a once depressed pony's face.

Example RP segment: A secret admirer confesses his/her love to your OC. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

It was closing time for Soul and his little office. He cleaned up, put files away, and started to turn off the lights before he was stopped by his best friend who just happened to be a mare. He saw distress, sadness, and what looked to be fear in her face and eyes.
"Hey, are you alright?" he asked, giving the mare a concerned look
"S-soul, we r-really need to talk. Like NOW" Her voice was shaky, and somewhat assertive. He never saw her like this unless something was bothering her to the point she was almost a nervous wreck.
"Yeah! Sure! Of Course!" he spat out just as quickly as the mare finished "Please, come sit down..." he signaled for her to sit in one of the chairs he had in his office.
She gently trotted over to a chair, and sat in it. Soul sat across from her "What's wrong?"
"W-well, this is really hard to say, Soul. I've held this from you for such a long long time. I actually feel bad for it." she faces the ground, " W-we've been the best of 'friends' for years now. E-even i know myself i'm guilty for falling for ponies fairly quickly" She stops. Her eyes start to water and tears gently fall down her cheek "I," she swallows once more and slams her eyes shut, "I love you, Soul! I-I want you to be my special somepony. You've changed my life. I want, no, i NEED you in my life, Soul"
He was speechless. He processed the word love over and over and over again. He looked up at her, and saw her silently weeping. Tears poured from her eyes and she looked at him. He, for the first time in a long time, was beyond stumped on what to do. How did he feel? Did he feel the same? He could barely look at her. What he did know is he hated to see her this distressed. He hated seeing her cry. He believed she deserved the best, and nothing but the best. He knew, after he got his thoughts together, He loved her too. The question was how could he say it. He could see why she was so distressed. They were just three words that could change lives.
He had taken such a long time, the mare had gotten up and started to leave. She was crushed and defeated. "I-I'm sorry for wasting your time, Soul.. I shouldn't have said anything in the first place" Her sobs became more audible, which hurt him even more.
"W-wait!" he yelled, galloping after her "I-I love you too. All these years have been the best years of my life. I wouldn't want to spend it with nopony else but you!" he smiled at her "I'd be happy, no, honored to be your special somepony!" he took a few steps forward, so they could see eye to eye
The mares face lit up as she could do nothing but throw her hooves around him "Oh Soul, you have no idea how much this means to me. I.. i was afraid you woul-"
Soul had silenced her with a gentle kiss

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PostSubject: Soulful Remedy   Soulful Remedy I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 06, 2013 6:15 am

Welcome to the site :)

Your character has been approved.

Feel free to use the chat box at the bottom of the homepage to chat to others online.

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Soulful Remedy
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