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 Solar Acid

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Solar Acid

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PostSubject: Solar Acid   Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:27 pm

Solar Acid

Gender: Female

Species: Pegasus

Mane: White, Black, and Rich orange

Tail: White, black, and rich orange

Eyes: Golden hued

Body: A creamy-ish sort of coloration. A bit long-legged and slim/slender. Features are more adult and smooth (like Cadence).

Cutie Mark: A sun with solar flares erupting from the surface with it sort of 'dripping'

Age (Baby,adult): Adult/Mare

Personality: Solar Acid is a bit of a hot head. Stubborn and sometimes ill tempered when she doesn't get enough rest or when she is in a bad mood. Although she can be a spitfire, Solar tends to be a kind pony, offering a smile to anyone that she passes by, maybe not many words but at least a smile. Around ponies she does not know, Solar tends to remain quiet or speaks not as often and tends to stay out of their way. With her friends, Solar is energetic and outgoing and very very talkative. Much like Pinkie Pie except more watered down and less... Annoying in some aspects. Solar also tends to be rather observant. She spends a lot of her off time observing other ponies activities or out in the everfree forest, watching the natural occurrences around her. She is also supportive and will lend a hoof to those in need if so though she does like to stay out of other ponies business since it really isn't her own.

Likes: Resting on Clouds, Swimming, Drawing, Observing, spending time alone, star gazing, flying, floating, sometimes staying away from others or maybe remain around others depending on her mood. Reading, writing, etc. etc.

Dislikes: Hostile ponies, pain, moving slowly

History: Solar Acid was born in Clouds Dale to two loving parents that encouraged her into learning her how to fly early. Ever since then, Solar Acid never really let her hooves touch the ground, rather, she would simple hover above the earth just slightly, stopping only to sleep or rest her wings. In Cloufds Dale, Solar Acid entered flying school where she excelled at flying fast although she had some troubles conducting spin outs whenever she would 'wipe out'. After she graduated from her schooling, she remained in Clouds Dale for a couple more months where she worked in creating storm clouds. After, she began to get bored with her job and her home and soon decided to move to Pony ville. At Pony Vile she obtained an occupation as in instant messenger (Aka - A mail pony that delivers mail ahead of schedule or in that day.) Because of her job, Solar Acid has had the opportunity to see a lot of Equestria and tends to move along her mail routes even when off duty to travel. Solar Acid still resides in Pony Ville to this day where she had made quite a few friends although every now and then, she will go off to visit Clouds Dale for a few days or a week.

Example RP segment: 3. It is pouring rain outside. Your OC spots the light of a tavern up ahead. The tavern is filled with ponies that your OC doesn't know. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.
The rain pattered down from the menacing clouds above, drenching most of the everfree forest in a hard downpour. The cold crept along, sweeping through crevices in rocks and in trees as well as the earth, driving the woodland creatures into their homes where they sought to stay out of the storm that was making its pass over. The Pegasus moved along, trotting slowly with cranium bowed against the droplets of water that blinded her vision. Solar Acid remained ground-bound, containing enough intelligence to know the dangers of flying in this weather. Even hovering like she normally did proved to be dangerous if a powerful bust of wing decided to blast by.

Everything was dark, almost hazy through the rain as she peered between her eyelids, oculars searching and searching for any form of shelter that could protect her from this weather. She had been foolish to plan a trip through the everfree when the storm was brewing not far off on the horizon. Now, she was stuck, wandering about without an idea of which direction she was headed. Was she headed North, South, East, or West? She would find out when the storm decided to pass or at least lighten on its fury.

A glimmer of light appeared within the dark, far at first in the distance, hidden amongst the dark silhouettes of spruces but the Pegasus managed to spot it. She paused, skull lifting and ears pivoting forward as she starred toward the trickling luminance. A small smile curved along her mouth, relief flickering across the mares visage, her legs pumping as she broke out into a steady gallop through the raging and cold night, bowing her head again against the onslaught of the downpour. Finally a place to dry up and hopefully a place to stay for the night.

The sign read 'Hardy Hooves Tavern - A Resting Place for Traveling Hooves'. That was surely relaxing. The sign glistened wetly in the light draining from the windows, silhouettes of chattering ponies dancing in the golden glow, their talk and merry chatter filling her ears. Solar Acid twitched physically, her features stoic as she gazed at the windows and back to the sign, relieved to know she had found a place. Filled with ponies she didn't know. The pony drew in a slow inhale, trotting forward as she pushed opened the door, welcomed by a soft yet warm blast of air heavy with scents of hay, apple cider, and apples. Ponies laughed at talked at tables, some paying no mind to her as she stepped forward, dripping wet and mane flat against her skull from the rain. Others, however, peered at her curiously, mouths moving in an inaudible jumble of words that she failed to pick up. She just stood there for a few moments, raking the tavern with her golden jewels, observing each and every pony. Some were friendly, others seemed to take no interest and just a rare few scowled at the noise far off in the darker corners of the tavern.

Solar Acid walked forward, weaving her slender body through the crowded spaces of ponies, making her way towards the bar central in all of this chattering mess. Even the bar tender seemed like a jolly pony which further relaxed the . She had a tendency to dislike hostile ponies nor did she communicate much with strangers. She moved up to the bar and sat down in a seat, setting her hooves on the wooden counter, peering curiously at the bar tender. It took him a few moments to notice her but he gradually got around to doing so. "Well howdy there!," he called, trotting over to her. She only offered him a smile in return, lifting her hoof as she guided his attention towards the cheapest bottle of apple cider sitting on the shelf. No more words were spoken as she removed it from the others and slid it towards her, Solar simply placing down two bits in return. "It is gunna be a long storm," she murmured, casting a look over her shoulder towards the crowd and then back forward, relaxing in her seat. "Might as well enjoy it."


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PostSubject: Re: Solar Acid   Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:46 pm

Hello welcome to the forum. Approved.

Come down to the chat box on the main page of the forum, if you'd like.
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Solar Acid
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