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 Cinnamon Divinity

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Cinnamon Divinity

Cinnamon Divinity Cinnam10

Gender: Female

Species: Unicorn

Mane: Light blue/cyan

Tail: Light blue/cyan

Eyes: Green

Body: Pale or light yellow

Cutie Mark: A wisk with light brown batter on it and a little glob of the batter next to the it

Age (Baby,adult): Young adult

Personality: She is very kind, bubbly, docile, bashful, and timid. Though quiet, she is very friendly and enjoys surrounding herself with friends yet dislikes being the center of attention. She loves helping other ponies in any way she can but has a hard time saying no, afraid that she might hurt their feelings. She also avoids any and all confrontation or conflict in whatever way she can.

Likes: Baking, helping others, making friends, flowers, small animals, sparkly or shiny objects

Dislikes: Violence, confrontation, heights, too much attention, dark places, loud noises

History: Cinnamon was raised in PonyVille with her mother and father. Being an only child, her parents focused all their attention on her. She enjoyed this as a filly, even though as she grew older she came to detest being the center of attention. Her parents were bakers and even though at the time Cinnamon wanted nothing to do with baking, they always tried to force the issue. From the time that she could talk they would give her pots and pans to play with though she had no interest in them, for they made loud sounds that scared her when roughly handled. Her mom would occasionally ask Cinnamon to help her in the kitchen but she always refused, making up an excuse about the flowers needing to be talked to. Her father would try to talk to her about the joys of baking and cooking and how much he enjoyed it as a colt to which she would give him a bored stare in response until he would give up for the time being and allow her to play outside. This type of behavior continued on until the stubborn little filly couldn't take anymore. She was becoming overwhelmingly curious about why they were so obsessed with baking. Still not wanting to give in to her parents whims, she made a plan to sneak into the kitchen while her parents were asleep and see what all this fuss about baking was. Being as quiet and sneaky as she could, she crept down the hallway, past her parents bedroom and into the kitchen. She turned on the lights, then panicked when she heard a sound. Cinnamon stood there in silence for a little bit then went back into the hallway and peered into her parents room to see if her parents had woken, then let out a sigh of relief upon finding that they were still asleep. She went back into the kitchen and looked around for a moment to see if either of them had left a cook book out. She found an open one on the counter and began looking through it until she found a recipe that interested her. She stopped on the recipe for pumpkin bread and briefly scanned the page. Cinnamon thought it seemed easy enough, so went to work. Hours later her parents awoke and went into the kitchen to make breakfast, finding that the kitchen was a total mess. Flour and various globs of batter littered the floor and counters. Some mixing bowls lay askew on the counter, traces of the goopy batter still in them. The most surprising of all was to see a tired yet excited little filly standing in the middle of the mess, a big smile on her face, a bread pan filled with a lumpy and uneven loaf in front of her. "Look mommy and daddy, I made something!" Cinnamon said while raising the bread pan slightly above her head, into the air with her magic. The two parents stood there in awe, still trying to take in the situation. Finally her mom stepped forward saying, "That's terrific! wouldn't you say so, honey?" she said while turning to her husband. "Uh... Yeah! We're really proud of you sweetheart." uttered Cinnamons father. An even bigger smile crossed Cinnamons face as she received praise for her efforts and was filled with glee. That's when she earned her cutie mark. Since then Cinnamon had developed a knack for baking and always enjoys it. When she became old enough, she moved out and got her own house in PonyVille. Not too far from her parents house but enough to enjoy her well deserved independence. Every other day she opens a little stand in front of her house to sell some of her home made pastries.

Example RP segment: 1. A foal has lost its mother and is sobbing inconsolably in the street . Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

It was a beautiful day, the sun shining, hardly a cloud in the sky. Cinnamon was looking up into the sky as she walked out of her home, admiring it. "Ah... It must be great to be a Pegasus." Cinnamon said to herself. She brought her gaze back down and started getting her pastry stand ready for business when she noticed a sound. She turned her head in the direction of this sound and noticed a foal crying heavily on the other side of the street. Concerned, she slowly approached the foal not wanting to startle the poor little thing. "What's wrong?" Cinnamon asked the sobbing foal in a clam, soothing tone. The foal looked up at her for a moment, it's eyes red and it's face stained with tears. "I... I can't find my mom!" uttered the foal before sobbing even harder than before and looking back down at the ground. "Aw. It's ok little one. I'll help you find your mother." Cinnamon said to the foal with a soft smile, her tone soothing and her words reassuring. "You will?" the sad foal asked. "Yes. Would you like a cupcake?" Cinnamon asked. "Y... Yes please." said the foal. Cinnamon smiled a warm smile and walked the little foal over to her stand and gave the foal a cupcake. "Thank you..." said the foal as it started eating the cupcake, immediately calming down a bit. "You are most welcome. Now come on, let's go find your mom." said Cinnamon with a calm, reassuring tone.

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Approved, feel free to come down to the chat box on the main page.
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