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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 Jordan Truemane

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PostSubject: Jordan Truemane   Jordan Truemane I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 04, 2012 2:10 am

Jordan Truemane
Jordan Truemane B67kpf
Mane: plain ol' brown. To his shoulders, fringe over left eye.
Tail: a bit messy, long, brown.
Eyes:greyish blue, constantly partially closed and pretty expressionless apart from upset and anger when shown. left eye seems slightly out is blind
Body:tall, thin, quite feminine, long legs.
Cutie Mark: None
Age : just became an Adult

Personality: Jordan is quite the loner. Though not by choice, mostly because no-one wishes to spend much time around him. He is awkward around other ponies. and has literally no idea how to act, ether talking way to much or not at all. He can seem rather forced emotionally, since his face is usually blank and his smiled quite weak. Jordan is very kind too, caring very much for others even if unsure about showing it.he's quite shy and develops a stutter when Embarrassed, mostly around females. Since he usually avoids males. Jordan seems to have a quite annoying inability to control the sound of his voice which means he can sometimes speak a lot louder than he'd meant to, quite often.

Jordan has also usually a good few marks on him due to a large amount of clumsiness, he seems incapable of so much as walking in a straight line. Jordan is defensive of others and won't let any be hurt for no reason and especially wont allow bulling. Though Jordan is always happy to laugh and try to help others have fun or laugh. He can sometimes be overly sarcastic, he doesn't do it to be mean though. He's very polite too, almost too much so, never wanting to offend.

Jordan thinks very little of himself, believing he is useless though he is quite easy to anger, if you go about it the right way. Those who anger him soon regret doing so as he becomes very nasty when angry.

Jordan loves to run too, and his love of running is matched only by his ability to run out of energy after a tiny amount of time. Jordan is quite a bank of trivia and though only knows two spells. He can teleport to places, like a few basic landmarks he remembers well and anywhere he can see, to a fair amount of accuracy (to say one eye is blind) and the basic telekenisis ability most unicorns can do. He can use this on himself to fly slowly too.

Likes: being around friends, not having a cutie mark (he sees it as not havin one is more special than having one), sour goodies. eating, his clothes and mane
Dislikes: the feeling of eating too much. being tired. being alone. people being judgmental. being shy and spiders (he's deathly afraid of them.)

History:Jordan's father left when he was very young, moving away to avoid his responsibilities. However his mother was more than willing to raise her son alone. Since both his mother and father were unicorns of some skill Jordan too was born with a horn. He was raised as well as could be expected by his mother and was raised very well, he grew up to think greatly of others and always want to be helpful, he always avoided conflict if he could though. Other ponies his age took this kindness and avoidance as weakness and often taunted him or the nicer ones just ignored him.

As he grew older Jordan never found any talents, since everything he did was hard fought to learn nothing came as a talent. So Jordan's flank remained blank. Not more than a smudge appeared. This as you can imagine did not increase his popularity. In fact all that happened was the strange Jordan became almost shunned. He faded into the background quickly to avoid hassle with people. Not that he minded, he was quite happy to be ignored as long as he didn't have to change, he would have preferred friends but that never really happened so Jordan made do. While he was alone Jordan took to learning what he could, and trying magic, and though he understood the steps and processes of magic as well as any he only ever learned one spell, a teleportation spell, as well as the basic unicorn telekenisis spell even young unicorns learn.

Example RP segment: It is pouring rain outside. Your OC spots the light of a tavern up ahead. The tavern is filled with ponies that your OC doesn't know. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Jordan looked skywards. it was getting dark, though it was to early surely. "CRACKUUUM!!!" the sky flashed white hot as thunder and lightning shot out of the clouds. "oh, fiddlesticks." Jordan mumbled looking at his hooves. Then the heavens opened, attempting to wash everypony in Equestria away in a torrent of water. Jordan did what anyone would do and sped up to escape the rain. He didn't get far though before his speed dropped to a crawl as his body soaked. He wasn't gonna get any wetter now, Not that he wanted to be wet at all. So he wandered along, his face much like the weather, quite miserable.

after a couple minutes walking in the wet Jordan looked up, this wasn't going to stop soon. he told himself then sneezed as some water got into his nose. It was then Jordan spotted the Tavern that he was sure as sugar wasn't their before. But that was quickly shrugged off as he hadn't looked at much more than his hoof anyway. with a slight sigh he decided it was best he went inside, even if it was fairly far from home. That meant there would be a very small chance he knew anyone, and people who saw him about were not entirely very trusting of him. But his desire to get out of the storm overcame that and Jordan finally trotted off to get out of the rain.

Pushing open the Door no more than a couple eyes turn to Jordan, for which he is really grateful. and he simply sits in the corner to wait out the storm. and hopefully get served without having to deal with walking to the counter past all those ponies. That would be just perfect.
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PostSubject: Re: Jordan Truemane   Jordan Truemane I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 04, 2012 3:36 am

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Jordan Truemane
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