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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 Finding a friend

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Luna is Best Pony


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PostSubject: Finding a friend   Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:12 pm

Kayleth met her friend,Lily who helped Kayleth reach the tavern,Kayleth wanted to get out more and meet new ponies,Lily was there of course to look after her blind friend,make sure everything is fine and to help guide her about

Lily finds a table,looking around,smiling and seeing all the polite,nice looking ponies talking.She helps Kayleth sit down.Kayleth smiled and her sharp hearing made her know everypony was happy and talking away,Lily looked around briefly,she felt like a chaperone,though that would be an unecassery term

"It sure is...well cosy in this place" Kayleth said softly
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Amber Flash


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PostSubject: Re: Finding a friend   Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:22 pm

(Sorry for being a downer, but your character needs to be approved before you can roleplay.)

It's not just about the cards. It's about putting a little bit of your heart into something that you care about.
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Finding a friend
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