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 Ashen Cloud

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PostSubject: Ashen Cloud   Thu Nov 22, 2012 6:07 am

Ashen Cloud

Gender: Stallion
Species: Pegasus
Mane: White and Black Mohawk.
Tail: Short and same as mane.
Eyes: Dark Blue
Body: Strong Build, dark grey. Bandages always on his legs, unknown why.
Cutie Mark: Silver Shield
Age (Baby,adult): Adult

Personality: Headstrong and outright. Protective, and usually polite most of the time due to being taught manners from his mother, which used to live in Canterlot.

Likes: Honesty, but not to the point it's hurtful. Those who don't judge based on looks.

Dislikes: An authoritative tone from someone he doesn't know, being talked down to or witnessing it, and being deceived or toyed with.

History: (Had to change it a little since he can't have any relation to the main 6 for this forum, in which case he was effected unintentionally by RD's Sonic Rainboom. If you want the part near the end changed, that's alright too.)

He was born and raised in the Everfree Forest, along with a very small hidden tribal village deep inside. He had two friends that he grew up until they were all little filly's. Named Tali, and Hazel. Though the village was tribal in nature, Ashen and his parents were not apart of their tribe, more like neighbors to them than anything. The recent months have been troubling, due to the constant danger of the local wildlife threatening the young ones. He didn't take any traits from his parents, aside from his wings. He doesn't share their mane colors or body color or eyes.

Then one day, as they were overhearing the adults arguing about the whole problem, he and Hazel just tried to lighten the mood between them both and went off to look at the local bugs. They were always interested in them, because they were always so strange in both look and diversity. They wandered off into the usual path and Hazel got a little too adventurous, she sprinted after a large orange dragonfly fly next to a swamp and caught it with a little jar she carried with her. She called at him to take a look but it caught the attention of something else. She turned around to the rustling in the bushes and said to come out, but she yelped when she saw it wasn't him, but something slender and brown with it's teeth bared. The timberwolf snapped at her as she backed away and she made a louder yelp, it caught Ashen's attention and he sprinted toward the sound. He yelled "Hey- ah!" as he burst out of the bushes, being startled by the Timberwolf. He saw it about to snap at her and leaped onto it's back, grabbing it's back twigs and holding on. He kept saying, brave but frightened, "Leave her alone!" He hung on as it kept trying to thrash him off, to let Hazel escape. It backed off into a sharp thorn bush and made several cuts over his body, one even got snagged on his ear and took the tip off. Ashen hung on until the Timberwolf backed off far enough and then yelled to her, "Run!" She dropped the jar and ran off to the village to get help, as he got thrown off it's back into a small puddle. He saw the Timberwolf regain it's footing and lunge at him, to which he threw the jar at it's head, shattering the shards over it's forehead. It stunned it long enough for him to get a running start through a gap in the foliage, it followed him after shaking the impact off. He leaped into a hole in a small group of trees, and to his surprise Hazel was inside too. She was too scared to figure out which direction was which, and just hid. They both huddled together and both screamed in fear when the Timberwolf burst through the weak trees. Hard enough for one of them to start to crack and tip over, Ashen saw it falling towards them. He was too scared to react properly and he turned around and bucked at the small tree, holding it up barely. He was clenching his teeth and said with them closed, "!" Hazel leaped through the gap where the tree originally was and ran off, the Timberwold still trained on Ashen. He got a big breath of air and kicked it a little higher up, hitting it and miraculously breaking the upper part. But the crack wasn't only the tree, his legs' bones had snapped.

The upper part of the small tree hit the Timberwolf upside the head and brought it to it's back. Hazel ran into the village and kept yelling at the adults, saying to hurry back. They quickly ran back with spears and surrounded the Timberwolf, it brushed off it's recent trauma and snarled, turning around and running off. Hazel went to the little gap where Ashen was and saw him just squirming on the ground from the extreme pain. His leg bone was sticking out of both of his legs, it traumatized her as she backed off. Though she didn't see it at the time, he gained his cutie mark, a silver shield showing his talent as protecting others. Afterwards, the rest of the village decided to finally leave and try to reintegrate with the rest of Equestria, as they see it's too dangerous to stay. Ashen was separated from Hazel and was stuck at home with his parents for months upon months. Both parents were afraid of him not being able to walk again. But due to his mother being a medic (to possibly be explained at some point), she knew how to treat him early. But it also traumatized her knowing her son had gotten hurt so badly on their watch. The following years of growing up, he was only with his parents and they were both intent on keeping him always nearby due to their past fears. He was socially devoid and alone in the forest until he was a teen, where he started to ignore his parents keeping him in their forest home. He occasionally made excuses to go outside, to where he would just wander around. Both parents knew they couldn't keep him there forever, so they both agreed to let him go as long as he would visit. They told him to go to Ponyville about 3 miles away through the dense forest, but to also take something to protect himself. His mother also pleaded with him to keep some bandages over his back legs, he doesn't know it, but his mother has the image of his broken legs stuck in her mind ever since the incident. Tater, the father, convinces him to always keep them on around his mother. The day before he left, Tater decided to show Ashen a hidden chest buried underneath a tree with etched letters in them, (TC+JC) both in a heart, their parents initials from when they were young. Inside he revealed a dark tunic with a handle in a holster in the front. Tater sighed and closed his eyes, grabbing onto the handle with his teeth and pulled it out, the holster holds a combat knife from Tater's clouded past. He went on with how dangerous the blade is, and basically how to use it and when always not to use it. After thoroughly explaining everything to his son, Tater handed the vest and the knife in the holster on the front and said to be careful.

From that point he raised his large wings and looked up, seeing the trees blocking the sun. He took a running start and maneuvered through the vines and branches, having practiced throughout the years of flying through the forest. He looked to the sky and could see the colors, being amazed at the change of scenery. He looked far past the trees and could see distant mountains in the foggy distance. He yelled to his father, "I'll be back soon!" and flew off right after. His father had sighed and went back inside their home with his wife, Jade. Ashen touches down to the ground outside the forest and looks to Ponyville, dazzled by the varying colors and heads down to the town's outer paths.

Example RP segment: Ashen takes in the cool night air on a stroll through the various streets of Ponyville, watching the local food vendors closing their stands, little fillies running on home giggling, and sometimes he picks up a snack before heading on home. He feels the ground with his hoof, getting colder and dampers as the night gets colder. He is just about to stop at the local sweets shop when he hears somepony's voice out stand from the quiet of the night. A stallion's by the sound of it, and he hears it emanating from an alley. He can't help his curiosity and listens from the corner.

The stallion's tone sounds angry, and recognizes the voice. "What?? You're blowing me off?" says Silverlead, a local visitor from outside of town. Ashen's eyebrows tense up a little as he remembers the dark blue and white color from his familiar body color.

A feminine voice pierces through the silence, "Look..just leave me alone, I'm just..not interested!" it comes from Cottonwood, a co owner of a cotton farm that Ashen usually passes from the trip back home. Her pink and wood colored hair easily out stand during the day time.

Cottonwood attempts to step around Silverlead but is blocked by his hoof, she gets a little startled and her ears flare up. "Hey, let me through!"

"We're not done talking!" says Silverlead, in a more hostile tone.

Ashen comes from around the corner and interrupts his blatant statement, "No, I think you are done talking. Leave her alone." He steps forward waiting for his reply, Ashen looks annoyed.

"Look this is between us buddy." says Silverlead, diverting his attention and facing Ashen.

"The is no us, now let me through! I wanna get home!" She tries to plead with him to no effective avail, he just eases up a little.

"The girl doesn't want to talk to you. Now Silverlead, leave ". Ashen starts to show more of his hostile tone just by his stance, his legs are spread and he looks ready to sprint toward him.

Silverlead just peers at him, thinking of Ashen trying to steal her away from him. "She's mine, alright? So how about you go run off?" he states.

"I've had enough of this, let me go right now!" Cottonwood puts her hooves on his and tries to push it out of the way, she's met with his other hoof pushing her back and him saying, "You're not leaving!" She gets spooked and backs up a step, the reaction clear in her eyes.

Ashen quickly dashes to him and knocks his hoof down and says, "You don't touch her again." his voice is a bit darker, and his eyes look dead mad. "Move it." he says trying to tell him to go, he doesn't want to get physical over this.

Silverlead grumbles and says, "I'll talk to you later Cotton." He angrily storms off and is immediately met with her saying at him, "No you're not going to!" she puts her hoof on Ashen's side as she says it, pushing him slightly out of the way so Silverlead can hear her.

"Just stop talking to the guy, it's over." He tries to plead as his eyebrows are up and relaxed, so is his voice.

She sighs and says, "Yeah yeah." She feels her head with her eyes closed, knowing this will have to be dealt with later again. "Thanks for the help."

He makes a half smile and states, "No problem." He asks, "You fine from here Cotton?"

She replies with a little thankful smile, "Yeah, I'm good. I live just down the street. Well see you later..uhmm.." she tries to figure out his name.

"Ashen." He finishes her sentence for her so not to get too awkward.

"Ashen. Bye!" She smiles and walks off down the street to a little house's door, opening and heading inside.

Ashen sighs and feels his head too, saying to himself, "I'm gonna see if that shop is open, I need a hot chocolate." He walks off down the alley to the little local sweets shop to get a nice warm drink.

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PostSubject: Re: Ashen Cloud   Thu Nov 22, 2012 7:22 pm

Hi there,

Even though you didn't use a setting from the five example roleplay segments, your own segment is sufficient enough.

Your character has been approved.

Feel free to use the chat box at the bottom of the homepage to talk to others who are online.

Click links for character information:

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Ashen Cloud
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