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PostSubject: Destiny.   Sat Nov 17, 2012 12:32 pm

Destiny (Dest for short)

Gender: Mare.
Species: Pegasus.
Mane: Light and dark purple striped, well kept, long. One side covers her right eye.
Tail: Same colours as mane, slightly less neat.
Eyes: Pale aqua.
Body: Taller than most ponies, light grey appaloosa, slender.
Cutie Mark: A white cloud overlapping a grey cloud with a quill looking as though it is drawing them. Showing how she has her head in the clouds and how good she is at drawing.
Age: Young adult.

Destiny is very shy at first, but is generally kind and caring once she trusts you. She is very lonely as her parents abandoned her when she was young, and she doesn't really like meeting new ponies. She will avoid interaction with other ponies unless its a serious situation. She likes to doodle in her spare time but doesn't really let ponies see her drawings because they are usually of personal things, or stallions she likes. Destiny can, at most be in groups of 5, as if there are too many ponies around her she will bolt to the nearest hiding place. She has a strange obsession with the everfree forest. She majorly lacks in self confidence. Although, when she's angry, she can be quite scary. She will always stick up for her friends before herself.

Likes: Drawing, clouds, cherries, swimming.
Dislikes: Mean ponies, fire, being in large groups, making other ponies sad/dissapointed.

Originally born in the suburban area of Manehatten, Destiny has never seen another pegasus other than her father. She doesn't remember her father though, as her parents abandoned her when she was just a few weeks old at a school near their old home. They left her with a lilac saddle bag, inside of which there was two aqua bangles, that she now wears on her left fore leg. The only ponies at the school were earth ponies, and Destiny had seen unicorns, just not any pegasi. As she grew in the school, she was picked on for having wings, and having no friends. Destiny wasnt going to let the fillies and colts get her down though, instead she sat in the library most of her day and doodled.

She gained her cutie mark a year or so before most of the foals. She was to participate in a race for school fund raising, and as she wasn't allowed to win if she used her wings, she decided she would get ponies to sponsor her for drawing the longest sketch ever. So as she flew along side the other racers, she did turns and flips, and drew a long sketch of the school and its surroundings. Everypony was astonished, and she still managed to go through the finish line 5th, even if it didn't count.

Growing up in the school was harsh, but she got a good education. The bullies made her lose her self confidence, and therefore she became very shy. Eventually when she was becoming a teenager, she ran away from the school. She found herself wandering the streets for a few years before somepony took her in. A kindly old mare named Mrs.Snowflake. How ever, Mrs.Snowflake recently had to move, so Destiny was left alone again.

Destiny decided she would get a hold of her life and move to somewhere different. This is how she is now living in a small house in between Ponyville and the Everfree forest.

Example RP segment
#3- It is pouring rain outside. Your OC spots the light of a tavern up ahead. The tavern is filled with ponies that your OC doesn't know. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Destiny was out, attempting to return home after spending the day in Manehatten. She was hovering just slightly off of the ground, flapping her wings gently. She looked up at the large grey clouds above her. Uh oh.... Suddenly rain was pouring down on her, she didn't really mind the rain usually, but she had bought new cloaks today and they were going to get ruined. Besides, this wasn't the usual shower, it was bucketing it down.

She spotted a faint light up ahead, and bolted off towards it. As she approached she became aware there was a tavern. It looked as though there would be alot of ponies inside, but she had to go in. Unwillingly, she trotted up to the door and pushed it open just enough for her to step inside.

"HOWDY!" She became aware by the loud shouting, most of the ponies around her were western ponies. They looked friendly enough, maybe too friendly, maybe one would try to talk to her! What would she do then? Oh please don't approach me... She scampered towards the closest table and sat down.

Shrowded by her light purple cloak with the hood up over her head, she must have looked slightly suspicious, but she couldn't have cared less. A few ponies waved at her, but by keeping her head down and doodling the whole time, she made it through the hour or so that it had been raining for. Bolting for the door, hoping nopony would want to say farewell, she opened it and stepped outside. The other pegasi must have been out clearing the clouds as soon as the rain had stopped, as the sun was beating down now.

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PostSubject: Re: Destiny.   Sat Nov 17, 2012 12:56 pm


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