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 Blue Jay's House

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PostSubject: Blue Jay's House   Tue Jan 29, 2013 9:39 pm

[center]Blue Jay's Home
Destination of house: Cloudsdale
Area: On the northern outskirts
Adress you want: 2401 Storm Street
No. of rooms: 3
How many stories:2
Which rooms: First floor: Kitchen and Living Room Second Floor: Bedroom
List the rooms and their size and appearance:
Kitchen: A small area with cabinets for storage and a fire for cooking. Beside the cabinets is a table which can seat 2 ponies. Jay keeps a bucket of water here for washing the dishes.
Living Room: The room you walk into upon entering. A decent sized room with a couch large enough to seat 4 ponies. In the corner is a small bookshelf where Blue Jay keeps her books. Blue Jay spends most of her time here when she has nothing to do.
Bedroom: A small room with a large balcony. Jay's bed is in the corner by a window. Jay also has a large desk that is scarcely used. The balcony has a lounge chair and a mini garden Jay made.

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Blue Jay's House
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