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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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PostSubject: Absolutist    Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:38 pm

A single pull of the tassels that hung from the shoulder pats on his cape gave him a confident smile as he closed his watch. "Accoutrements are truly the making of clothes." He had made auspicious time arriving at the meeting place he had dictated to prepare himself. He had spend every bits and asset on his campaign, which required he wear only the best of clothing when in the public irises. Cupidity he was to meet those his various means of contact would bring within his control. He had sent far and wide his desire for staff in his campaign. Laying out a detailed requirements for the jobs, which ranged from personal guard, or perhaps grunt mercenary type work. To aiding and abiding his success in the election.

{A credible and humble request was sent from word of mouth around Cloudsdale and the surround cities about a with a profoundly winsome manner of dropping bits for simple jobs and services. A few mercenaries and others types that had employed in his service were sent off to do their jobs with a impressionistic pouch of bits.}

Cynosure was his words to direct those of traits that would be easily lured by the prospect of remunerative gifts and power. Those who wished to better themselves and think they are part of something bigger and better. Equanimity washed over him of the future and scene of his dearest brother who recently met with a very untimely death. Add to this there was no leads to solve his murder. How his mother cried as he held her. She had always loved him the most of them, not that her attention was something to be celebrated. He had been the eldest and was in right to everything. regardless of her love.

The clouds were cleaned before his arrival, as he requested. The room had been fluffed and pressed so as not to stain his cape or displease his eyes. White covers the edges of his ears like a halo in the sea of light tan brown that his coat expresses. His mane is styled in a straight cut path of black wildfire that runs from his forehead to the bottom of his neck with bits of white patches on the lower end. His snout is a white white cap around his mouth till it faded to light brown, which then goes on towards the middle and fades to a pale brown.
His legs are jet black up till a little over the knees where they become part of the pale brown of his body.

Standing at 4’5 is height, weighing at a 112 pounds. His taupe cap has pockets to set his wings which keeps the cape in a fixed position. His light beautifully designed ultramarine blue and grey shaded suit with a purple trim to hold it together. Overlapping stash sheets this ornate light armor has depicted scenes of his family's legacy. The saddle is a black velvet, smooth like those ropes you feel when waiting in line to higher end club. The back has a slot to allow his hair to stick out and covers the entirety of his back of his neck.

His fossil amber eyes burned with a subtle, charmingly dominative glare. One that might rustle the faint of heart.

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PostSubject: Re: Absolutist    Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:20 am

Midnight caught word that some fancy-pants was visiting Cloudsdale. It wouldn't normally intrigue him cause ponies like those for him were just some spoiled fillies and colts who have too much money in their pockets. Usually those kinds of ponies were either too prissy, whiny, or arrogant for his tastes. He'd met one too many like those and it made his hatred boil, which was bad for him, and the spoiled brats.

As he passed by a group discussing the visitor, his attention was stolen. Listening behind a corner, he could hear them talking about the rumors floating about the visitor. Something about having a rotten side. He didn't catch much before they separated, but it did flip the switch in his head. 'I guess it's time to go prospecting.' Midnight returned home and changed into his suit. If there was even a slight chance of a fight braking out, then he should be ready to get the killer inside him to the fray.

He flew to Cloudsdale and stood atop a cloud building, behind the shadows, well away from anypony else. "That must be him." He said as he spotted a fancy looking gentlecolt heading inside a building. There were rough characters around. No doubt it was best to avoid them... for now.
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