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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 That one story, with the plot and setting.

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PostSubject: That one story, with the plot and setting.    Sun Oct 14, 2012 9:41 pm

The air was brisk and the sky was filled to an extent with clouds. The day was ebbing it's way to the end, though several hours more of light remained. Among the brush, a teal colored pony trotted. On his back was strapped a large bulk of firewood. He'd been gathering it all week since the biting months of winter were beginning to rear their heads.

An enjoyable breeze filtered through the small gaps in leaves above, the trees happily swaying this way and that to the rhythm of the wind. The mundane sound of clip-clopping hooves could be heard over the gentle howl above as the stallion made his way through the wooded area near his house.

His head finally poked out into a clear field, the one where his house was. He smiled, having trucked the dead wood from all sorts of places in the largely expansive forest. His coat was covered in a very thin sheen of sweat. The air had gotten considerably colder over the past half hour, it was no doubt going to be a bitter evening.

Perhaps a minute or two later, the pony had unloaded his cargo onto an exceedingly enormous stockpile of logs and branches. Head craning hither and thither, he thought of something that might take up the rest of his evening's time. The thought struck him like a bolt of lightning. As fast as one, he galloped into his home, grabbing a few stray books that lie in a heap on his couch. Before you could even say "filly scout," he was outside again.

He felt it would be a good idea to read outdoors, in the more than lively mother nature. He found a suitable tree that was maybe a kilometer or two from his house and nestled against the grass under it. This far out, he could catch the smallest glimpse of Ponyville in the distance. It looked rather nice from this vantage point.

One of the books was opened, making that familiar crack you might hear when opening one for the first time in ages. He grinned. Before he started to read, Azure contemplated whether or not he'd run into some sort of company out here. He shrugged the thought off, instead preferring to read rather than dwell on such silly things.

Minutes later, the stallion was engrossed in a story of action an adventure. It was about this one mare who was unfortunately tossed into a world not of her own. She met up with a creature that sounded really strange, the way it was described, but friendly nonetheless. The story seemed promising to him, and he all but buried his snout into the crisp pages of the novel.
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PostSubject: Re: That one story, with the plot and setting.    Tue Oct 08, 2013 2:41 am

As the day begin its most magical time, the time between day and night as the sun gave way to the moonlight night anew. Caravan coming into the town, powered by unicorn magic, it comes to a stop in a decent sized clearing. Out of the caravan steps a filly wearing a fedora, looking around and seeing naught but a teal pony. white and black mane whispering through the wind, she trots up to him, looking over the various books sprawled out around him. Swishing some leaves with her black & white tail, she lies down and opens up one of the books, resting a couple of feet away from this strange pony, but not wanting to interrupt him in his reading. As she reads, her tail swishes from side to side, brushing along the grass as well as her flanks, blank as they may appear, but that doesn't bother her.
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That one story, with the plot and setting.
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