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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 The lone Viglante

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PostSubject: The lone Viglante   Sat Oct 20, 2012 5:16 am

-After the war peace was brought back to the world and all the ponies and celestia was happy. Then on new years eve a dark fog surrounded the planet giving birth of a new threat called the dark beings and leading them is prince midnight shadow the alicorn. Celestia was out rage when she saw the chaos he brought to the world, so she called out all the warriors in the world to team up and destroy this new menance.The resistance lasted for a year but then fall victim to midnight shadow. Seeing that all the heroes are gone she went to her adopted son Arsonshock the black blood. Arsonshock had a special power inside him that makes him a good canidate to take midnight alone. With out her request arsonshock already made his way to take out midnight shadow and to free this world of the darkness.He makes it to a town called stable the city of grimdarks-

Arsonshock: - standing on a tall clock tower i look down at midnight shadows concentration camp- looks like he got the whole city in there -frowning i start to think of a plan to get them out-
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PostSubject: Re: The lone Viglante   Wed Nov 07, 2012 8:14 pm

A pegasus, White covers the edges of his ears like a halo in the sea of light tan brown that his coat expresses. His mane is styled in a straight cut path of black wildfire that runs from his forehead to the bottom of his neck with bits of white patches on the lower end. His snout is a white white cap around his mouth till it faded to light brown, which then goes on towards the middle and fades to a pale brown. His mane, black as the ash the falls from a volcano with cruel, fossil amber in nature. His legs are jet black up till a little over the knees where they become part of the pale brown of his body.

His taupe cap has pockets to set his wings which keeps the cape in a fixed position. His light beautifully designed ultramarine blue and grey shaded suit with a purple trim to hold it together. Overlapping stash sheets this ornate light armor has depicted scenes of his family's legacy. The saddle is a black velvet, smooth like those ropes you feel when waiting in line to higher end club. The back has a slot to allow his hair to stick out and covers the entire of his back of his neck. Topping it off with the Banner sigil of his house.

He had early in the appearance of this 'Prince'. Martingale had used his influences and tactful skills to allow the prince to gain ground against the Equestria. With promises of control and power the twin sisters would have never given him and fellow nobles would steal from him he decided to aid the new alicorn. He was tasked to keep the whole city prisoners as they had negotiations. They would release the city if the princesses surrendered a fort in the east, which was very important in the war and would spell a major victory for the dark prince's ambitious.

The princess would likely send someone she trusted to stop them, but it mattered not. Daybreak would be the dead line for the lives of the ponies.
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The lone Viglante
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