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PostSubject: CONSCRIPTION BILL REJECTED   CONSCRIPTION BILL REJECTED I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 28, 2013 2:09 am

(AN: Inspired by the Follyverse AU)

A collective sigh relief was sighed as the bills "Earth Pony Draft" and "Pegasus Draft" were unanimously voted against by the noble courts. No doubt that even if it had passed, the Princesses would have vetoed the suggestions, which displayed signs of rash panic in the aftermath of the Changeling Incident.

"Quite honestly, I doubt the bills would have solved any problems at all," Captain of the Royal Guard, Shining Armour, comments, "Ponies are, by nature, specialists and conscription would just waste a lot of resources on ponies that simply aren't suited for military purposes. The royal guard prides itself on valuing quality over quantity."

When asked how they would deal with future threats to the crown, Shining Armour suggested that the Intelligence Services would be provided much needed support. "Now I know that the Princess Celestia does not like the idea of a secret service, preferring things to be out in the open. However, I'm with Princess Luna on this one; the world is becoming a more complex place, and we cannot expect our enemies to simply announce themselves and try to dominate through a obvious show of force." He then reread his notes, muttering, "Isn't that what Nightmare- Anyway, in order to bring secrets in darkness into the light, we shall need those well versed with the shadows."

For the racial debate stirred by the apparent lack of a 'Unicorn Draft' bill, turn to page 3.
For the implications of an Equestrian Secret Service, turn to page 7.

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