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 Steamy Mechanic

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PostSubject: Steamy Mechanic   Steamy Mechanic I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 18, 2012 2:31 am

Steamy Mechanic

Steamy Mechanic Zu1miv

Gender: Female

Species: Earth Pony

Mane: Steamy's mane is black and dark red, usually in a messy state. However, Steamy will have her long hair combed down if in public or in a large enough crowd.

Tail: Like her mane, Steamy's tail is mostly "just out of bed" style. And yet again, she will groom it to be neater when among other ponies.

Eyes: Steamy's eyes are a shade of brown, more amber than anything. Uncommonly bright, they are usually covered by goggles or behind glasses.

Body: A shade between Dark Chestnut and Rusty, her coat is always a bit messed up because she worries more about fixing her machines rather fixing her appearance. Like any Earth Pony who has to rely on the strength of their body without the advantage of flight or magic, Steamy has a well exercised and toned body. Working with machinery, Steamy has a little more strength than the average earth pony mare.

Cutie Mark: Steamy's cutie mark is a steampunk heart, symbolizing her love for inventing. Even as a little foal, she was a bit of a tinker pony. She had a habit of trying to figure out how everything worked no matter the object/device. From watches to hot air balloons, they always facinated her to no end. Her room was always a big mess of bits and bobs.

Her school had a science fair one year and Steamy was so excited to be a part of it. The fair called for the fillies and colts to make something, anything they could invent. Some made simple things like wrenches with screwdrivers on the other end. Others made water wheel contraptions. Steamy worked hard on on her project and acually made a pocket watch. She worked harder than ever on it and it was the best project there. She won first place and she realized how much she loved inventing and fixing things, That was when her cutie mark appeared.

Age (Baby,adult): Mare(Young Adult)

Personality: Steamy is a little bit over focused on her job. Not in a way that ruins her personal life, but she is a bit of a perfectionist. Always wanting to move forward and not get stuck, she is always working on a project or thinking up new ideas for useful inventions. She absolutely hates dwelling on the past and people who are too scared to move forward. She believes that though the future is mysterious, mystery isn't always scary. Just different. She always wants to make the next thing to send Equestria hurling into the future. It is her passion to do so.

As a pony, Steamy is a very warm and friendly. She isn't afraid to trot up to somepony and introduce herself. She loves meeting new people and talking to them. She actually can come off as a bit weird though. Even if she is friendly, she seems to understand how objects work better than how ponies do. Ask her all the ways a lever can be used, she'll give you hours of explanations. Ask her how relationships work and she'll have to think hard about it. In terms of fashion, Steamy is very lacking. She goes for a plain look and has no eye for colors or coordination in clothes. She will tidy up for guests and outings, but that is about it.

Likes: Tinkering, the smell of oil, the feel of machinery, and the feeling you get when you build something great.

Dislikes: Dwelling on the past, ponies who make things harder than themselves, and pears.

History: Steamy was born in Ponyville, her parents both pegasi. Her father had an earth pony ancestor which is how Steamy was born as one. You think that because she couldn't fly or use magic that Steamy wouldn't be that much trouble. You'd think wrong. Steamy was always a curious foal, always wanting to see how things worked. How plants grew, food was cooked, crops were harvested, water wheels were constructed, and so much more. If you didn't keep your eye on her, Steamy was likely to end up taking things apart to see what made them tick. She was a handful for her parents, but they were glad to have such a curious minded pony as a daughter.

In school, Steamy was definitely the nerdy one. She did get picked on a lot, but she didn't mind. She had a habit of tinkering with little things to feel better and calm down when anger. Working with her hoofs always had that effect on her. She did have a few friends among other "geeks" though and they'd often hang out and play together. All in all, Steamy enjoyed her days in school. Her school days peaked though when science fairs started coming yearly. She would spend the whole year designing things to enter. Some useful, some entertaining, some just silly. It was just the funnest she ever had as a pony, just tinkering, repairing, and inventing. he wanted to do it for a job.

After graduating, Steamy decided to work a couple years under a clock maker to save up bits for herself. Once she had sufficient funds, Steamy bought a large plot of land on the edge of Ponyville and built a shop there where she "Fixed all manner of things and created things the world was waiting for." She called it Steamy's Shop and has been living happily ever since. Nowadays she spends times fixing mostly clocks and helping build how air balloons, but she has a lot of plans in the works that she hopes to make real and make bits off of.

Example RP segment: (Situation 2) Steamy was quite surprised at the sudden confession from the pony. After all, it wasn't everyday somepony came up to you and admitted truthfully that they were more than found of you. That they liked you more than a friend. To be honest, the confession had quite thrown her off balanced. No pony had ever shown any sort of interest like that towards her. Steamy always thought ponies saw her her as just a tinkerer, a pony who really had no chance for a love life and therefore was one to be a friend at most. So this pony saying they liked her that way was very flattering and they were really nice... which would make her reply all the much harder.

Though there was nothing wrong with this pony, Sleight was a very good friend and nothing more to Steamy. Some might argue that she should try dating Sleight and see where it goes, but Steamy didn't want to risk their friendship on such an unsure thing. And on the other hoof, Steamy just wasn't one for romantic relationships. She never even dated in high school. She just knew she'd mess it up somehow and they'd never talk again. Steamy had few friends, but she considered every single one precious. So Steamy had to try to let Sleight down gently... This would not be easy at all.

"Sleight, I never knew you felt that way. I'm really flattered you think of me that way. But..." Steamy saw Sleight get really sad, looking down at hearing those words and Steamy sighed. "Please, don't be like that. I still consider you a close friend Sleight. You always had my back in school and I always could count on you to help me. I was a bit selfish when asking for help on my projects all the time, but you always helped no matter what. I don't like you like that, but we are still friends." Steamy put a hoof on Sleight's shoulder to try to comfort him. "I want to keep being your friend Sleight. Please?"

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Steamy Mechanic
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