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 Night flutter's home

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PostSubject: Night flutter's home   Tue Nov 20, 2012 5:19 pm

Night Flutter's home
Destination of house: Ponyville
Area: [I really have no idea.]
Adress you want: 224 River Rd
No. of rooms: Five
How many stories: 2
Which rooms: Living room[1st flr], Kitchen[1st flr], restroom[1st flr], bedroom 1[2nd flr], bedroom 2[2nd flr].
List the rooms and their size and appearance:
~The Living room takes up about a third of the first level, and is neatly furnished with a couch, a table, and rows of bookshelves pressed neatly against the wall. Half of them are filled with enchanted items, while the other half is full of books, both magic and story, some of which she filled in herself from books from the library.
~The Kitchen is a simple space, with a stove, a sink, a counter, and some spaces to store food in. Nothing extravagant.
~The Restroom Does this need explaining? It's not large, the bathtub is large enough to fill a pony comfortably and the rest is pretty much standard.
~Bedroom 1 is the smaller of the two, furnished with only a bed, a nightstand with a lamp, and a small shelf of novels.
~Bedroom 2 would be more aptly be called a study or workspace. Again furnished with more bookcases, the books in this room see the most use, as they have the enchantments most often used by Night flutter, and the table in the middle of the room is bolted to the floor, to prevent things from going flying in the event of an accident.
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Night flutter's home
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