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 Blue Lightning

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PostSubject: Blue Lightning   Blue Lightning I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 29, 2011 12:43 am

Blue Lightning 1322535073.feere_new_pony

Blue Lightning
Gender: Male
Species: Earth Pony
Mane: White gray and long. He normally wears it in whatever style anypony puts it in as he does not care much for appearances, but cares enough of what other ponies think.
Tail: Same as mane.
Eyes: Light green
Body: Blue body. Wears a black cloak in his home as well as in town. Also wears boots whenever he's outside of his home as he does not want muck on his body.
Cutie Mark: Red monkey wrench
Age: Adult
Personality: Very concerned about dirt. He refuses to track dirt into his apartment and refuses to remove his boots when out on the streets for any reason and keeps his home very neat and tidy, even when working on inventions. He normally doesn't care what other ponies think about himself, but isn't so antisocial in that he will not dress up and appear at social events.
Likes: Creating, order, cleanliness, reading, proving others wrong.
Dislikes: Dirt, disorder.
History: Blue Lightning grew up in the slums in Manehattan, a very very dirty place for an order obsessed colt. He grew up as normal as any young colt in the inner city, he played in the streets and alleyways with his friends (cautiously), his mother cared for himself and his four siblings and his father drank. As sad as that may sound, he wasn't an angry drunk or an unfriendly stallion.

One day BL was forced to use his namesake to run away from a gang of street toughs. In order to escape them he had to duck into one place he never thought he'd have to ever step hoof in. A junkyard. The garden of towering rusted up hunks of metal and thrown away memories was the epitome of uncleanliness, besides the sewers underground. Yet... He felt strangely at peace here. All of the scrap metal and junked tools began to call out to him, and he answered. And he strangely kept returning, days turned into weeks as he rummaged around in the junk and refuse. His ever present need to be clean never surfaced until after he was done working, never during. He built his first invention out of very carefully selected pieces of mostly unaltered metal, what the local junk pony called a shocky stick. A collection of cobbled together pipes and wires that slowly absorbed static electricity, and would shock anypony who came close to it.
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~Blue Lightning Angelc10~
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Blue Lightning
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