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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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Hayseed  29xenfp

Gender: Mare

Species: Earth-Pony

Mane: A brown color. It is often messy and unkept. You can often find pieces of straw or wheat in it, usually after harvest days.

Tail: Same brown as the mane. It is also messy and unkept.

Eyes: Light green color.

Body: Light blue. Hayseed isn't the cleanest pony around either.

Cutie Mark: A bushel of wheat. (Yeah it's the Minecraft wheat.)

Age (Baby,adult): Young Adult, barely been away from home.

Personality: She isn't a social butterfly and can be rather shy at times. Once a pony has accepted her though, she opens up and can be quite outgoing. Unsurprisingly she isn't comfortable in large crowds. She is also quite smart, much smarter than she let's on and often surprises others because of it. She is a very logical thinker and tries not to let emotion get in the way. She's honest and loyal to her friends. At times she is quite stubborn, and even though it isn't easy to flare her temper, it can be quite nasty.

Likes: Farming, roping, animals, books, writing, and swimming.

Dislikes: Running, parties, lies.

History: Hayseed is the daughter of cotton farmers who lived in Ponyville. Throughout her foalhood she learned everything about cotton farming, but didn't feel like she would ever be very good at it. She learned how to rope cattle very early on as well and became quite good at it. Her real name was Cotton Bloom, but when she came in for supper one night, she was covered in hay seeds from rolling in the hay. Her father thought it was the funniest thing and called her Hayseed. The nickname stuck and she insisted everyone call her that.
Hayseed didn't get her cutie mark as a foal. Actually she only got it recently. She was often made fun of and called 'blank flank' and 'little-pony-no-talent'. After she finished school, still a blank flank, she went to Appleloosa to start her own farm. At first she planted cotton, since she was given seeds from her parents. After making a little mony off of the plant, she bought some cattle and sold milk and leather.
After a couple months of cattle farming and making a decent living, Hayseed decided to go exploring. She came to a wild prarie a little ways from the town of Appleloosa. She stumbled upon some seeds she'd never seen before. Intrigued, she took them back to her farm and planted them. They produced wheat and Hayseed decided to plant more. Not long after going to town and selling her new product she discovered she was no longer a 'blank flank'.

Example RP segment: Hayseed opened her mailbox one morning after feeding her cows. The usual rusty squeak proceeded the revealing of two letters, one from home and one that wasn't marked. Puzzled, Hayseed ripped open the envelope with her teeth and read the note. The handwriting was a messy scrawl that read:
You are the most amazing pony I've ever met,
too bad I didn't realize it before.

I have a secret admirer? Hayseed thought, bewildered. And they've known me before? Hayseed shrugged it off. She had work to get done.

A week passed and Hayseed got four more letters, each saying how amazing she was. Every letter intriuged her more and more, so she decided to go to town to get to the bottom of it. Appleloosa is a small town, and everypony pretty much knows everypony else, so a visitor doesn't remain a secret for long. Hayseed went to one of the ponies in town that bought her wheat, a baker.

"Hello Bread 'n Butter, do you know of anypony new that has come to town in the past week?" Hayseed asked.

"Why yes actually, a nice stallion recently arrived. Nice young colt. I don't know his name though." the baker replied.

"Thanks for your help." Hayseed said.

She moseyed around the small town awhile, seeing if she could catch a glimpse of this new pony. Finally she saw him in the distance, coming into town. She approached him, and as she got closer she recognized him. It was Rush, an old friend that she used to go to school with. He was the fastest colt with the most endurance in the school. His cutie mark was horseshoes and a lightning blot.

"Rush! Wow I'm surprised to see you here!"

Rush looked up, startled. "Oh wow! Hi Hayseed. Wait, you have your cutie mark now!! Congrats!" Rush smiled at her warmly.

"Yeah I got it awhile back. So....what brings you to Appleloosa? You don't strike me as the type to come live in a small western town." Hayseed regarded him in puzzlement.

"Well the truth is I came here to look for you, Hay." Rush's manner changed. He seemed to get nervous all of a sudden. He seemed to gain a sudden interest in the dust underhoof and pawed the ground nervously. "I came here to look for you, because there was something I needed to tell you and I didn't have the guts to say it before."

Hayseed was a bit taken off guard. She wasn't expecting this. "What do you need to tell me, Rush."

Rush looked up at Hayseed defiantly. "Hayseed, I love you."

Hayseed stared at him in surprise, her jaw wide open. " me!?" The last word was a high-pitched squeak. "Rush....." Hayseed cleared her throat. "Rush, were you the one sending me these letters?" She reached into her saddle bag and pulled out the four letters.

"Yes, I sent those to you." Rush looked at her warily. " you love me back?"

Hayseed froze. "I.....I.....I don't know...." Then she spun around and ran away, leaving Rush in a cloud of dust.

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Welcome to the site :)

Your character has been approved.

Feel free to use the chat box at the bottom of the homepage to chat to others online.

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