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 Dapple Taps

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PostSubject: Dapple Taps   Dapple Taps I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 06, 2013 6:28 am

Dapple Taps

Dapple Taps Dapple_zps734d4e43

Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Mane: Pure White
Tail: Also Pure White
Eyes: Green
Body: Seafoam green with dapples of white.
Cutie Mark: None yet.
Age (Baby,adult): Adult

Personality: Dapple has always seemed like a happy pony, and she tries to be for the most part. The only concern she has is that she has no cutie mark and she fears growing older and never getting it. It terrifies her, so she tries to keep busy and try new things whenever she can. She throws herself wholeheartedly into everything she does because she tries so hard to keep herself from thinking about her fears and dwelling on negative thoughts.

She does have her sad days when her fears overwhelm her, but after a few hours of a good cry she picks herself up and goes for a walk. Physical activity always makes her feel better.

Likes: Dogs, warm sunshine on a cold flank, hot chocolate, being warm, laughing.

Dislikes: Cruelty, worms, bugs, being cold, being in the slow line at the supermarket.

History: Dapple was born an only filly to Sud Taps and Winona Taps. Her father was a gifted brewer, and her mother helped run an inn in Ponyville for most of her childhood. She had a few friends, but they grew apart when she moved to Canterlot. Her father had grown famous and with his wealth and reputation he could afford to live in such a grand place.

After a few years in Canterlot Dapple wanted a puppy, but her parents wouldn't allow one in their Inn, so she swore to move out and get a place of her own where she could have pets. She would like to see if animals might be her talent.

Example RP segment: (5)

Her ears flicked gently beneath the massive amounts of snowy hair. She loved her mane and tail's pure lack of color. It nearly glowed in sunlight. She tossed her mane back to the right of her horn, the tendrils of liquid light curling protectively around the sea foam green protrusion. Pale dapples of white continued to collect on her coat, making it obvious why her parents gave her the name she had. Dapple.

She pranced along the sidewalk, breathing the warm afternoon air deeply to try and satisfy her working muscles. She had kept up this brisk pace for half an hour now on her walk around the market. She wasn't buying anything, just coming to check out the wares and jewelry. She did have a soft spot for shiny things and sparkly objects.

She slowed as she came to a line of vendors, glancing from each gem to the next. So many cute things! Her green orbs slipped to the last vendor on the row, catching sight of a young filly pausing slowly to look at a display of necklaces. A small movement caught her eye, and something swept into the filly's bag in a flash of gold. What had that been? For a moment Dapple thought the pony might have been stealing it with magic, but it was just a normal Earth Pony. Just as the mare turned away, the unicorn that was watching the stall stomped his hooves.

"HEY! I SAW THAT! You gonna pay for that?!"

The unicorn was on the filly in an instant, puffing out his chest and demanding payment for the stolen goods. The mare looked confused for a moment, then scared as she denied the accusations.

"No! I didn't take anything! I swear! I would never!" She squealed helplessly, backing her flank into his stall as the stallion huffed intimidatingly, the smallest of smirks on his face. A pulse of white hot rage welled up in Dapple, drawing herself up she started over, moving with purpose towards the distressed pony and her captor. "You liar! Let's check your bag! I bet the stolen goods are in there! Well, well..."

There was a soft glow in the mare's bag and a golden necklace indeed drifted out into the light of day. The mare looked mortified, the stall keeper looked victorious. She quivered and faltered a moment for something to say as tears welled in the poor filly's eyes. That's when the Dapple storm reached. "EXCUSE ME! Is there a problem here?" The unicorn looked at her with a smug grin, "This filly was trying to steal from my stall! You should go get the guards if she doesn't pay me!" He turned his glare back on the failing filly.

"Well she couldn't have stolen your necklace. I clearly saw that necklace fly into her bag. Whoever the purp is, it's NOT this lady here."

The stallion hadn't been expecting that, and his head whipped back and forth between the two of them incredulously for a moment before he glared at Dapple too. "Ridiculous! I saw her put it in her bag!" "No I didn't!" the mare squealed in response, trying to defend herself against the bully stall keeper. "Are you sure YOU didn't put it in her bag so that you could THREATEN her and demand she pay?!" On normal days Dapple was a gentle soul. She loved to laugh, loved to have fun and be with good company, but right now the look in her eyes was venom. Green poison.

He hadn't been expecting that look in her eyes, and it was enough to freeze him cold. Did he really want to push this? The stallion's will wavered for a moment, and for a second the tip of Dapple's horn glowed softly. That was enough to push his decision. He huffed, glancing from one female to the other and knowing this battle wasn't going to be won today. "Maybe.... Maybe I was mistaken... It's possible it just fell in her bag... Anyway, move along. I don't need ponies who aren't going to buy things CLUTTERING UP my stall..." The unicorn stomped away angrily to the other side of the stall, Dapple's angry green eyes following him till his flank disappeared.

The mare was looking at her with wide adoring eyes when she glanced back. "Oh thank you! Thank you so much!" Dapple tossed her snowy mane, smiling at the poor filly. "It's okay, I just hate that some ponies would try to do that to someone else! I mean really! Are you alright? Let me walk you, yeah? Where are you headed?"

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Welcome to the site :)

Your character has been approved. And in record time too.

Click links for character information:

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Dapple Taps
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