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 Shadow Flare O'Rye (Amended)

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Shadow Flare

Shadow Flare

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PostSubject: Shadow Flare O'Rye (Amended)   Shadow Flare O'Rye (Amended) I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 20, 2012 10:01 pm

Shadow Flare O'Rye

Shadow Flare O'Rye (Amended) Shadow10

Gender: Female

Species: Unicorn

Mane: Pink with white highlights

Tail: See mane

Eyes: Emerald green

Body: Grey/black

Cutie Mark: Blankflank

Age (Baby,adult): Young Adult (About 19)
Sexuality: Bi

Personality: Shadow Flare is sarcastic, moody, mischievous, immature, and overall crazy. This stems from her being a paranoid schizophrenic, which does not make life easier. Her mental ailment is the source of most of her problems, thus making it hard to stay calm and have any friends. She is obsessive about her plushie Celia who goes missing all the time. She can be sweet and charming if she forces herself to be, but she acts like she is 10 most of the time. Due to Flare's immaturity, she was never able to discover her talent or gain her cutie mark. She still strives to earn it. She also has the mouth of a sailor.

Likes: Celia, Drawing, Reading and setting things on fire, strawberry milkshakes, video games, and her family

Dislikes: Crowded places, being called weak/immature/crazy, bunnies, nosy ponies, stupid ponies, her doll going missing

Flare was born the eldest of 7 ponies to Moonshine and Mockingbird O'Rye, her father naming her for one of his favorite comic book characters. Her other siblings are as follows: Flare's twin sister, Moondance. Miracle was indeed her namesake, as that pregnancy nearly cost her mother her life. Snow Lily turned out to be albino, but cheerful in every way. Ceridwyn was born an adept to magic from the start. Sirenia was gifted with a strong pair of lungs, and as she grew older, she learned to sing. Finally there was Moonshine Jr. the only boy in the family of girls.

Flare's father owns a tavern, so this led to her parents having fights when he would drink a bit too much with his friends after work. But, it was never any violence in the household. Flare was close to her brother, as their maturity level was the same, leaving her other siblings feeling the need to take care of them both. They found out about her schizophrenia when she was young, but the put a strain on the family. The one thing that kept her grounded was her doll Celia, a plush toy that goes missing a lot.

As the years wore on, her younger siblings did hide Celia, the little pony doll with black button eyes and white puffy tail and mane from her. This would send Flare into one of her episodes, tearing the house apart until she located her doll, upon which she would then relentlessly pick on her other siblings for hiding poor little Celia. Her mother would sometimes get fed up and tell Flare to remain her room. This is where flare always felt safe, reading or talking Celia or any of her other augmented reality manifestations. As she grew however, Celia would prove to be the one she confided her secrets to, as Celia could never answer back or run off and tell her secrets.

Despite her immature attitude, she had managed to make two friends who understood her rather well. These two would prove time and again that she could in fact make friends and that yes, Flare wasn't entirely unbearable as though she seemed. She met Rowan, a unicorn the color of an emerald green with brown hair and silver eyes. To her, he would be the first of her only two and the one she would fall for. She met him at school for the first time and called him a swear word for trying to take her Celia doll away from her in a small teasing session. She was forced to say she was sorry, thus sparked the friendship. After that, Rowan was one of the only to see her sweet side, though he always thought of her as a sister. This made Flare furious at times, to the point where she cornered him when they were both 8.

She met Pirouette when she and Rowan had had a fight and she had stormed off. She was a pink Earth pony with red mane and tail, cute freckles just above her nose and a delightful personality to match. Flare had never thought much of her, but it was this day that she made the attempt to make a new friend to "replace" Rowan. Eventually, the three hung out every chance they got, though Flare could sense the growing bond between Pirouette and Rowan. This made her sick with jealousy. The thought of loosing her Rowan to another mare made her want to slam doors repeatedly until he just gave in and liked her instead.

Just a few months ago, her final outburst over him preferring Pirouette over her made her angry and also harmed Rowan, but her parents told her that they had had enough. With her twin sister as her guardian, they set off to Ponyville so that Shadow Flare might finally grow up and become more responsible for herself. But the pain of rejection from Rowan burns deep in her heart.

She spends her time reading the classics like Sherlock Hoof, The Changling Chronicles, etc.

(Spoof titles of Sherlock Holmes, The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice)

Example RP segment: (Refer to post below)
(Example selection 5:
A colt is bullying a filly in the Manehattan street. When your OC looks to him, he turns to your OC and snaps, "What're you looking at?" Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.)

The sudden trip to Manehattan gave Flare an uneasy feeling. Her sister had packed her bags and gave her the ticket, saying that she (Flare) needed the trip to experience new things--on her own.

The hotel she was staying was decent, of course, with your average set up in the room: firm sheets that smelled crisp and pulled tight over the bed, a bedside table with a book called the Holy Saddle in the drawer, the heavy dark blue drapes pulled closed over the window, and a small bathroom with a single overhead light. Plain yet effective.

Flare pulled her bag on wheels into the room and tapped the handle into its slot with her hoof after surveying the room. It was quaint, but she was curious about the outside. Only one thing made her nervous: large crowds on the sidewalks. Celestia forbid she actually have to be in a crowd. However, she should at least try.

Upon stepping out onto the street, the sights and sounds overwhelmed her at once as she began to wander farther from the safety of the hotel. Some of the smells were pleasant, others disgusting. However, as she wandered down a few streets when she heard a small cry for help.

Flare spotted the filly and the colt, he having her backed into a corner and demanding her money. This idiocy made Flare's already short fuse light. Her tail bristled as she clopped over angrily.

"What're you looking at?" the colt demanded.

"Just what the heck are you looking at? Or did your mirror shatter this morning on your repulsiveness?" she countered.

The filly giggled, surprised at the Flare's response.

"Shut up!" he said the filly, turning back to her. "I'm not going to ask you again! Give me all your bits!"

Flare, hating to be ignored, clopped right up and used the side of her body and slammed him into the side of the brick wall of the alley. "Get away from her, or it will be a lot worse. If you are going to rob someone, use a weapon next time!"

With a swift kick, she sent the colt running with a hoof print on his hindquarters. As the filly went to thank her, she held up her hoof and shook her head.

"Don't mention it... ever."

With that she walked away.
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Shadow Flare

Shadow Flare

Posts : 94
Join date : 2012-11-02
Age : 28
Location : Bum Eff Virginia

Shadow Flare O'Rye (Amended) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadow Flare O'Rye (Amended)   Shadow Flare O'Rye (Amended) I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 14, 2012 12:01 am

Yay! Updated colored pic!
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Shadow Flare O'Rye (Amended)
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