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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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PostSubject: LightningSilhouette   Fri Nov 16, 2012 5:46 pm

Name: LightningSilhouette (Usually refered to as Lightning)
Mane:Black with a light blue stripe, unkempt.
Tail:Opposite pattern to his mane, light blue with a black stripe. Unkempt, average length.
Eyes:Piercing ice blue, soft.
Body:Taller than most ponies, with a proud posture, quite muscular. Pinto (paint) dark grey and white.
Cutie Mark:(Sorry I couldn't find one to put on his flank in the picture) A black question mark with a light blue lightning bolt going diagonally through it. It represents his stand-out nature, his speed and how he is a mystery to most as he likes to keep himself to himself.
Age (Baby,adult):Young adult.

Personality:Lightning likes to keep himself to himself, therefore he doesn't have many friends but he is ok on his own. He is mischevious and quite the prankster. He is however, very kind at heart but he never gets the chance to show it. He is unintentionally a ladies man, because of his unusual nature and his good looks (Although he doesnt think he's very good looking). Some ponies think he is unsocial, really he's just socially awkward in groups of more than 4-5 ponies. Lightning is very caring and helpful, when other ponies let him be. Quite shy around girls. Very honest, would never break a promise.

Likes:Running, flying, walking through Everfree forest, night time.
Dislikes:Snobby ponies, jerks, ponies who break promises.

History:Lightning was born in Canterlot and originally meant to join the royal gaurds, hence the soldier like bands he has around the ankles of his forelegs. His mother was a doctor so he was seperated from her as she had to go back to work, he was taken into care by a kind old unicorn mare, as he couldn't be looked after by his father either as his father was a royal gaurd, constantly on duty.As a colt he never had many friends. He lived a mainly solitary life, only really speaking to Mrs.Pumpkin, the kind old mare that had taken him in. He gained his cutie mark before most of the other foals did, by entering in a race in a small town called Ponyville, he had been brought to Ponyville to do some field training, and in his free time took to the skies in a race with some other foals. He was trained each day to become a royal gaurd. Lightning hated the fact that his future had been planned out for him, he wanted to do his own thing. So one day, when he was about 18, (a few years ago) he packed a few supplies and flew far away from Canterlot.

On his journey, he was met by a pair of theiving griffons. Gold and Silver as they called them selves, but Lighting wasn't about to let a couple of griffons take him down. So he did his best to get past them, without them stealing anything from him. As he took Gold down, though, Silver struck him from behind, leaving a large claw mark running down his left side. Lightning managed to get away from the griffons without much further harm, but the claw mark was so deep it was sure to turn into a scar.

He arrived at the familiar town of Ponyville, but avoided the town and wandered just past it, into the Everfree forest. He lived in a cave in the Evertree forest for many years, every now and then wandering into Ponyville to buy some supplies. Lightning never really spoke to anyone, just got what he needed from the store, paid, and walked out. Eventually he got lonely, so just this year he decided to move into a house in Ponyville. But he will always be afraid that people will see his scar and judge him.
(I couldn't add the scar to the pic either, but it spans most of his upper left side)

Other: Has a pet bat called Smokey, Ms.Pumpkin gave him Smokey to keep him busy when he was a colt, as he never had many friends. Smokey originally had a broken wing, but Lightning nursed him back to health and still has Smokey. Smokey was enchanted by Ms.Pumpkin to be able to talk to, and understand ponies.

Example RP segment: #1-A foal has lost its mother and is sobbing inconsolably in the street . Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Lightning was strolling into Ponyville, ready to move the last of his things into his new home. As he reached his door, he unclipped his bag strap from around his girth, and left it on the floor. He would tidy it later, for now he wondered what this loud crying noise he could hear was. Peering out of his window, Lightning noticed a small foal lying curled up in the street. Feeling sorry for the foal he stepped outside and walked into the foals view. As he approached, he realised the foal was a filly, a very young one at that. He knelt down infront of the filly, as not to scare her. Unsure of what to say he sighed. "Whats wrong?" He said quietly. "I c-c-can't f-find my mummy!" The filly managed to blurt out between wails. "Oh don't worry, I'm sure she's around here some where." He smiled at the filly, trying to give her some hope. "What is your name?" The filly had calmed herself down slightly and now only had tears streaming down her face, she was no longer wailing. "R-Ruby." He smiled. "What a nice name, I'm Lightning, would you like to come with me to find your mother?" Ruby nodded. Lightning helped her up and and lifted her onto his back. He trotted off towards the middle of Ponyville.

After searching almost everywhere, they reached Sugarcube Corner. Inside he could hear someone crying. Opening the door, a mare ran towards him grinning. "My little Ruby, oh thank you kind sir for bringing her to me!!" The mare lifted Ruby from his back and hugged her. Lightning smiled at the mare as Ruby looked up at him. "Say thank you to the kind man Ruby." Said the mare gently. "T-thank you Lightnin'" He nodded his head. "No problem at all, you're welcome." He turned slowly to leave the building. Knowing he had done a good job..Something dawned on him, he had just freely spoken to two ponies! Wow...

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PostSubject: Re: LightningSilhouette   Fri Nov 16, 2012 7:53 pm

Hi there,

There is one thing I noticed with your app, in the RP segment:
"Say thank you to the kind man Ruby."
What is this 'man' you speak of?

All joking aside, you are approved. Welcome to the site :)
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PostSubject: Re: LightningSilhouette   Fri Nov 16, 2012 8:00 pm

Haha, sorry. Stallion^. I guess I got careless near the end. Thank you :)
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PostSubject: Re: LightningSilhouette   

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